Golden Dawn Australia Opens New Branch in Brisbane

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On Saturday, the 25th of June, 11 local Greek-Australians from the Sun Shine State where joined by Golden Dawn Australia General Secretary Ignatius Gavrilidis in the city of Brisbane.
The event marked the opening of our latest Australian chapter, the first of which now operates in the state of Queensland. Brisbane is an important city for our movement, as in the early days of our expansion Down Under, the Australia First party stood in solidarity with Golden Dawn political prisoners in 2014, to denounce the unconstitutional political witch hunt against our party back in Hellas.
The Australia First Nationalists followed the proper legal proceedings, to peacefully exercise their right to free speech in defence of their political beliefs in the city of Brisbane. The picket of only just over a dozen Nationalists was set upon by hundreds of nearby union members, under the orders of corrupt CFMEU thugs who flew up from the state of Victoria. The interstate union officials came to spread their lies at a local construction site that so called ‘Nazis’ had arrived in Brisbane to defend the liberal governments latest industrial relations laws. Such is the level of honour & honesty you can expect from such scum, who cooperate with the Melbourne Antifa and other Marxist extremists to use force in order to uphold the globalist establishment.
After the event was run down by the authorities who intervened before the violence escalated, a number of CFMEU thugs had ambushed the Australian Nationalists in a nearby pub later that afternoon. The planned attack targeted an elderly man in his late 60s, repeatedly beating him while he lay on the ground, hopelessly outnumbered by primitive louts.
While the criminal left used threats, intimidation and violence to attack our emerging movement, the assault only furthered our resolve, and Greek patriots across Australia continued to rally for our cause.
In 2016, 2 years after the assault on Australian & Greek Nationalism at the orders of the degenerate far-left, Golden Dawn returns to Queensland. If the purpose of the assault in 2014 was to stop the expansion of our organisation, then the Anarchist filth like Slackbastard have failed, as proud working class men will once again stand on the side of Nationalism, and represent Greek patriots in Queensland in order to help contribute to a free and sovereign Greece.
We wish our comrades in Brisbane all the best with our newest chapter, and look forward to the opening of our next chapter in the Northern city of Darwin, which we will announce sometime between August & September this year.

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