Britain First Founder Spearheads Far-Right Bulgarian Militia

  • Jim Dowson is reportedly working with the Shipka Bulgarian National Front
  • They patrol country’s borders hunting down asylum seekers from Turkey
  • British nationalist Dowson says border must be defended from invaders
  • He describes the patrols as a “fight between good and evil, and a fight for Christ” 


Armed and masked members of the far right Bulgarian group who have been patrolling the border with Turkey 

Jim Dowson, from Airdrie, Scotland, the founder of the Britain First movement, has been filmed working alongside the armed Shipka Bulgarian National Movement.

In one clip he stands alongside masked and heavily armed men, who are looking for illegal migrants on the border.

He also says they have to carry out the patrols because Europe’s borders are not being protected by governments.

Meanwhile in another clip he tells the Bulgarian patrol: ‘Remember the forces of Islam once got as far as Vienna. Now they are as far as John O’Groats in Scotland and more and more are coming in.’

Speaking to the camera, he went on: “We are on the Bulgarian Turkish border on patrol and looking for illegals. The dedication these guys have got is very impressive.

The borders of Europe are being protected more by these men than our governments.

Today, the Knights Templar International brought along vests and ballistics and drones and night vision, stuff that these guys desperately need.

A big thank you to supporters in America and the Philippines and other countries who have contributed to this.

These are men and women, mainly ex-forces, doing it in their own free time, facing all sorts of risks and dangers.

“These are good people and they’re very very deserving of your support.”

The movement has been accused of stalking migrants trying to cross the border from Turkey and enter the country illegally

Britain First was founded by Dowson, a former British National Party member in 2011 but he quit the movement in 2014.

It hit the headlines after invading mosques in Glasgow, Bradford, Luton and London with Bibles offered to Muslim worshipers.

The party, which received 20,000 votes in European elections, wants ‘assisted repatriation’, a halt to further immigration, and the deportation of all asylum seekers. It also wants all foreign criminals to be deported without recourse to the courts.


Soldiers Of Odin Now Active In France

The nationalist street patrol group Soldiers Of Odin has been active in Bordeaux since at least September of this year, carrying out street patrols & participating in uplifting community activities.

Screenshot of a French  S.O.O. patrol video, now removed from YouTube

The group said it had “formed to protect and assist French citizens, participate in civic actions such as shoreline cleanup, blood donation, assistance to the homeless who are forgotten and set aside by the system,” and also “to protect our streets, & conduct regular patrols to fight against the growing insecurity in our country.” About the groups’ name, they said it is in the foundations of Nordic culture and paganism that our Gallic, Celtic and Viking ancestors practiced and respected.”

Soldiers Of Odin now has active chapters in at least the countries of Finland, Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, & France (there are probably some I’m missing) as well as a network of supporters across Europe & North America.



Russian, Greek & Serbian Nationalists Network In Australia

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(Note: opinions on Putin are those of Golden Dawn Australia only, & do not represent those of YesPasaran.)

Golden Dawn Australia had the honour to attend a Russian Community Festival in Sydney, organised by the Australian Russian Representative Council.

The invitation was extended by Mr Simeon Boikov, President of the Russian Cossacks of Australia. This was also an opportunity to meet & exchange thoughts with Mr Sergey Shipilov, the Russian Consular of Sydney.

The Community event was a celebration of Russian culture, and was also attended by Serbian nationalists who hold close relations with the Russians.

Hellenic Nationalists have for centuries maintained close relations with our Orthodox Brothers, and Golden Dawn’s foreign policy and trade platform EXPLICITLY states that strong ties and geo-political alliances are to be forged with Moscow, and not the Zionist Occupational Government of Washington.

This was an important event for Russian & Greek Nationalists in Australia to build strong ties among ourselves, as we stand by the traditionalist order of Orthodox Russia against the Globalist tyranny of the Atlantic powers.

