United Patriot’s Front & True Blue Crew hold rally in Melbourne

About 150 members & supporters of the United Patriot’s Front & the True Blue Crew turned out for a rally to “display our pride in our flag and country”, though anti-Islam & anti-immigration sentiment was also high.

Campaign Against Racism organiser Vashti Kenway said the group hoped a few hundred people would join the protest on Sunday, with the aim of outnumbering the True Blue Crew (pictured) event

Some random Vietnamese guy decided he wanted in for some reason. Probably because he hates communists for ruining his country.

Leader of the United Patriots Front Blair Cottrell (pictured right in yellow) spoke to Vietnamese Australian Steve (pictured centre) who wanted to march at the front of the protesters 

Speaking of communists, about 150 anti-white counter protesters turned up to demand that Australia be given away to the foreign hordes of non-whites because Aboriginals were here first. Or something like that.

Either way, they scored a massive own goal when they burnt an Australian flag, assaulted a reporter who was likely on their side anyway, & tried to start fights with the police.

A man & a woman, presumably antifa, were each arrested for assault & an african invader was arrested for breaking a reporter’s camera.

A protester was arrested by riot police after damaging an Age photographer's camera.

There were no actual fights between nationalists & antifa this time, because a massive amount of riot police kept the two sides apart.

After meeting at the rally point, the nationalists marched to a nearby park (followed closely by antifa), where speeches were made & interviews given to the media.

All in all, a successful day out.







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