Nordic Resistance launches Icelandic Division

The National Socialist organization Nordic Resistance, based out of Sweden, has now launched a branch in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The group’s first action was a flyer distribution that gained widespread media attention on the island nation.

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ICELAND. Nordic Council of Resistance has been mentioned in several Icelandic media after the organization’s leaflets were distributed in the capital of Iceland.


It is the new Icelandic leaflets – which became available last Wednesday in connection with the launch of Resistance Icelandic information Norðurvígi – which has now begun to be distributed in Reykjavik. The leaflets were handed out on Saturday and has now been mentioned in news reports on TV and on Icelandic news website.

On a website described the campaign in an article entitled “neo-Nazis want to establish themselves on the Island”. The article gives Eiríkur Bergmann , said to be a professor of political science, its view of the Resistance and the organization’s ability to establish itself in Iceland.

Bergmann’s opinions and description of the Resistance are on the whole what today might be expected from people hostile media in a Nordic country. Among other things, Bergmann says he does not believe that the Resistance will manage to establish themselves on the Island.

Do you live in Iceland and want to contribute to the fight? VisitNorðurví today! On Norðurvígi you can also download the flyers as mentioned above – so download, print, and get out on the streets!


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