Generation Identity holds first protest in Berlin

About 200 members & supporters of the German branch of Generation Identity took to the streets of Berlin yesterday to protest against immigration.

They marched under the slogan “uprising against injustice and for our future.” (It sounds better in German.)

The purpose of the protest was  to “peacefully draw attention to the current developments that threaten our country and Europe alike”,such as the “EU bureaucracy” and “irresponsible policy of mass immigration”.

An antifa counter protest staged an ineffective sit in, but failed to stop the march.

Counter-demonstrators block the demonstration of identitary movement (Source: imago / Markus Heine)

Police kept the two sides apart, & unfortunately there was no violence.

Also present for the nationalist side were members of Pegida & reportedly even the AfD, all marching under the Generation Identity banner.

Identitarian movement at their demonstration in Berlin on 17 June (Source: imago / Markus Heine)–identitaere-bewegung-,1472596,34384390.html!5314420/




2 thoughts on “Generation Identity holds first protest in Berlin”

  1. “& unfortunately there was no violence” – What a perplexing statement! I can only hope that it is a typing error. There is already too much violence in this world which rightfully can be marked as unfortunate.


    1. It’s no typing error. When there is violence between nationalists & communists/anarchists, it is usually the nationalists that emerge victorious. So of course I would like to see more of this, as the far left is quite literally demanding the genocide of the German people.


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