Golden Dawn holds the Panhellenic Conference of Trade Unions

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“Employment to the Greek Worker”! Throngs of people to the Panhellenic Conference of Trade Unions

In a central hotel, in Athens, took place the successful Panhellenic Conference of Trade Unions under the auspices of the People’s Association-Golden Dawn.

Representatives from all the trade unions, workers, farmers and employees from different parts of Greece participated in an event, which proved the rapid rise and  impact of the policy of the Greek Nationalistic Movement.

An open discussion, with the presence of Golden Dawn MPs  reviewed the actions of the trade unions and the reports about their future projects, was followed by a series of speeches and an audiovisual program.

The massive participation, & the major number of trade unions in the crowded hall constituted a clear message and an answer to all those, who consider the right for work as their passport to a political career and to personal profits.

Golden Dawn has taken root to the conscience of the Greeks, as the last hope for the salvation and the recovery of our nation.

The Panhellenic Conference was broadcasted by the Russian network: Russia Today.

“This day, took place the Panhellenic National Conference of trade unions of farmers, workers, motorists and many other professional fields, within the framework of the action of Golden Dawn. 

The Golden Dawn, who fights for the freedom of Greece, is a national freedom Movement. Greece is a country, occupied from the Americans and the loan sharks of Europe.

Therefore, Golden Dawn focuses on the upgrade of the geopolitical and mercantile relations with Russia and opposes to the embargo imposed by the European Union, to the detriment of the national interests of Greece. Greece should have imposed veto, in order to restrict this embargo.”






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