Race War Corsica: Five Hospitalized in Clashes Between Whites & North Africans

Pictured, protesters clash with riot police as locals vent their anger over the burkini row

It all started when a tourist took a picture of a muslim woman wearing a “burkini” at the beach.

When relatives of the muslim woman objected, a group of local teenagers  came to the photographer’s defence.

Local reports said that a group of North African men armed themselves and took on the young  Corsicans.

After bottles & stones were thrown by both sides, the fight escalated when the teenagers’ parents rushed from their village to the beach where one of them, a man of Czech origin but resident in Sisco, was wounded by a harpoon while defending his son. A pregnant woman was also reported to be injured. In retaliation, villagers then set fire to cars belonging to the muslims.

But it wasn’t over yet. A crowd of around 500 gathered in the nearby town of Bastia and tried to enter a housing estate with a high immigrant population. They chanted: “To arms, this is our place and we will go where we want!”

Pictured, angry crowds protest on the streets of Bastia after the violent incident in Sisco

Clashes were reported between the outraged Corsicans & the riot police who were protecting the invading North African hordes.

Protesters push up against police in Bastia, Corsica, 14 August

In the end, three more people were hospitalized, but it is unclear at this time exactly who they are.

The mayor of Bastia has also announced a ban on further wearing of the burkini in public.

It is unclear at this time in the FLNC, a militant Corsican nationalist group, will retaliate against these attacks. They released a video last month warning of severe retaliation in the event of terrorist attacks on the island.





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