Nordic Resistance: Nordic Days 2016

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On Saturday 27 August, the 2016 edition of the Nordic Days was held in Småland, Sweden. The event brought together nearly 200 comrades and sympathizers from Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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The day started with breakfast, after which Kim Mauritzon spoke to welcome everyone to Nordic Days and went through the day’s schedule.

Then the Nordic Resistance leader Simon Lindberg held an informative speech where two important things were announced. The first was that the Activist Handbook is now available to buy again, and has been updated and expanded.

The second announcment, which made the audience stand up and deliver thunderous applause, was that the Resistance this year is to follow up the extremely successful first major demonstration in Borlänge with a new demonstration in one of Sweden’s largest cities.

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Next was the tug of war, also divided into teams.

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The next event was five men teams carrying a 200 kg heavy log as far as possible for three minutes.

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The last event was the most violent and brutal but also the most valuable: Fighting! Here seven men wrestled at the same time and when participants got their first opponents to give up, he got to help his teammates with their opponents. Many participants showed great fighting spirit and fought bravely to the last, even when they ended up short-handed.

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After a break it was announced that Team 2 had won, and then the winners competed in archery. The two best archers in the team then went on to the decisive competition that would be held later in the evening.


After dinner, a speech was held by Pär Sjögren about Prisoners Aid and how they are currently able to support the Resistance’s political prisoners.

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When all had eaten their fill  Pär Öberg  spoke of Nordic Resistance’s parliamentary branch, & how to use it, as well as what Oberg’s  local political visions in Ludvika are.

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The next speaker was North Front’s chief editor, Frederick Vejde Country , who spoke about his time in prison and how the Resistance has come under increasing oppression from the system. Vejde Country said that it was important that the victims of repression not be negative and defeatist, but retain a positive view of the fight and direct their frustration against the system.

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In the final event of the day, William Börjesson defeated his rival in a quiz contest, claiming his prize of a voucher for SEK 1 000 to shop for the North Front publishers.

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The final speaker was the Nordic Resistance movement’s leader, Simon Lindberg , who gave a fiery speech in which he urged all present to do more to fight. It is not enough to become a party member, and be content with it he said- you have to constantly take new steps and do more for the cause.

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As a final event for this year’s edition of the Nordic Days there was Henrik Pihlström and Julius Blomberg up on stage to play nationalist music. This continued until early morning while the other participants either went home or went to bed to sleep before the journey home.




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