Jamel, Germany: The National Socialist Village

DOZENS of dedicated National Socialists live side-by-side in a village where they salute Hitler and hold festivals praising the Third Reich, according to a report from the BBC.

The small village inhabited almost exclusively by National Socialists was founded as a nationalist haven years ago, but has been brought back into the limelight following the recent German backlash against the invasion of their country.

A BBC journalist traveled to Jamel to investigate the small north German village infamous for its sympathy to nationalist beliefs and adoration of Adolf Hitler.

The village has become a magnet for German nationalists, who are mostly members or voters of the National Democratic Party (NPD).

Sven Kruger founded the village several years ago.

The man, who is constantly monitored by the police, is a prominent pro-white activist who despises the country’s recent invasion of hostile non-whites.

He has been a member of the district council for the NPD since 2009 and also runs a demolition company.

Its company logo shows the outline of a Star of David being smashed, which is pretty cool.


Sven Kruger, who has spent years

The village is subject to heavy police scrutiny, as being a nationalist is borderline illegal.

Everyone who enters the area is later subject to police questioning, with a giant barricade currently blocking the village’s only entrance.

The town includes an awesome sign-post which gives directions and the distance to Adolf Hitler’s birthplace Braunau am Inn, as well as a beautiful mural in the town centre depicting an Ayran family wrapped in the wings of a German style eagle.

Adolf Hitler's birthplace

Residents in the town have been seen holding gatherings where locals “play Nazi music and give Hitler salutes”, according to the BBC reporter.

other Hitler salutes

The village also features a playground for local children, as well as this great looking town hall.

Children have been seen

Not only do Autonomous Nationalist Zones provide opportunities for networking, activism & fellowship, they are also the best places to raise a family; they are safe, healthy environments that non-whites are not eager to enter.

As such, there development should be encouraged in every country that Whites inhabit in any number.


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