As we find our governments purposely replacing us with the 3rd world, growing Russian power has thus been received warmly by the working class of the West. Examples of this have been seen as Germans chant for Putin to take Berlin, Russian support for populist/nationalist movements in the EU,  and the latest Trump-Putin phenomenon in the US, where the working class clearly doesn’t support Hillary’s plan to start WW3 with Russia.

Putin represents a new hope for Europe, and it is the job of nationalists in the West to discourage Zionist aggression against Moscow, as it benefits only the Neocon establishment against our community interests.

Gorino, Italy: Locals Block Arrival Of Migrant Invaders Into Township

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Protesters raised barricades against the arrival of 20 invaders who were due to be housed in a hostel in Gorino, a small town in central Italy.

The incident took place Monday night. The protesters used wooden pallets and iron bins to create road blocks at three entrances to the town and shouted anti-migrant slogans.

Le barricate di residenti a Gorino (Businesspress)c

“We don’t want them here,” they chanted, according to the local paper La Nuova Ferrara.
Some 200 people took part in the protest, out of a population of around 400-500 people.

One protester we quoted as saying: “Our region is isolated. We have nothing. There was the only place we were developing [the beach], so that the tourists could come to us. And tomorrow we will not have this place, because it is now for migrants!”

The protest was successful in that none of the “migrants” were resettled in the town. They will, however, be resettled somewhere else in Italy.

The regional councilor from the far-right Northern League Party, Alan Fabbi, hailed the protesters as “heroes of the resistance against the tyranny of acceptance.”







Nationalist Protests Sweep Bulgaria: No To Migrants!

In several cities across Bulgaria protests were held against migrants, against the “open door” policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and against the Islamization of Bulgaria.

The protests were organized by the Bulgarian National Resistance & took place in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Yambol.

The protesters urged the government to take urgent measures and to impose effective control of the border, including the construction of a wall along the entire border with Turkey.

The largest protest by far was in the capital city of Sofia, with many hundreds taking part.

One protester in Varna had this to say: “The border areas are a living horror. Where migrants have passed, there are broken homes, farm roads are now like highways for them, & local people are attacked en masse.”

Protesters in Burgas were firmly against the construction of a new refugee center in their city. 

More than 200 people gathered to protest against refugees in Yambol. Protesters carried banners reading: “We do not want migrants” while waving Bulgarian flags and singing patriotic songs. They expressed fears that the city closest to their village Boyanova would have refugee camp built there. Their other main demands were common to protests across the country – no refugees on the territory of Bulgaria, closure of the already constructed refugee centers, & no to granting financial assistance to the migrants.



Margate, United Kingdom: White Lives Matter UK March

About 50 patriots organized by the nationalist groups South East Alliance & East Kent English Patriots held a ‘White Lives Matter’ march in the seaside town of Margate on the afternoon of October 22nd, 2016. The event called attention to the need to fight against mass immigration & Islamization, and the need to stand up for the rights of the White British people.

The march and a man brandishing a white lives matter flag

Antifa were on hand with the usual assortment of communists & non-whites to give a counter protest that appeared to be about half the size of the nationalist gathering.

White Lives Matter Protest

There were no incidents of violence, but two men (presumably antifa) were taken into custody.

Police confirmed a 43-year-old Margate man was arrested in connection with a public order offence.

Officers also cuffed a 31-year-old Kent man of no fixed address on suspicion of obstructing a highway.

It was the first event organised under the banner of ‘White Lives Matter’ in the UK.

The Eden Project: An All-White Enclave In The Ruins Of The Rainbow Nation

  • White pioneers who highlight a ‘growing hatred’ against White people in South Africa seek to form Whites-only town 
  • Dubbed ‘The Eden Project’, it is planned for a remote 5,700 acre site in the Eastern Cape
  • 167 families have already bought plots of land where up to 30,000 people could live
  • Unapologetic leader says return to segregated living ‘is the only way to preserve Afrikaner culture’
  • One prospective resident said: ‘Apartheid didn’t end, just reversed what we had before’
  • Enclave plans two schools, administration block, rugby pitch and a hospital
  • Project highlights the deep anti-white animus in South Africa more than two decades after end of apartheid

A sprawling ‘whites-only’ settlement dubbed ‘Project Eden’ is being set up on the edge of the South African desert by pioneers who are victims of anti-white discrimination & violence.

