English Defence League: Nottingham Demonstration against Islam

About 160 EDL members & supporters gathered in Nottingham’s Old Market Square to protest against Islam on Saturday, and were met with a counter-demonstration attracting a few hundred, including spectators belonging to neither side.

EDL members march through Nottingham

A smoke bomb, eggs and bottles were thrown by both the English Defence League marchers and the anti-white counter protesters alike.


Nottinghamshire police said five people were arrested in connection with the demonstrations, but there were no reports of injury or assault.

EDL protesters gather at Castle Wharf

The usual singing, chanting & speeches were done by the EDL, focusing on denouncing islam and mocking antifa. Noticeably absent however, were the gay & jewish flags usually flown by the cuck division of the EDL. One can only conclude that these degenerate elements were purged, & the remaining patriots of the English Defence League are better off for it.

Despite the fore mentioned arrests & bottle throwing, the protest ended without further incident.

All in all it was a good day out, with the public being exposed to their message & antifa completely failing to stop the march.


“We’re not Nazis, but fuck antifa & islam” seems to be the message here.




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