National Action: July 2016 Review

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National Action Poster

National Action Scotland Leith



National Action Scotland

Another fantastic month, July was spent recruiting and training in preparation for our events in August which will be a supreme tour de force. Our sticker campaigns across the UK have already proved to be an enormous success, with city leaders in Wales, the West Country, the North West, the North East, and the entire Scottish parliament condemning them.

South West



The past month has been one the busiest the South West has ever had – we held three different events in July alongside our normal stickering and street art efforts. Early in the month we kicked off our activities with a meet-up in Cardiff. We used this as an opportunity to distribute the mountain of stickers we’ve had printed and made plans for attending the upcoming Welsh Forum and to start training in demo tactics, especially in the utilising of the concept of affinity groups. It was also encouraging to see new people continuing to come forward and join our organisation. However, the highlight must have been walking back to Cardiff Central station, when we bumped into a group of fratbros.


We noticed that they were wearing t-shirts with #votetrump on them. We stopped and had a chat; they were sound and even took some NA stickers off us to put up around town.

na hate hike

Later in the month, we also held our first South West NA hate camp. This had been something we had been planning to do for a while, so it was enjoyable to see our words being put into action. We decided on hiking to a location in the hills that would give us a lovely view over a large stretch of the Cardiff area. It was great fun and physically challenging at the same time, something we will definitely be repeating; except bigger and more ambitious.

On the 23rd July, a good contingent of NA activists attended the Welsh Forum, held in the centre of Wales’ capital city, where our very own homegrown extremist, Alex Davies delivered a talk on the founder of Plaid Cymru, Saunders Lewis. Other speakers on the day included the revisionist historian David Irving, Richard Edmonds (National Front) and Sven Longshanks (Radio Aryan).

National Action BBC wiltshire

The sticker campaign across the South West continues to make local news, In Wiltshire an anti-communist sticker opposing the BBC offices has led to a police investigation and in Cardiff an upset resident Ciara (((Cohen-Ennis))) wrote this article for the Huffington Post. The ass-pain was real, One resident was quoted as saying:

“I spotted the stickers attached to lampposts around park place on my way home from work Saturday night, and again on Charles Street on Monday morning. It really profoundly disturbed me … I’ve been trying to take them down wherever I can but some of them are impossible to remove.”

Ciara herself commented “I, personally, am the descendant of Jewish Polish immigrants who escaped the Nazis in the Second World War. To see Neo-Nazi propaganda in my hometown of Cardiff is devastating.” She is a Refugees Welcome activist.



Earlier in the month London National Action held a fitness and combat training camp. We covered the basics of boxing over 4 hours, developing on skills we’ve acquired over the last series of camps we have held. We’ve started forwarding new recruits through the training as an introductory process so they have the ability and confidence in self defense whenever the necessity shall arise. We also practiced fighting as a group and how that changes the dynamics of combat, especially in how to defend comrades beside them. After the training we pitched our tents and set up camp to catch the last of the sun before we ate dinner together and enjoyed the rest of the evening having a social.


Towards the end of the month  we trained new recruits on how to do “throw ups” which will continue over the coming weeks. They were really keen on doing everything and getting their hands dirty, the energy and passion we have here in London is highly beautiful.

National Action Graffiti Mafia88



NA Yorkshire 1

On the 16th of July NA Yorkshire put its new found recruits into action, this time in a historic town to raise awareness of the ongoing grooming gangs operating in the area. Equipped with over 1500 leaflets and a few hundred of our cards we hit the main shopping area at around 12:30.


We weren’t at all surprised by the interest in what we had to say but we were surprised by how aware and fed up the locals were with this issue, with one woman telling an activist “I’m well aware of what’s going on in my town, but they (politicians) won’t do anything about it, it’s sickening”. Another man pointed out that the perpetrators are once again of mainly Asian heritage (we won’t repeat his exact words). The highlight of the day was when we had a long discussion with a young lad who said him and his friends had been looking for organisations in their area and were pleased to see us active he then gave one of our activists his phone number asking to be told about future events. Another highlight was a security guard asking one of our lads to stop flyering in the shopping centre but also asking for a handful so he could put them up in the staff room and hand them out himself. The government will once again say we are capitalizing on fear but what we witnessed today wasn’t fear, it was anger and anger we WILL capitalize on unless the government starts to take these issues seriously. After distributing all of our leaflets some activists found a legal wall to practice some of their art skills on to round up a successful day.



NA birmingham university

aston uni

Meeting in Birmingham went smoothly as planned, two new solid recruits for the region have been vetted with many more coming to the next meet-up. We plastered the science park, Aston University Campus and main footways leading into the city centre. Afterwards we enjoyed a pint and relaxed as the twitter notifications of our day’s work rolled in from butthurt students, subhumans, traitors etc. Following this we moved on to West Bromwich as it got dark deciding to end the night with a graffiti session; daubing overpasses and walls with the point blank fact of the Jewish nature of international finance. The new recruits enthusiastically participated in this later stage and I can say with absolute certainty that these new additions to our region will be staying with us through the thick and thin of it.

North East

Hartepool Council passed a motion to condemn National Action Posters and Stickers;




There was a significant reaction to last month’s activism with NA condemned on the floor of the Scottish parliament. A protest was also held at the site where NA Scotland placed stickers on the Bolshevik Spanish Civil War memorial. Activists were also busy putting up recruitment posters across Ayrshire.

Poster Ayr

Fallout from the Brexit stickers last month also led to this very bizarre article by Gerry Farrell in which the author spends most of the article discussing the holohoax before implicating local football firms and tattoo artists, the former of which have threatened legal action.

