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June has been another exciting month, as much to do with events as with Activism.

Our Miss Hitler competition went viral, not only was it covered by the Sun (twice), the Star, theEvening Times, the Daily Record, the Daily Mail, and the Mirror but it made international news. At the current time around twenty Italian, Romanian, Israeli, German and Spanish News sites also carry the story and the Yahoo News article carries over 5000 comments. The provocative title did it’s work; naturally to have portrayed the contestants as human – girls who love their families and their men, and about how National Socialism was about love of country, tradition, and culture would have been too subversive – but Miss Hitler 2016 is our single most viewed article on the site this year, so we are delighted with this result.

According to Alexa the ranking of the National Action website has increased by almost 1,000,000 positions in last three months and is now in the top 50k, impressive for what is essentially a blog.

Neo Nazi Brexit stalls in Yorkshire secured victory as the white working classes of the North came out in droves for ‘Leave’. National Action has always had an agnostic attitude to leaving the EU, sovereignty is a sour note when our own government in Westminster is as committed to the genocide of the British people as the one in Brussels. Brexit however represents a watermark in popular consciousness – an alleged ‘Neo-Nazi’ shot a pro ‘Remain’ member of parliament dead in the street, and yet it meant nothing. Hate won.

Liberal Britain was bled white by these events and the days following Brexit carried literally dozens of stories about National Action activism, more than we have ever had in the past. Brexit was an opportunity to compound the enemy’s feeling of dread and foreboding, and in the past week we have been capitalising on that in short order.

National Action welcomes the Trumpenfuhrer to scotland with sticker campaign




On the Morning of the 24th National Action activists in the Central Belt and Highlands were rolling out the red carpet by making everyone aware that Emperor Trump had arrived in Scotland.




On Saturday June 4th, a group of NA Scotland activists descended onto Glasgow’s George Square to join up with the Scottish Defence League in a demonstration that was primarily anti-refugee in nature. The day was not without its hiccups as the police harassed many SDL members at the nearby train station whilst they waited on English supporters arriving into the city for the demonstration. Meanwhile, our NA activists were forced into a small kettle with other SDL members to allow for the protesters in the station to be collected into a single group. As we made our way toward George Square, courtesy of a police escort, we were so eloquently told by Glasgow’s finest to “remove the masks or you’re nicked”. Upon arrival at the demo location we soon became aware of the sub-human mess that was to be our opposition for the day, as well as the hypocrisy of Police Scotland given that these protestors were allowed to sport all kinds of face masks and coverings with no warnings of being arrested. This collection of social rejects openly flew the soviet and ‘black/red’ flag of the short lived CNT/FAI – both flags of genocide.

police protect the commies

David MacDonald, leader of the National Front who was also present today had this to say:

“I just received a phone call from Lynn Williamson of the professional standards dept of police Scotland regarding my complaint about the issuing of a section 60 notice to the SDL and their supporters last Sat in Glasgow. Lynn confirmed that NO SECTION 60 was in place and the officer who issued it to us was wrong to impose it on us. I told Lynn that I had also spoken to Keith McLellan of Police Scotland earlier today and he said he couldn’t understand why we had been issued with it as the lefties hadn’t! He was also at the demo and witnessed the lefties with their face coverings still on. Anyway from now on if you are on any demo and you’re told there’s a section 60 in place it must be confirmed by a 2nd officer. You can take their details at the time.
Let’s hope this is the last time it happens to our comrades.”

The demonstration was shortened by the police who delayed some of the key speakers at the station from reaching the square on time. The event drew to a close and we were then escorted once more by the police away from the location, another demonstration pissed about by state harassment.



Saturday 18th June was a day that allowed for 5 of our Aberdeen activists to have a small social in the city. This proved to be a great chance to decorate the streets with our latest artwork and hand out our flyers to some extremely receptive white youth in Old Aberdeen and by the University of Aberdeen.

Meanwhile, in the central belt our activists have also been busy spreading the love with our new stickers, including on a memorial for Bolshevik war criminals.



