“Make America White Again” Conference Action Report

Reposted in full from http://www.tradyouth.org/2016/08/make-america-white-again-conference-action-report/ with additional photos from https://www.facebook.com/Kytradworker/

The event this weekend in Tennessee to support Rick Tyler, engage in activism, and have a series of great political speeches and live music was an overwhelming success. I want first of all to thank my Party comrades and our friends in multiple organizations who came to the event and made it one to remember. Comrades from the Traditionalist Worker Party, the American Freedom Party, the National Socialist Movement, and the League of the South were in attendance, coming together in the spirit of uniting for Faith, Family, and Folk.

The day began at Mr. Tyler’s Whitewater Grill, the Tyler family’s family business. While Mr. Tyler has faced an economic boycott and threats against his business, home, and family; he has refused to give into the threats and economic terrorism of the Left. He’s standing tall for the principles of Nationalism, strong Traditional values, and White American families.

We filled the entire meeting room of the Whitewater Grill with comrades and allies to eat great Southern cooking and hear Mr. Tyler give a speech on the concept that we must unite and fight together against our common enemies, using Truth as our primary weapon to cut through the lies of a corrupt and decaying globalist regime. Mr. Tyler received a hearty amount of applause and support from all those in attendance and local nationalists look forward to providing him with support in his campaign.

After our meeting we went to a local hotel meeting hall to host a variety of exciting speeches on a variety of subjects. Matt Parrott was gracious enough to be our emcee and introduced speakers throughout the day. Speeches kicked off with a passionate address by Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement.

Schoep and I have worked a great deal over the past several months to craft the Constitution of the ANA. It’s an alliance designed to transcend petty factionalism and infighting among White Advocates, to adapt our messaging to the challenges contemporary nationalists face, and to develop a united front against our well-funded and highly organized opposition.

On this subject, Schoep spoke about the need for our Cause to come together and to work towards a better and brighter future for our people. When White Nationalists fight one another, the enemy wins. Those who seek disunity or continue to promote destructive positions such as fanatical racial hatred, violence, or inter-movement squabbling must be cut from the herd while those who are dedicated to making political, social, demographic, and economic progress for our people must band together.

Next I spoke on the idea that we mustn’t let the media define our movement to us. The line, “They’re all gonna laugh at you!” has been used to bully our movement into dividing among ourselves on presentation, symbolism, and class lines. Each faction is told that if they stand with another group that might have a slightly different message or style, then the world will mock you. Our social anxiety and fixation on optics has crippled us, allowing our enemies to define our movement and ideology to us, either the Hollywood caricature or a futile quest towards being “respectable” enough for the Jews to not attack us. We must reject attempts by the Jewish press to turn us against one another and instead march forward and together we will be victorious.

Next we had Dr. Matthew Johnson of The Barnes Review discuss the lies about Tsarist Russia regarding their treatment of the Jews. The six million figure, used as a bully club against Europeans for seven decades due to the Holocaust, has been used previously in attacks on Tsarist Russia.

Dr. Johnson went into detail about how at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution and the years preceding it that in Russia the Jewish community had active and well-armed militias that often would attack or harass Christians and nationalists, usually on Holy Days and religious or pro-Tsarist days of celebration. When the Russian people would respond against these violent acts by returning fire or organizing in groups like The Black Hundreds to fight against Jewish tyranny, the Jewish aggressors would then cry out to the foreign media that they were being oppressed and were mere victims, when they were the ones who started in the violence in the first place.

With the time-honored triusm of “The Jew crying out as he strikes you,” the Jewish Bolsheviks in Tsarist Russia were able to use the global media against Russia and provoke anti-Russian sentiment, something that continues to this day. Dr. Johnson’s speech concluded with a perspective on what we can learn about the media lies and half-truths, cutting through them with facts and earnest devotion to our Cause.

Next up was Paddy Tarleton, mid-Atlantic chapter leader of the TWP and rising nationalist folk star. Paddy performed a great set of music, including his recent hit “Join the BLM” and classics like “The Ballad of Tiny Tim Wise.” Paddy performed not only originals but classic America folk music, linking the present and the past in a celebration of the melodies and musical styles of our people.

The event was wrapping up when one of the hotel staff heard a negative comment about Jewish oligarchs and got upset. As is typical with some folks, they have been programmed by the Jews to love the very people who are working on destroying their people, religion and nation. We had finished the event so we politely tipped our hats, thanked the staff for being so accommodating, and headed out to our activism for the day.

Our new banners and flags were flying proudly in Cleveland TN
Our new banners & flags were flying proudly in Cleveland TN

There is a monument in Cleveland, Tennessee to the Confederate soldiers from the area who fought and died for their Homeland and their people. While some of our comrades headed up to prepare our evening fellowship and meeting, public activists marched to the monument to pay tribute to our Confederate ancestors and to remind those in attendance. Whether you are from the North or the South, if you are White, your culture is under attack and we must stand together to preserve it.

If the men of both the Union and the Confederate armies were able to see what multicultural America would become, they would have marched together to Washington, DC and New York to drive out the bankers, elites, and corrupt politicians that paved the way for the breakdown of our morals, families and nations.

The night concluded with a fantastic night of food, fellowship, and music performances by Paddy and several other talented comrades. In celebration of our unity, a successful day of action and plans for the future, we ended the night with a rousing chorus of “Sovereignty and Blood Forever.” The future is bright for our Party and for the nationalist movement in general. Our vision is clear, our forces are mobilized, and victory shall be ours.

From coast-to-coast, TradWorker is mobilizing effective White Action. The best is yet to come. Hail Victory!



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