Twitter Wars: (((Jon Weisman))) & David French call it quits

Anti-white cuck David French drops out as possible third party candidate

National Review columnist David French announced Sunday evening that he would not make an independent bid for president.

Even before his name was floated as a third-party challenger to Donald Trump, National Review staff writer David French says, neighbors were concerned about attacks in his neighborhood and his youngest daughter was the subject of racially motivated abuse online.

“As everyone knows, Trump has an online racist mob that he often stokes by retweeting some of these horrible white supremacists. As that online racist mob is fond of pointing out, I have a multiracial family, and so they have gone after my youngest daughter in the worst way imaginable.”

French and his wife, Nancy, adopted their youngest daughter from Ethiopia in 2010.

“They attacked you for having a multiracial family?” co-host Joe Scarborough exclaimed.

“Oh, you have no idea,” French remarked.


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