Oersdorf, Germany: Anti-white Mayor Beaten By Nationalists

Deutschland Oersdorf Ortsschild (picture-alliance/dpa/G. Wendt)

The mayor of a small town in northern Germany was beaten by an unknown attacker, likely over his plans to establish refugee housing in the area, authorities in Oersdorf said on Friday. Mayor Joachim Kebschull, 61, lost consciousness and had to be taken to a local hospital after he was hit over the head with a blunt instrument on his way to a town planning meeting.


According to police, the mayor had reported receiving a number of threats in the run-up to Thursday’s attack. He was sent letters bearing slogans such as “Those who don’t want to listen will have to feel it,” and “Oersdorf for Oersdorfers” for months.

Because of these messages, investigators said that they were seriously considering the possibility of right-wing political motives for the attack, but that they hadn’t ruled anything out yet.

A police spokesman said the most puzzling aspect of the crime was that six officers were on duty to guard the meeting, but that the perpetrator exploited the brief moment when the mayor disappeared out of sight to collect his laptop from his car.

Nationalist attacks against refugees and refugee housing have seen a sharp uptick in Germany as the country struggles to integrate the roughly 1 million refugees it has taken in during Europe’s migrant crisis.






Thessaloniki, Greece: Golden Dawn Town Hall Against Immigration

Thessaloniki, Greece.

Hundreds of people packed a town hall meeting on September 20th, with many more waiting outside, in order to hear leaders of the social nationalist Golden Dawn party speak on the subjects of mass immigration & government corruption.

After comrade Artemis Mathaiopoulos made the first speech, an MEP of Golden Dawn, General Georgios Epitideios stepped up to the podium to stat that even though there are those who try to convince us that everything is fine in this country, soon Greeks will revolt in order to take our Homeland back.

Another MEP of Golden Dawn, General Eleftherios Synadinos, commented about the popularity and the nationalistic ambiance of this event in the heart of Macedonia, & recalled the words of Ion Dragoumis: “Salvation will rise from within!”

Other speakers included MEP of Golden Dawn, Lambros Fountoulis (father of the nationalist martyr Giorgos Fountoulis), the MP elected out of Chalcidice, Sotiria Vlahou, the MP from Pella, Giannis Sahinidis, the MP from Kilkis, Christos Chatzisavva, the MP from Piraeus, Giannis Lagos, & finally the Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

The Leader of Golden Dawn emphasized on the fact that three years of illegal persecutions hardened the Nationalistic Movement and that following the 1st of November 2013, when Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis were cowardly assassinated by the leftists, nothing remains the same.

Calling out George Soros in particular & international finance in general, he railed against the invasion of Greece by hostile, foreign hordes & the traitors in government that purposefully allowed it to happen.

“Greeks need a radical turnaround, and this can only happen with Golden Dawn taking the lead, he said.”

Finally, he made it clear that New Democracy and Syriza, who follow the same orders of the international loan sharks, will be forced to share power with the third largest political force in the country, the genuine voice of National Resistance, Golden Dawn!

The event ended with everyone singing the National Anthem and the Hymn of Golden Dawn.

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Allex, France: Locals Led By The Front National Protest Resettling Of Migrants

Villagers protesting in Allex

Some 50 migrant invaders have been re-homed in the small village of Allex, in the south-western province of Rhone-Alpes, which has a population of around 2,500 people.

But their arrival has sparked sizable resistance in the tiny countryside community, with angry locals marching on the mayor’s office demanding that they be removed.

A village meeting in Allex

Armed police have been stationed outside the invaders’ housing and the local mayor says the situation is now so “explosive” that he has decided to call a referendum so residents can vote on their futures.

Villagers protesting in Allex, France

However, many in the village have now launched their own campaign to get the vote legally recognised by the government in Paris, arguing that the re-homing of the invaders was undemocratically imposed against their will.

An online pressure group has been set up to put their case and they are now urging towns, villages and cities across the country to hold their own referendums on housing migrants.

If successful they would make it virtually impossible for the government in Paris to redistribute recently arrived refugees across the country, bringing France’s asylum system to its knees.

During a march through the village, at which the flag of the nationalist Front National party were on display, locals chanted that refugees were “not wanted” and should go elsewhere.


Dresden, Germany: Mosque & International Congress Hall Bombed

Germany is on high alert after two bombs were detonated in the eastern city of Dresden last night.

One went off outside the entrance to a local mosque, the other outside the International Congress Hall.  In both cases police spoke of “hate crimes.”

The explosions were triggered around 10pm last night.  No one was hurt in the blasts.