The stickering has caused considerable consternation among the left wing and the media who tied the campaign to the terrifying Post-Brexit Pogrom. This began when a twitter account posted the discovery and got thousands of retweets.  Comments came flooding in in addition to several other reports “The police need to clamp down on it very quickly before it gets out of control.” “I stopped pulling them down when I noticed a skinhead looking guy in black… no idea if it was that guy or not, but it is terrifying to know they walk among us!” “Obviously the appearance of Nazi stickers in Glasgow WHICH I HAVE NEVER SEEN HAPPEN IN THE LAST 10 YEARS has nothing to do with #Brexit”

This provoked dozens of blog posts and News Articles beginning with Trigger Warning: Getting to Know your Friendly Neighborhood Nazis – “People have been reporting incidents of racism believed to be fuelled by Brexit.  There are fears in many communities that fascism has been unshackled by the vote to leave the EU… This is a small-scale operation just now but has been growing slowly. The question is: Why does this ideology appeal to young people?”

The Sun carried the headline ‘THIS IS A WHITE ZONE’ Neo-Nazi stickers proclaiming areas of Glasgow as ‘white zones’ start to appear after Brexit vote.

The shocking, racist literature which has begun to appear since the Brexit vote a few days ago was revealed by an MSP speaking in the Scottish Parliament.

Labour’s Anas Sarwar – whose dad Mohammad was the first Muslim MP to be elected in the UK – slammed the sickening trend as he pointed out a rise in such incidents since the referendum.

Bearing the mark of far-right group National Action, the stickers also proclaimed “no tolerance” for homosexuality, communism and drugs.

But Sarwar called for unity in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon’s drive for a second vote on Scottish independence.

The SNP leader had claimed the UK which Scots voted to remain a part of in 2014 now no longer exists.

But Sarwar hit back, pointing out that the EU itself could change just as quickly.

Speaking in an emergency debate at Holyrood, he said: “I put it to this parliament that the EU may not be the same in two years as it is now….

“Since Thursday we have seen an increase in hate crimes. In Glasgow, neo-Nazi stickers have gone up proclaiming ‘white zones’.

“But we should send a message to all minorities that are here: this is your home and we stand with you in peace, in unity.

“To the spreaders of hate we say directly: it is not our minorities that aren’t welcome here but you and your hateful views that are not welcome in Scotland and the UK.”

Herald scotland carried the headline “Brexit fallout: Nazi stickers with racist and homophobic messages found in Glasgow following EU referendum”. Glasgow Live: “Neo-Nazi propaganda appears in Glasgow including on war memorial”. The Daily Record: “Nazi stickers appear on La Pasionaria war memorial in Glasgow as Twitter documents growth of racist attacks in wake of Brexit result”. Practically every local outlet reported on it.

NEO-Nazi stickers stating ‘white zone’ have been stuck on lamposts around Glasgow in the wake of the EU referendum. The stickers, which appeared around the River Clyde and Glasgow Green, were highlighted in a tweet as Twitter documents post referendum racism after Britain voted to leave the European Union on Friday. A poster from the National Action group, advocating racial segregation, was also placed on La Pasionaria, a memorial in Glasgow to remember Scots killed fighting fascism in the Spanish Civil War. Social media user @Eeyinnotyouwin wrote: “Neo-nazi stickers have gone up all around the Clyde and Glasgow Green in the last few days. This breaks my heart.”

A Thousand Flowers: Neo-Nazis Plastered Glasgow in Stickers
“Bigots emboldened by the Brexit vote have plastered lamp posts around the River Clyde and Glasgow Green with neo-Nazi stickers…. all of them from cultish Nazi youth group National Action. In one instance, a sticker had been attached to the La Pasionaria statue, a tribute to British workers who volunteered to fight fascism during the Spanish Civil War.”





National Action london have been busy as always – new meet ups, new members, new murals. The VE day poster campaigns have continued across Hackney, North London, and South Gate. Activists have also been leafleting on the underground.

North West


Training and sticker campaigns continue across the North West. Residents of Runcorn were horrified to see our new propaganda.

North East

National Action Poster Leeds

In addition to the continued recruitment poster campaign National Action activists in Yorkshire were distributing thousands of Brexit leaflets over the past month in Leeds, Castleford, Pontefract and Knaresborough. This provoked a ‘demonstration’ by Leeds AFN – read more in the news section.

