German nationalist summer camp “Sturmvogel” active in Sweden

Children have traditional hairstyles and uniform-like clothes with the red-white-black emblem.  Photo: KVP / EXPRESSEN

SMÅLAND. The red, white & black flag is adorned with Odin’s raven. Below the banner are children standing at attention, mostly blonde with traditional hairstyles, and uniform-like clothes with the red-white-black emblem.

At the signal, they salute the flag and sing.

It is the end of July 2016 and the German right-wing is holding a kids’ camp in southern Sweden. During the week, children from early school age to teenagers camp in a remote location in the forest.

They are the German nationalist youth organization Sturmvogel.

Sturmvogel, founded in 1987  is aimed at children between three and eighteen years of age. The children come from families that are nationalist and interested in keeping German heritage pure.

The organization’s roots date back to Wiking-Jugend, a nationalist and right-wing youth organization where members were brought up after the Hitler Youth – openly militant and National Socialist. Wiking Jugend was for long the largest Nazi Youth League, but they were banned in 1994.

Today, activities celebrate a traditional life, and reject modernity. Appreciation of nature, outdoor activities and German traditions are the guiding principles.

The format of Sturmvogels’ camps often follow a routine: In the morning, the campers are gathered for a flag raising ceremony, after which is sports & different types of workshops.

At midday, small groups go out into the surrounding area – playing in a clear-cut there is a group of boys about ten years old. A short distance away, teenage girls are picking wild blueberries.

Suddenly the trumpet sounds, and through the woods come running the camp’s 30-40 participants for another lineup in front of the flag.

Video in link.




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