Golden Dawn Rally Against Austerity & Islamisation Draws Hundreds of Supporters in Kalamata

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Hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters raised the flag of National Resistance in Kalamata, against the Memoranda and the islamisation

Hundreds of Nationalists were assembled in the square of Kalamata, sending a loud message of National Resistance.

The rapid rise of the People’s Association terrifies the corrupted political system. The opposite dreary gathering of anti-authoritarians (antifa counter protest) was not able to harm the progress of the vigorous assemblage of Nationalists.

Day by day, Golden Dawn strengthens her position in the conscience of Greeks, against the depraved channels and the false opinion polls.

Hundreds of Greek Nationalists sent a resounding message of resistance, in a city who constitutes the electoral district of the MP and plotter of the conspiracy against Golden Dawn, Antonis Samaras.

The false persecutions, the unsound accusations, the illegal political interventions, not only failed to daunt the Greek Nationalists, but also contributed to the strengthening of their spirit and their Faith towards the Homeland and Freedom.

Arrival of the Leader of Golden Dawn-a warm welcoming from hundreds of supporters of the party.

In the event, which took place in the crowded square of Kalamata (since the hall of the local hotel proved to be insufficient), the members and the MPs of Golden Dawn made the opening salutations.

Dimitris Saratsiotis-Secretary of Local Association in Kalamata

Dimitris Koukoutsis-MP elected in Messinia

Ioannis Sahinidis-MP elected in Pella

Evaggelos Karakostas-MP elected in Boeotia

Ilias Panagiotaros-MP elected in Athens

Ilias Kasidiaris-MP elected in Attica

During his speech, N.G. Michaloliakos emphasized on the fact that Golden Dawn shall stand by the Greek people, who have endured the policies of the Memoranda. At the same time, he denounced the frauds of the Memoranda, who sold off this country, and he also reported the impact of these policies towards our Homeland.

The Leader of Golden Dawn, addressed to the assembled Nationalists, declared that they should be proud of the fact that they fight along with Golden Dawn, in order to prevent the destruction of Greece. He then proceeded to a special mention to the town of Kalamata, where at 23 March of 1821, a handful of brave men started a revolution, which later leaded to the creation of the state of the Nation of Greeks.

Excerpt from the speech of N.G. Michaloliakos, from the channel: “messinianewstv”

According to “”

“Nikos Michaloliakos reproached the former prime minister Antonis Samaras, accusing him for the plotting of a conspiracy and their illegal imprisonment, which, however, collapsed.

He also lashed out against the antifascist gathering, using bold words: “the murderers and admirers of Stalin returned to the crime scene…in the square where they skinned and hanged 17 prominent citizens in Messinia, at September of 1944, just before they proceeded to the massacre at Meligalas. The anarchists and the Bolsheviks must understand that this land does not belong to them.”

Excerpt from the speech of Ilias Kasidiaris

The National Anthem













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