South West




Whilst this month might not have included more high profile activity, like the infiltration of enemy events or hunting paedophile scum, National Action’s South West network are still keeping themselves busy. June has seen regular stickering and postering sessions throughout the region; with our new stickers being spotted in Plymouth, Bath, Bristol; Newport and Swansea. We’ve also received reports of  ‘fashy’ graffiti tags being spotted by our supporters across the region; some being quite sympathetic to NA. We remind people looking to get involved that our regional email is or we can be reached through the main contact address


Media outraged by NA’s successful trolling of Jo Cox murder

Following the death of Jo Cox MP, National Action twitter accounts responded by ridiculing the media and the helotic masses with hilarious tweets in full knowledge of the outcome. It was very successful with National Action quoted and discussed in various articles such as the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, and Religious Reader which among others feigned indignation.

“Members of the neo-Nazi National Action movement have mocked and celebrated the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, who died after being shot and stabbed … The insensitivity in the message was deliberate and targeted for maximum offence.”

Before the little known Yorkshire MP was even pronounced dead, the media were exploiting the event with the ruthlessness of cold blooded cannibals. The daily star was the first to label him as the “Brexit Gunman” and in the following week every newspaper was blaring about the far right threat, though apparently without anything of substance to go on. Points go to smoothness of the segway in this Guardian article which began

“There has been considerable speculation that the 52-year-old may have had links to far-right groups. Whatever the truth, there is no doubt that an extreme right-wing element has established a disturbing foothold in the post-industrial social landscape of West Yorkshire.”

The article then goes on to discuss in detail all the far right groups in the region, including NA with apparently no further link to the original subject. They of course take the moral high ground – but when we attempt to do the same it is considered ‘outrageous’.

In the wake of Islamic terror attacks across Europe an the largest mass shooting in American history in the same week the left have been more and more desperate to invent the existence of right wing death squads and ‘the threat of Far-Right terror’ in order to sustain their narrative. We have seen this before, this has every (((echo))) of the Zack Davies case; a loner with mental issues attacked an Asian dentist in a supermarket and our opposition attempted to use circumstantial evidence to implicate our organisation. Though at the time it benefited from court gagging orders to prevent wild speculation, and ultimately the evidence presented exonerated National Action and the incident was never designated or treated as a terror offence. This did not prevent outlets continuing to hark back to this example as an incident of ‘white terror’ and with their selective memories pretend their narrative reflects reality.

‘White terror’ even when it does occur requires an army of lies – the outcome is short term gain, but this narrative when challenged will wash away like a sandcastle hit by the tide.

ZOG agent Sir Geoffery Bindman sent to harass National Action with frivolous investigation


In our first Sunday Times piece the high brow newspaper actually used the phrase ‘white jihad’. Basically the prolific ‘human rights’ lawyer who attempted to bring the litigation against Based Augusto Pinochet (dictator of Chile whose only crime was to give communists free helicopter rides) has made serious legal allegations against National Action and other far right groups. The justification he provides for these claims can only be described as utterly absurd.

for instance of the phrase ‘Hitler was Right’ which has been in use since the 1960’s Lord Bindman said “the phrase in itself could constitute incitement to racial hatred because it is saying that the murder of jews can be justified”. In the example provided he refers to the anti-refugee demonstration in Newcastle at the beginning of the year – what refugees have to do with Jews is not quite explained so this is not exactly a watertight legal argument.

“one possible interpretation is that one is justified in assassinating people who hold the same views as Jo Cox”

It is out opinion that Sir Bindman is a loathsome Bolshevik agitator. His Wikipedia entry reveals a life of subversion and anti-white campaigning.

Bindman was born and brought up in Newcastle upon Tyne to a family descended from Jewish immigrants….He became a legal advisor to the Race Relations Board in 1966, a job he retained for seventeen years.[1][3] He also served as a legal advisor to Amnesty International[4] and represented satirical magazine Private Eye.[7] In the late 1980s, Bindman visited South Africa as part of an International Commission of Jurists delegation sent to investigate apartheid[8] and subsequently became editor of a book on the topic, South Africa and the Rule of Law.

