Bexley, London, United Kingdom: Mass Racial Brawl Leaves 2 Hospitalized, 10 Arrested

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“We have spoken to someone who was there who says that a black gang rushed into the Great Harry pub scarfed up and with knives and bats and attacked a boy, giving him head injuries. Drinkers from the pub then launched a revenge attack and one of the gang (who it looks like was 15 yrs old) got a kicking. Then ensued hours of chaos with running battles and various weapons being used.”

Shocking footage has emerged of up to 100 youths brutally brawling while armed with bats   One seen swinging a weapon at someone on the floor and another fleeing with a stick (pictured)

The fight appeared to be between a group of white boys and another group of mainly black boys, with about 100 people involved total.

Bonnie Lampard, a 23-year-old barmaid, says she saw a large group of white boys: ‘They had balaclavas on and some were wearing scary Halloween masks.’

She says that, moments later, about 50 black teenagers arrived at the park: ‘They had metal bars, knuckledusters and knives.’

Parents were seen on video handing out weapons to their children for use in the fight.

Two people were hospitalized & ten arrested following the chaotic fighting. There is no word yet on the race of those hospitalized or arrested.

Racially based gangs have long existed in the area. The initials of a white gang called Racial Attack or ‘RA’, is splashed on the walls of the rugby club.

T-Block, a black gang from Woolwich, was said to have been involved on Monday. Territories are fiercely guarded by boys seeking ‘respect’ from their peers. The ‘North Heath boys’ are particularly possessive about ‘their’ park and there is speculation that on Monday, a black gang may have strayed into their area.


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