Nordic Resistance, June 2016: Summer, Sun and National Socialist Activism

Reposted from Original by Simon Lindberg

The first summer month has been just as it should, with nice weather and activities throughout the Nordic region.

The month of June is for most people in the Nordic countries a very eventful month. Hours of sunshine that increases and both heat and light tend to be welcomed, our young people are out of school and Midsummer’s still one of our most important celebrations of the year. Moreover, the June month is when Denmark, Sweden and Iceland celebrates its national day. The month of June has also been eventful for the Nordic National Socialists have hardly been idle!

Sweden’s National Day was celebrated by the Resistance with activism in dozens of locations around the country. In Visby activists handed out leaflets. In Skellefteå there was a social activity with drinks and dinner. In Ronneby unfurled a banner out with the text ” Nils Ingmar Thorell is a folk traitor” while the Liberal councilor gave a speech to hundreds Ronnebybor. In central Stockholm organized a public campaign with the subsequent social activity and talk with Vera Oredsson who talked about her growing up and living in Nazi Germany.


Midsummer was celebrated like last year with comrades from many parts of the country and from Norway in the countryside in Skara. There was plenty of food & socializing, and we were treated to a tough battle in the various competitive events. Even in Hudiksvall held a local midsummer celebrations.


More on the topic of social activities is found in Finland, where the Future Day took place 18/6 . A very successful event that can best be likened to Activist days here in Sweden. Several lectures were held, including by Simon Lindberg, of Antii Niemi and an Estonian National Socialist, during an intense day which also offered sports and good times.

future days Finland

Public activities in June, in addition to the aforementioned activity in central Stockholm, have among other things been held in Leksand and Gothenburg . In both the above cases our comrades have had to defend themselves from the hostile rabble who took liberties they should not have. The film of activity in Gothenburg center during the Gay Pride Festival:

In Norway, our activists have been diligent with public actions during the month. Pride spectacle countered with activism in Oslo and public actions have actually been four during the month, which is a huge increase over earlier years. In addition, our comrades in Norway beat an activity record for the second consecutive month. To read more about the struggle of work in Norway during June you can read Haakon Forwalds monthly report here and if you want to hear about how PST (Norwegian SAPO) harasses our Norwegian activists, I recommend you to listen to the latest episode of Radio North Front here .

The topic  on the Radio was Radio North Front-gang with the Jordan-based live radio Inside the Eye and  also included in the organization’s Finnish radio Studio 204 .

With 200 Swedish battle reports and almost another 100 from our neighboring countries, it is impossible to cover everything in an article like this, but some things I want to highlight:

In Harlösa in Eslöv were all residents leaflets by reason of a newly opened refugee living there. In Karlstad was detained several people hostile buildings which also led to media attention. In Dalarna held talks with Pär Öberg who talked about mass immigration to a large audience, most of whom were newly added to the party and the support members and the Pirkanmalla, Finland patrolled the streets .


In particular Landskrona, Mjölby, Arboga, Ornskoldsvik, Emmaboda, Uppsala, Sweden, Skelleftea, Flen, Vellinge and Karlskrona has conducted extensive activism during the month. On the latter, there were 2500 leaflets given out on the same day!

Activists from Sweden crossed over the land border to visit friends for a day of good fellowship in Oulu. Pär Sjögren debated “violent extremism” in Borlänge City Council and there has also been as usual organized walks in the woods and physical training across the Nordic region, including in Hälsingland where a whole weekend was set aside for an intensive self-defense course.


Finally we heard in June  the good news that all of our activists were released after having made use of their right to self-defense in Åkersberga and that we achieved the goal of our Kärrtorp Collection in favor of the comrades who have not had the same luck in court. 111 000 kr collected in less than four months is proof as well as anything else that we are growing and have a completely different support now than just a few years ago. Many thanks to all of you who attended and contributed!

Our work gives clear results, so be sure now, all Nordic men and women with pride left, to head into the summer with posters and flyers so we can do together in July a fantastic month of struggle!



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