African man who defended Somali invaders was severely beaten by nationalists


No photos are available, but I imagine they looked something like this

Late in the evening, a 39-year-old African warehouse worker was on his way home from work in Munich, the Bavarian capital.

When the man got off his commuter bus in the northern part of the city, he saw a group of four or five white young men surrounding some Somalis, who were apparently migrants.

When he realized that the gang was shouting racist insults at the migrants, he intervened and tried to defend the Somalis, according to Munich police.

“Leave people from Somalia in peace,” he told the far-rightists.

That seemed to be the end of it at first, as the young men backed away and the 39-year-old continued on his way home.

However, after a while, one of the young men approached him, snatched his briefcase, and ran away. The man chased the thief into a nearby courtyard, only to find that he had run straight into a trap set for him.

He can barely remember what happened next, but said he was struck down with a wooden lath.

Lying on the ground, the man suffered such strong and relentless kicks to the face that he lost consciousness, the police report said.

At least one resident living in a nearby building heard the noise and alerted the police, Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported. The man, bloodied and bruised, was then taken to a hospital to undergo surgery.

The message is clear: Germany for the Germans, all others must go.


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