… he has personally acted as lawyer for numerous high-profile people including James Hanratty,[11] Keith Vaz[12] and Jack Straw.[13] Bindman also continued his international human rights work, acting as a United Nations observer at the first democratic election in South Africa[14] and representing Amnesty International’s interests in the British litigation regarding Augusto Pinochet in the late 1990s.[15]

In 2001, Bindman was fined £12,000 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for acting despite having a conflict of interest, as well as for breach of confidentiality. It was remarked at the time that he was the “most eminent” lawyer ever to be brought before such a tribunal.[16]”

‘M-Muh Activism’

ClImOcGVAAApaOR.jpg large

Antifascists were super active this month in a new campaign to take back the streets from fascists. In the photo above all three members of the Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network put down their crack pipes to pose on the steps of St George’s hall where we held a demonstration in February. Lightning response lads!

No communist faces were in Leeds either apparently.

In response to media reports of ‘Neo-Nazis’ campaigning for Brexit in Yorkshire Leeds AFN took to the streets to confront the ‘fascist Brexit stalls’. Unable to locate any they declared that they now ‘own Leeds’. Absolutely pathetic.

When they have the backing of local politicians these people are great at ‘standing against’ those who oppose the current system. When they last stood ‘for’ something is revealed by the banners they have been waving from the 1930’s.

Counter Extremism

A grubby little document on the Government’s counter-extremism strategy has resurfaced.

It begins ominously; “the threat posed by extremists is not limited to violence, nor to Islamist extremism. The rise of neo-Nazi groups, and the increase in antisemitic and anti-Muslim hatred is deeply concerning. Where non-violent extremism goes unchallenged, the values that bind our society together fragment.”

The implication being that there is a focus to harass those who do not break the law and to scapegoat organisations like our own for social tensions. It also seems to identify social media as a key target, clearly alluding to NA.

“Neo-Nazi and extreme right-wing groups have also proved adept at using the internet and social media to spread their ideology and seek recruits … a UK-based self-described ‘National Socialist’ (neo-Nazi) group has published a dedicated strategy on using the internet and social media to spread its extremist message. As well as promoting an openly racist viewpoint, the group’s sophisticated website provides links to social media channels on Twitter and Tumblr.”

A recent article on Western Spring has approached this topic.

“At any time over the last sixty or seventy years government could have almost completely defused the race issue in this country, by simply halting mass immigration from the Third World and by allowing people the freedom to discriminate as we see fit. This would have significantly limited the impact of non-White immigration on our society and by not forcing disparate peoples into contact with each other, public resentment would have greatly diminished. This would have been the response of a moderate government, but sadly, successive governments have not been moderate, they have sought to flood our country with non-White immigrants and to force us to interact with them at every step and turn of our lives. We have been governed by a succession of extremist governments, with the extreme aim of forcibly creating a multiracial society and inducing our people miscegenate.

… the government document detailing the proposed counter extremism strategy begins Chapter One with the words: “Life in our country is based on fundamental values that have evolved over centuries, values that are supported and shared by the overwhelming majority of the population and are underpinned by our most important local and national institutions. These values include the rule of law, democracy, individual liberty, and the mutual respect, tolerance and understanding of different faiths and beliefs”.

It does not seem to have occurred to David Cameron or Theresa May that ‘the rule of law’, means that government does not act outside of the law by persecuting with disruption orders, those who have been law abiding. It does not occur to them that a central tenet of ‘democracy’ is the right of freedom of expression, a freedom that successive rafts of so-called hate-speech legislation has already substantially curtailed, or that ‘individual liberty’ confers upon people, freedom of belief, and freedom of conscience. That is, the freedom to hold beliefs not shared by the government and in some instances directly opposed to those of the government, providing the people holding those beliefs act within the law.

In Chapter Two of the government document, it states under the heading ‘Disrupting Extremists, “We will create new targeted powers, flexible enough to cover the full range of extremist behaviour, including where extremists sow division in our communities and seek to undermine the rule of law”. Furthermore, in Chapter Five, dealing specifically with ‘Disrupting Extremists’, it continues, “there remain extremists in our society who cause an immense amount of harm, while being careful to stay just the right side of the law. In addition to strengthening our use of existing powers against such extremists, we will introduce new, carefully targeted powers to challenge the most active and persistent individuals and groups”.

Bear in mind here, the government are not talking about terrorist groups being targeted for disruption, nor are they talking about criminal organisations that break the law, they are talking about ‘disrupting’, that is, persecuting people for simply holding and disseminating dissident beliefs. These are the sort of tactics which a generation ago, and perhaps even a decade ago would only be associated with totalitarian regimes, or autocratic governments in Africa or Asia.”

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