The community will house up to 30,000 residents and is modeled on the ‘Orania’ enclave where Afrikaners live apart from black people and even have their own currency.

Jacqui Gradwell, leader of the new area under construction cites ‘the murder of 88,000 Whites’ since the first free vote of 1994 as evidence of ‘a genocide against our people’.

A return to the old way – when whites and non-white South Africans lived apart – ‘is the only way to preserve Afrikaner culture’, he insists.

A sprawling 'whites-only' settlement dubbed 'Project Eden' is being set up in the South African desert by 'pioneers' who claim they are the victims of 'apartheid in reverse'. Pictured: The six children and 13 children of Joey Groenewald , who hope to live at Die Eden ProjekPictured: The six children and 13 children of Joey Groenewald , who hope to live at The Eden Project.

To date 167 families have already bought 'havens' in the deliberately remote 5,700 acre site on the edge of the unforgiving Karoo desert. Pictured: Purchased plots have yet to be built onPictured: Purchased plots that have yet to be built on.

More than 20 years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, Gradwell claims that qualification to be part of Die Eden Projek ¿ the Eden Project in Afrikaans ¿ is based on race. Pictured: Plots of land to be developedPictured: Plots of land to be developed.

Gradwell claims that qualification to be part of Die Eden Projek – the Eden Project in Afrikaans – is based on race.

‘They must be White because all the murders and all the violence in this country is perpetrated by black people,’ the 55-year-old farmer says firmly without apology.

‘They must also be Christians and we intend to stick to that principle, we want to bring safety back to our own people.’

The married father-of-six, whose beard is styled on those worn by his early settler ancestors, receives multiple calls every day from White pioneers seeking refuge from South Africa’s political volatility, endemic corruption and high rates of violent crime.

He is convinced that the current level of violence will soon bring the ‘Rainbow Nation’ to the brink of civil war.

Joey Groenewald, grandmother-of-13, will visit Eden for the first time this week and will be the first of what she hopes will be many family members to set up home among 'people who share our culture and beliefs'. Pictured: With her fiancé, Eberhard OelmannPictured: With her fiancé Eberhard Oelmann, Joey Groenewald, a grandmother-of-13, will visit Eden for the first time this week and will be the first of what she hopes will be many family members to set up home among ‘people who share our culture and beliefs’.

Those unhappy about the creation of the new settlement cannot block the sale of the land, but the authorities have said they will ensure that the usual strict requirements will be met. Pictured: The area awaiting developmentPictured: An undeveloped area near a lake.

Some prospective residents said they wanted to live in a Whites-only community because they were victims of violence. 

Barry Kieser, 56, has been robbed at gunpoint 12 times in the last two years in what he believes is a ‘rising tide of hatred against Whites’ in South Africa.

Fearful for his safety, he is now planning a move to the new community.

‘Leaving our homes to be with our own people is the only way we can survive the growing tide of hatred against us.’

Many prospective Eden pioneers closely monitor the deliberate targeting of the White population, via social media under a #StopWhiteGenocideInSA hashtag.

Alleged violent crime against white South Africans is reported  on social media sites under the hashtag #StopWhiteGenocideInSA and is also used to promote the new whites-only project

Paul Jay is likely to be one of the few at Eden who voted to end apartheid in an epoch-making referendum in 1992. Criticising President Zuma, he said the breakdown in public services had led to a 'descent into complete lawlessness that now seems unavoidable'
Pictured: Former liberal Paul Jay, who voted to end apartheid, has come to realize the error of his ways & now is making plans to relocate his family to The Eden Project.

The purchase of the £400,000 site is being met by the purchase of shares by interested pioneers in a registered non-profit company. Those who move to Eden will have to construct their own homes, without relying on ‘black labour’.

The project will not be the first Whites-only community in South Africa – the town of Orania, which was set up after the end of apartheid, has its own currency, flag and a population of 1100.

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