Pegida Germany: Nuremberg Rally 2016

**NOTE** Pegida does have some shills in its ranks, hence the small jew flag. However, most are actual nationalists.

About 1,000 activists first gathered at Nuremberg’s Jakobsplatz, and then marched peacefully down the city streets, carrying Germany’s national flags and placards, which read “Non-violence and unity against religious wars on German soil,” “Citizens! Who falls asleep during democracy, wakes up in the dictatorship,” “Stop the Islamization!” according to the social media posts of the activist group.

Dozens of people, divided in smaller groups, reportedly gathered at the opposite side of the Jakobsplatz in a counter-protest.

Pegida’s opponents said it was the 20th movement’s planned rally since the beginning of 2015, and initially attempted to block the way of the protesters, according to social media posts.

Also present with the Pegida protest were members of the German branch of Generation Identity.


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