Lesvos, Greece: Locals Clash With Aid Workers At 500 Strong Anti-Migrant Protest

Ultra-nationalists reportedly attacked three female students on the island of Lesvos on Monday during a protest rally organized by residents against a migrant & refugee camp on the island.

Local media reported that a group of around 15 people chanting anti-migrant slogans physically assaulted the three women, one of whom is known as a volunteer who works with migrants. Lesvos Mayor Spyros Galinos was also reportedly attacked by ultra-nationalists, who appeared at the rally held by a group calling itself the “Patriotic Movement of Lesvos.”

Galinos was addressing the crowd of  500 protesters when the ultra-nationalists started shouting “throw them in the sea,” in reference to the migrants on the island, before turning their vitriol on the official.

Tension was also high inside the camp, with a group of men lighting fires inside the processing center and in an olive grove just outside the camp in protest at living conditions and delays in processing. (These fires would come to consume over 70% of the camp, forcing an evacuation.)

The events on Lesvos mirror similar violence last week on the island of Chios by ultra-nationalists who gate-crashed a protest rally calling for more action from Athens to manage more than 13,500 refugees and migrants who are stuck on five islands in the eastern Aegean. According to local media, a man claiming to represent the Golden Dawn party on the island hit a journalist and smashed his camera, after verbally abusing another journalist.





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