Calais, France: Hundreds Blockade Invader Camp In Protest Against Immigration

September 5, 2016.

French truck drivers, union workers and farmers began a massive demonstration on Calais’ roadways on Monday, blocking the northern French port & demanding the city’s major migrant camp be dismantled.

Around 70 trucks mounted a “go-slow” on the A16 motorway — the main artery for freight and passengers heading for Britain either via the Channel Tunnel or on board ferries from the port.

Several hundred people also formed a one-mile human chain on the highway.

Truck driver and others block roads to demand the dismantling of the makeshift shelter migrant camp dubbed the Jungle in Calais, France, on Monday.

Local frustrations are surging as President François Hollande’s Socialist government strains to find a lasting solution to the invasion of France.

The protest included a wide array of French men & women from across the political & economic spectrum, including surprise support coming from the Stalinist General Confederation of Labor (CGT), according to the World Socialist Web Site (Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International).

Also present were, of course, French nationalists from heretofore unnamed groups.

The protest was concluded without arrests or violence.

The protest brought together worker’s unions, farmers, nationalists and the CGT on an anti- immigrant basis. Here’s to hoping for further cooperation between these groups in the struggle for a French France, & justice for the workers.





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