Rostock, Germany: Construction of “refugee” center stopped due to Nationalist Resistance

The northern German city of Rostock has decided to halt the construction of a family refugee facility following far-right violence and protests against migrants. Officials cited “dangers” to the newcomers as the reason for the stoppage.

The city’s social senator, Steffen Bockhahn, who ordered the halt, said “the decision hurts” him, as  by Der Spiegel magazine. He added though that security should be a priority.

Far rights activists repeatedly rallied in July against the proposed asylum center in Rostock’s Gross Klein district.

On July 23 an asylum-seeker center in the same neighborhood came under attack by radicals, Die Zeit newspaper . The assailants broke into the building, engaging in a brawl with the refugees, with police later settling the fight. The facility housed 15 invaders who were then transmitted to another district in Rostock.

Following the violence, Bockhahn announced the halt to the construction of a new refugee center. According to Der Spiegel, the Interior Ministry of the state of Mecklenburg Vorpommern, where Rostock is located, considered the area for the new refugee center “not safe.”

“I find it extremely concerning if we allow the far-right to dictate us where refugees are allowed to live and where not,” Uwe Michaelis, a local politician  his frustration to Ostsee-Zeitung daily. Michaelis added that the radicals “would interpret it as their victory.”

It is our victory, comrades. Tomorrow belongs to us!


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