English Defence League counter protests leftist rally in London

Thousands of protesters marched on central London as the English Defence League, Black Lives Matter and Anti-Tory supporters held rallies on the same day.

There was a sea of people chanting and holding placards as they made their way through Piccadilly Circus, Marble Arch and Hyde Park today as throngs of people made their voices heard.

The far-right supporters of the English Defence League (EDL)  mustered a group of around 70 for their counter protest against the anti-white, pro-EU left.

English Defence League supporters are given a guard by the Metropolitan Police as they march through central London today

Thousands of people marched through central London in protest of the Tory Government and in support of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
The face of the opposition: feminists, foreigners, & foreign feminists.

EDL supporters took a stand against muslim invaders, waving anti-Islamic placards and flags calling for a ban on mosques & exclaiming that England is under attack from a rape jihad.

EDL supporters wave anti-Islamic placards and flags calling for a ban on mosques and exclaiming that England is under attack from a 'rape jihad'

The event, which was advertised on the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages, drew people draped in England flags, wearing masks and  EDL t-shirts.

As they marched through London’s popular tourist destinations they chanted ‘no surrender’ to terrorist groups and repeatedly barked the rallying cry of ‘E-E-EDL.’

After reaching Hyde Park a number of speakers addressed the crowd about their fears regarding Islam, as well as discussing the group’s opposition to immigration.

An EDL supporter holds up a placard with the group's aims as he campaigns near Marble Arch in central London, this afternoon

No fights or arrests were reported from the nationalist side, & the protest was carried out successfully.




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