Forssa, Finland: Massive Brawl as Finnish Patriots Storm Refugee Center

A fight broke out between dozens of locals and the invading hordes of non-whites at a local migrant centre.


The massive fight saw around 100 people armed with bats and pipes involved in the clashes in front of a local migrant center.

The brawl in the town of Forssa saw the long running animosity between locals & foreigners finally boil over.

There have been a growing number of minor skirmishes in the town but this is the first that used weapons, according to police.

A massive fight ensued between

Officials believe that the entire brawl could have been sparked as a revenge plot.

Both groups battled each other with bats and pipes during the fight which left five injured and two arrested.

By the time the police arrived, many of the attackers had fled the scene.

Tomi Repo from Forssa police said: “I hope that everyone who has received some injury will notify the police.

“Police are only aware of a very small number of injuries, but I believe that there are more.”

bats to attack each other

Detective Superintended Martti Hirvonen added: “Most of the weapons were carried by the native Finns, but some of the refugees had a few striking weapons, too.”

Residents on social media alleged that the attack was revenge for a reported attack by two migrants on a young 15-year-old Finnish boy last week, according to local media.

Tension between invaders & locals in the city has escalated to the point where the council have now set up a committee to solve the recent wave of violence.

The violence comes as tension between invading foreigners & local Europeans has resulted in mass brawls.

Video in link.



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