Casa Pound protests against immigration & “refugees” in Coccau and Legnano

A group of Casapound  militants yesterday has carried out a protest against the uncontrolled flow of migrants into Italy. “The protest – said the movement in a statement – was held symbolically in Coccau, on the border between Italy and Austria. Our militants have carried a symbolic closure of the border by showing a banner bearing the phrase “Refugees not welcome”.

“This action – continues the statement released yesterday – aims to highlight how the F Italy can no longer support a growing influx of immigrants, the vast majority are refugees only in name and are in fact just illegal immigrants, many of whom were rejected by Austria and diverted in our region. ”

The action, was also intended as a response to recent statements by the Regional Gianni Torrents cooperation, which has raised the possibility of a new increase in the number of “migrants”  in Italy.

‪In the city of Legnano on July 7th, there was a ‬ protest by Casapound‬ against the arrival of ‪‎refugees‬.
“for the immigrant there is always room at Legnano, but everyone forgets the Italians”: This is what it says on the banner displayed by militants of Casapound Italia during the protest against the arrival of refugees in the city, which was held in the early afternoon.
The protesters released a statement to the press saying ” It is no longer tolerable – you can still read it in a note of icc – that the alleged refugees continue to be accommodated at the expense of the people while they multiply the cases of Italians who can’t make it to the end of the month, or even no longer with no roof above their head “.
“We are in front of a real business – continues the press release – where the only ones to gain are cooperatives and associations that, behind the mask of solidarity, are profiteering on this mass immigration”.



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