Dresden, Germany: Iraqi invaders beaten up by Nationalist Football Hooligans

Nationalists seriously injured three Iraqi invaders who had fled war in Iraq only to be beaten senseless on the banks of the Elbe River in Dresden.

Dresden Elbe river bank

Ali H., 43, Faisal M., 25, and Sarhan S., 19, were brutally attacked early on Sunday morning after attending the city’s annual festival.A fourth man, Birhat K., 23, was slightly wounded.


Their attackers yelled “Sieg Heil!” and told the men to “f*** off back where you came from.”Birhat said he was taking photos of the brightly lit walkway by the river in the old baroque city when a group of neo-Nazis wearing Dynamo Dresden football club clothing set upon them.

He said; “We were jumped from behind and fists rained down on us. One of my friends is still in hospital. I don’t trust coming out at night any more and I want to get as far away from Dresden as I can.”

Glory to the Heroes!    Hail Victory!




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