Police have for long warned that neo-Nazis in Germany have been forming themselves into well armed paramilitary cells; the fear now is that this may be the precursor of more Right Wing Death Squads.

“Although so far noone has claimed responsibility, we believe a xenophobic motive lies behind these crimes,” said Dresden police chief  Horst Kretzschmar.

Kretzschmar also announced during a press-conference on Tuesday that police in Dresden boosted security at Muslim sites. This includes three mosques, a house of prayer, and a cultural center.

Michael Opperskalski, journalist and expert on international affairs, told RT he also sees a xenophobic background to the attacks in Dresden, noting that the nationalist sentiment gradually gaining popularity in Germany is a political threat to the country.



“No Turkey In Europe!” VoorPost Demonstration In Ghent, Belgium

Police should deploy water cannon during demonstration outpost in Ghent

One hundred fifty nationalists took to the streets of Ghent, Belgium, to protest against the possibility of Turkey joining the European Union, the Turkish president Erdogan, & immigrants from Turkey themselves. They marched through Van Beveren Square, a formerly working class area of the city that is now a Turkish ghetto.

Police should deploy water cannon during demonstration outpost in Ghent

The protest was met by an equally large number of Turk counter protesters, who smashed the windows of a bus in a failed attempt to reach the nationalist demonstration. The police kept them contained with water cannons and batons, placing one under arrest in the process.

Police should deploy water cannon during demonstration outpost in Ghent

There were no arrests or injuries on the nationalist side, & the protest concluded without any problems.

Police should deploy water cannon during demonstration outpost in Ghent
VoorPosters stand together against the horde




Bexley, London, United Kingdom: Mass Racial Brawl Leaves 2 Hospitalized, 10 Arrested

First paragraph from https://roseswiggingyobs.wordpress.com/2016/09/20/erith-gang-fight-what-really-happened-5w/

“We have spoken to someone who was there who says that a black gang rushed into the Great Harry pub scarfed up and with knives and bats and attacked a boy, giving him head injuries. Drinkers from the pub then launched a revenge attack and one of the gang (who it looks like was 15 yrs old) got a kicking. Then ensued hours of chaos with running battles and various weapons being used.”

Shocking footage has emerged of up to 100 youths brutally brawling while armed with bats   One seen swinging a weapon at someone on the floor and another fleeing with a stick (pictured)

The fight appeared to be between a group of white boys and another group of mainly black boys, with about 100 people involved total.

Bonnie Lampard, a 23-year-old barmaid, says she saw a large group of white boys: ‘They had balaclavas on and some were wearing scary Halloween masks.’

She says that, moments later, about 50 black teenagers arrived at the park: ‘They had metal bars, knuckledusters and knives.’

Parents were seen on video handing out weapons to their children for use in the fight.

Two people were hospitalized & ten arrested following the chaotic fighting. There is no word yet on the race of those hospitalized or arrested.

Racially based gangs have long existed in the area. The initials of a white gang called Racial Attack or ‘RA’, is splashed on the walls of the rugby club.

T-Block, a black gang from Woolwich, was said to have been involved on Monday. Territories are fiercely guarded by boys seeking ‘respect’ from their peers. The ‘North Heath boys’ are particularly possessive about ‘their’ park and there is speculation that on Monday, a black gang may have strayed into their area.



Lesvos, Greece: Locals Clash With Aid Workers At 500 Strong Anti-Migrant Protest

Ultra-nationalists reportedly attacked three female students on the island of Lesvos on Monday during a protest rally organized by residents against a migrant & refugee camp on the island.

Local media reported that a group of around 15 people chanting anti-migrant slogans physically assaulted the three women, one of whom is known as a volunteer who works with migrants. Lesvos Mayor Spyros Galinos was also reportedly attacked by ultra-nationalists, who appeared at the rally held by a group calling itself the “Patriotic Movement of Lesvos.”

Galinos was addressing the crowd of  500 protesters when the ultra-nationalists started shouting “throw them in the sea,” in reference to the migrants on the island, before turning their vitriol on the official.

Tension was also high inside the camp, with a group of men lighting fires inside the processing center and in an olive grove just outside the camp in protest at living conditions and delays in processing. (These fires would come to consume over 70% of the camp, forcing an evacuation.)

The events on Lesvos mirror similar violence last week on the island of Chios by ultra-nationalists who gate-crashed a protest rally calling for more action from Athens to manage more than 13,500 refugees and migrants who are stuck on five islands in the eastern Aegean. According to local media, a man claiming to represent the Golden Dawn party on the island hit a journalist and smashed his camera, after verbally abusing another journalist.