The barmy army

On the 30th a self-estimated ‘thousand people’ marched as a response to the presence of National Action Anti-Pedophile Stickers . Emphasis was added to the last sentence just to let that sink in. The suicidal humanist death cult calling itself ‘united colours of Leith’ was attempting a show of strength – but clearly this was a demonstration of thin skin. We ensured that this march would be opposed by actual Nazis, including National Action, in the form of a counter demonstration to which we brought two new recruits.



On route to the demonstration, two of our Glasgow based activists along with a few SDL members bumped into the march for staying in the EU, unlimited non-white immigration and globalism (dressed up falsely as Scottish Nationalism) that was happening in the city. Not to let an opportunity to agitate the swarms of communists who have unfortunately latched themselves onto the Scottish Independence movement, our activists and the SDL stood fast against hundreds of communist agitators. A member of the “Green Brigade” (Celtic Football Club supporters) who was mouthing off at our activists quickly disappeared into the wider, jeering crowd when confronted by them. We accept that many supporters of Scottish independence are decent, hard working people who share similar views to us, but we couldn’t miss an opportunity to remind the communists who have latched onto the movement that we are watching them. We know what they are doing, and we will not let them succeed).

For an event titled “United Colours of Leith” it was not surprising to see only one colour; white. Defending pederasty were the LGBTQA+ and unsurprisingly, the Socialist Workers Party, which has a fondness for all things involving rape, even of its own members.


Scottish Socialist Party - low energy cucks

As our activists arrived at the demo point, the first activist who took out his National Action flag was subjected to instant police search who believed him to be an anarchist there to cause trouble (they mistook our flash and circle for an Anarchist ‘A’) though the misunderstanding was quickly resolved.

National Action Leith

During the demonstration our activists made sure to engage and discuss members of the Leith public, who were for the most part very eager to hear why we were there, and they graciously accepted leaflets from our activists describing what National Action is about.

There was of course the odd degenerate who had broken away from the rest of their march to confront the brave defenders of children in the SDL and NA, and one argument we heard on the day is that “Scots can’t possibly be white because we were invaded by Vikings and Romans” which is a good indication of how much Hep B can turn your brain into absolute mush. During the ensuing debate which degenerated into him screaming “NAZI” hysterically, bystanders were visibly in hilarity at the arguments made by this drug riddled old fart, who in intellectual defeat disappeared only to reappear later and attempt to assault one of our teenage activists by hitting him on the side of the head from behind.

We are appealing for information on the man pictured.


Narrative broken

The Miss Hitler campaign continued to be wildly successful for weeks covered by dozens of media outlets, and has also been officially condemned by the ADL. The video below is from Secular Talk a popular political youtube channel partnered with the Young Turks.

With our profile growing we are receiving more and more articles from the left which resemble the coverage we were receiving before journalists began to develop a consistent narrative of ridicule. This replacement is marked by a tone of legitimate concern and desire to understand the group represents a shared consensus that simply ignoring the group is counter productive. They are also confounded by the overpowering barrage of news stories, Hope Not Hate are so salty about this that they can no longer even refer to us by name when plugging their narrative. We noticed this was also the case looking at Marxism 2016 and Socialist Workers Party events, speakers are clearly referring to the group while having to maintain this bizzare facade that it doesn’t exist. 12 months ago they couldn’t stop gloating – so what exactly shut their lying mouths?

Providing an insight on this trend an article from the popular lifestyle outlet which reviews National Action’s public relations approach.

Naturally there are a couple of things we take issue with, such as the somewhat amusing theory that National Action are brainwashing white working class men by offering them neo-nazi girlfriends. They also underestimate the amount of socially alienated young people in this country who would find something transgressive like National Socialism more appealing than something with more mundane patriotic trappings. However it is worth reposting the preamble and conclusion – the amount of balance here is significant.

Why a fascist group aimed at young males ran a “Miss Hitler 2016” competition

In the wake of the Brexit result, you may have spotted people on the streets dressed in black from head to foot, often wearing masks, holding banners and handing out stickers with “National Action” printed on them.

If you didn’t witness them yourself, you would have done well to avoid images in TV and online news.

They are fascists, hard-right Nazis who seem to no longer be scared to go out onto the streets and spread their message.

But this a very specific strain of fascism, National Action – one of the organisations featured heavily in news coverage around fascist marches since the Brexit vote – is a group aimed solely at young, white, working class, disenfranchised males.

The group attracts the interest of this demographic with beautifully designed imagery, appropriating imagery from goth and punk culture… they’re trying to make fascism, racism and xenophobia cool.

…their core target demographic is sadly there for the taking right now. The number of young, working class, white men who voted to leave the EU either citing concerns over immigration, or claiming to be disenfranchised with the current state of politics, is huge.

Another example is another Miss Hitler article, now there have been hundreds of these articles, it made news everywhere from Korea to Peru and they are all basically the same. This time however it appeared in Broadly which is Vice Magazine’s feminist outlet (this article was translated into a dozen European Languages) – again the lack of narrative dominating the article is significant ‘muh lost luggage’ ‘muh empowered WOC’ ‘muh sex offenders’, etc are dead memes.

A conclusion worth drawing is that the narratives and cannards fabricated by Hope Not Hate not only have little currency in the mainstream media, but also in political outlets.

National Action international – the Auschwitz of Oz

In addition to Skydas and other movements in the Western world, the influence of National Action is being felt in Australia. On the 17th a large Black Lives Matter demonstration in Melbourne was trolled by a group of 15 young men dressed in black bloc. The group claims to be influenced by National Action. The Australian group is also alleged to have enjoyed support from the prominent United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell.

There is a write up of the event here, not super edgy but NA began with a protest outside a Halal restaurant. These guys harangued a massive leftist event and got called nazis – it was glorious, we look forward to hearing more from these guys in future.



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