Election Time USA: Support these Pro-white political candidates

David Duke for US Senate, R-Louisiana

Reposted from: http://davidduke.com/dr-david-duke-radio-show-friday-july-23-2016/


Why the whole world needs David Duke elected to the U.S. Senate!

Today Dr. David Duke officially announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. With his prior electoral victories in Louisiana and the crowded, wide-open field, there is every reason to expect that Dr. Duke will have the same kind of success in his senate campaign the Donald Trump is having in the presidential race.

If elected, Dr. Duke would be the lone voice for truth and sanity in the U.S. Congress. He would be the one advocate for the rights of the majority European American population, which is currently facing massive institutional and legal discrimination and is on the way to becoming a bullied and marginalized minority. He would be the one person willing to call out the neocon globalists on their insane war mongering and regime change projects that risk World War III.

Rick Tyler for Congress, R-Tennessee

Rick Tyler, a White Nationalist from Tennessee who garnered widespread media attention as the man responsible for putting up several pro-white billboards, has announced his candidacy for Congress.

From his website on policy: Immigration – A permanent European American majority must be galvanized to insure the nation’s well-being and survival. In the interest of this objective we must return to pre-1960’s immigration laws and policies, deport the vast millions of illegal aliens currently residing within our nation, secure our southern border, terminate policies that subsidize minority birth rates, and encourage the escalation of European and Caucasian immigration from such countries as former Rhodesia and South Africa in the largest possible numbers.

White Nationalists should do everything in their power to make sure they make a splash in the polls and in the media. If you can, donate money & volunteer for their campaigns; failing this, spread word of these men & their message online. Both Twitter activism & flooding news articles about them with positive comments are especially important in this regard. If you live in their respective districts, make sure to register as a Republican and vote.



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