National Action Crash #marchforeurope with no Survivors

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Action Report, London – 03/09/2016

Last weekend sagging boomer icons Bob Geldof and Eddie Izzard were leading a march through the capital to try and force a reversal of the June referendum’s decision for us to leave the EU – the march was billed as a friendly, inclusive event. So, naturally, we thought we’d tag along to and see how far their inclusive nature stretched. We didn’t go in with a specific plan, only an improvised banner and our training to exploit the right opportunity should it present itself.

On the day, even though we had only given people three days notice, the turnout was, if anything, too large, a very decent-size squad. Under the circumstances it was felt that moving as a mob would draw attention of authorities who would mistake us for troublemakers, so we divided into smaller, more discreet groups and assigned everyone a ‘buddy’.

One group was tasked with going into the demonstration itself and gaining intelligence. They found the demonstration consisted of melts who talked about their latest jaunt to the Alps and the offers on at Waitrose, nothing new, but safely in the demo they were good reliable backup in the event everyone somehow got arrested. The other groups remained on the periphery of the march as it winded through Central London. Noting the lack of police presence and where the press were tending to congregate. We began to feel increasingly confident.

We noted a group of pro-Brexit counter-demonstrators led by Jez Turner, it was felt that this was where there would be a flashpoint that we could take advantage of. Our group which was tasked with unfurling the banner and positioning ourselves in-front of a march of several thousand didn’t hesitate. We simply went for it. The four of us versus several thousand wet blankets – the odds looked good.

When we jumped out with chants of ‘Brexit Now!’ the entire march was spooked and ground to a halt for about 15 seconds. Realising who we were, the opposition looked at us with utter hatred and the entire crowd started mooing like a heard of cattle “brrrurrrrghOoooOOUrrrboooo”. When they finally made it to within arms reach of our banner, some mouthy bitch screeched “just push them out the way” but none dared touch us. A derranged old woman who we later learned was Eddie Izzard himself began wildly screaming “THIS IS THE FACE OF BREXIT!”

As we were not obstructing the entire length of the road people were moving past us on the flanks, so we began to move back slowly – they idea to troll them the entire march. At this point we saw the blue-bibs try to move in us from the sides, but we were protected by the mass of people at the choke points.

I then saw something move on my peripheral vision – moving like lightning this one heroic Pole ploughed right into the demonstration itself and snatched Eddie Izzard’s trademark beret right off his head. The enraged drag queen was shouting “give it back!” like a bullied child and made chase, assaulting this young citizen of Europe in front of his ‘pro Europe’ rally. The Pole escaped the clutches of the geriatric dick girl a second time, only to have half a dozen police officers pile on top of him. We watched Eddie Izzard run past us wearing his high heels followed by more officers – we thought now was the time to leave. One of our guys who is still in secondary school pointed us down a side-street and the officers totally didn’t notice this group in black bloc just leave – they were literally outsmarted by a school kid.

With an exception of how the ‘beret’ incident ended there was a total media blackout – the entire time we were surrounded by cameras and at least five journalists snapping pictures of the banner (not to mention all the hapless pedestrians with their phones out), yet nothing about this incident has bee published anywhere, only a few papers 1,2 brought up the ‘masked men’ even though several of us can be seen in the video.

However for a short time we succeeded in plunging the march into complete chaos and the narrative that the organisers wanted to portray; a movement that represented a broad-section of the population wanting a rerun of the referendum was at least partially derailed into stupid gossip. No one is talking about what the protest was actually about, instead the focus has been on a stupid hat and how many policemen it took to retrieve it. The remaniacs are already widely ridiculed for being sore losers and hypocrites – stunts like this succeed in pushing the whole thing over into farce.

This has been a cause célèbre among all National Socialists in the country who have agreed to come together to help and compensate the individual who has now been charged with theft, and to raise a bounty on the offending beret for any Nationalist who successfully recovers it intact. Incidents like this bring us together and show that small numbers and lack of resources can be compensated for with smarts. This is the basic rule of war; turn the enemy’s strength into a weakness. The left take great confidence in the fact that they can mobilise large numbers onto the streets, it gives them a de facto entitlement to some say in how thing are run. Yet, even these large marches, when disrupted have the potential to be paralysed by even the smallest counter-demonstration.


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