National Action: September Report, 2016

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This has been yet again another successful and eventful month with persistent activity in all regions who are now submitting extensive reports. News articles about stickers and posters are now so common that we are going to have to stop listing all of them, we are doing much more interesting activities. Despite claims from leftists and the media to the contrary, local outreach has become a staple activity for the monthly socials. We have received news today that Scotland’s community safety minister Annabelle Ewing has pledged to ‘stamp out’ ‘soup kitchens of hate’, branding it a ‘hate crime’ to help white people. Such empty rhetoric, virtue signalling, and unbridled display of evil is below contempt – should they attempt to stop these activities it will only end badly for them.

We can promise even better in the month of October so if there was any time to become involved in our group it is now, seriously it has to be now, we are getting bigger and stronger, and we need people, especially those with skills who can help youth who are passionate about helping their people – go to the contact page after reading this Report. We have started a new YouTube channel National Action Flaktivism to host footage from the more regular activities that come in, but doesn’t meet the organisation’s cinematic standard that are found on the main channel.




Members of London NA started off the month hooking up with other activists for the high risk stunt – those who directly participated were ‘arrestables’. If you missed the write up you can find it here. Aside from the Beret incident the action itself was subjected to a total media blackout. No worry, we are in the papers every month we can afford for things to not always go our way. It was also a victory for the activist who was arrested on the day who effectively ‘got off’ with a fine (had he been a Bolshevik he would never have been prosecuted at all, but nationalists must count their blessings).

We caught up with the man responsible for stealing Eddie Izzard’s beret and gave him an interview.

How did it feel to steal the stupid French hat?

Glory. Like German in 1940 doing French Campany

Why did you go to the event?

Some person invite me, I has have day off in work so why not. I’m happy to support all actions which I think are ok with my ideology and point of views. One of that point is hate to EU, organisation that stole intependants of our countries just for money… Destroy our economy and national pride. I support Brexit because coz its against EU. That’s all.

Did you plan on stealing the beret?

Tbh, no… I knew that Eddie will be there and I wanted to do something to him. No plan… instynkt

Did you know who Eddie Izzard was?

Hmm yes and no… I knew he is some tranny not funny comedian promoted by modern media etc… but after exit from arrest I checked in home how popular he is. He played in few hollywood movie like Oceans Eleven or doing some dubbing for Disney movies… so sick our kids need to listening to that ugly voice.

What is it about Eddie Izzard that so enraged you?

Can’t explain. His behaviours is of rat…. You hate rats but you don’t know why 😉

How did you get to him?

First by train and after by walk… long walk…

What was the look on his face?

Hmm, he/she(it?) was so confident, you know, loads of EU supporters around him… Probably he think he’s immortal. I put a stop to that.

Did he say anything?

Not to me personally, it was all so fast for him, he just started screaming “give it back!”

Did the tranny attack you?

What mean attack? Attack of trany can be very personal and traumatic… But I think he jump on my back but I put him on floor. Him or someone I am not sure, I hope not him.

What happened after you ran off with the hat?

Police tackles me on ground… I tried to escape but was no chance so I shout to one of our guys who was near me “don’t looook, ruuun!” I try to pound some old bills… with good results 😉 after they use handcuffs and move me on side at some small street where I wait for jail car.

What happened in the Police station?

Ohhhh there was loads of fun… After normal acts like drugs test, taking details and fingerprints they put my in cell… but said to all niggers officers I’m racist :3 so… one of that unterhuman was guard in arrest so I say “Hi, nigga!” :3 I think he wasn’t happy coz they didn’t give my any coffee, or tea… no lunch… no dinner… no nothing. Well -_-

I was in arrest 13h. Good quality of paint on wall, and nice skill of brickworks inside… I like it! High five for constructors.

Why were you charged so quickly?

They have statement of that freak, plus 11 statements from journalist and massive numbers of photos in HD and around 80 minutes of video records of that few seconds of action. They visited my home and talking with housemates about me (confirming my address was only way to release my from arrest, so I did it).

What were your thoughts when you were in your cell?

Tbh I have thoughts about two things… one was “fuck again here!” I don’t know how many times I been arrested here and in Poland. Second was about some nice girl which I promised in morning that I don’t do nothing which can put me in arrest…

What happened in court?

Nothing special… I expected something bigger. Was been there with few friends, we met few journalists outside court. Trial was so fast. My solicitor was black female 🙂 but yeah they gave me £300 fine which kind man paid.

Do you have any final words?

Freedom for Mother Europe! Sieg Hail and fuck antifa :3

Thanks man take care 🙂 (Almost immediately after giving this interview police entered his home and he was arrested in connection with the Dover protest earlier in the year even though he is innocent and dindu nuffin. Godspeed brave son of Poland).

The middle of the month saw a social held in East London, where the White British population in some areas is as low as 17%.

To cap off another busy month an MMA training session was held in the park, giving our lads the chance to enjoy the last of the summer while putting themselves to the test. Since we began running them these training sessions have been extremely popular, and have become the go-to format for London socials.

South West

The past month has seen record activity in the South West. We started the month by sending a contingent to help support London’s counter-action to the Remainiac march through the capital. We also organised the first Daily Stormer Book Club in South Wales, which consisted of a social and martial arts training. On the same weekend, we were the primary movers in starting the Southampton Daily Stormer Book Club.

Cardiff also saw the first of our drive to provide help and support to White homeless in the region. Starting in late afternoon, we patrolled the city centre for a number of hours where we distributed food to those most in need; we also distributed leaflets with information on how to seek emergency shelter, where to find soup kitchens and how to sign on for government support. Perhaps the most important part of the activity was speaking to people who normally get ignored and forgotten about by our supposedly ‘tolerant’ and ‘compassionate’ society. This is will be an ongoing campaign in the region, which will be intensifying as the winter beings to set in and the aid we provide becomes crucial.

There has also been renewed stickering activity in several towns including by new activists in Portsmouth. Swansea has seen another throw up at the legal wall; activists also infiltrated a recent pro-refugee demonstration in the city; once again showing that we walk among you.

To finish off the month, we carried out our first experiment in postering, which went successfully and will be rolled-out across the entire region soon.

Last months activity in Swindon has resulted in the local paper giving us a full review of our ‘secret meeting’ that we published on social media like, two months ago. The media is totally obsessed with us.

For the first time we had decent sized meet-up in the East Midlands where activists visited the University of Leicester.

There was a considerable response to this on twitter and it led to an amusing article in which National Action founder Alex Davies was interviewed.

Alex Davies, one of the few public faces of the mainly secret far right group spoke to TUP. When quizzed about the Hitler sticker he originally denied the claims saying the National Action logo was not on the sticker.

However when told about the other stickers with the logo on and quizzed again about the Hitler sticker Mr Davies said: ‘Oh well, it probably was,’ and laughed.

He added: ‘We’ve had a presence around campuses for around two or three years since we were founded, and one of the key things about National Action is that we’re about taking back our institutions from the left, and spreading our ideas around campus is a big part of that.

‘I imagine the National Action Midlands group was trying to show that there are national socialists on campus and that there are plenty of young people in our ranks.’

When asked about if National Action were a violent group like Adolf Hitler, he said: ‘I don’t think Adolf Hitler was a violent man, I think he was a very peaceful man and he did nothing wrong.’

National Action are a community of young nationalists in the UK who claim to be ‘united in a mission to save our race and generation’ and a number of the group’s posters have been found on university campuses across the nation.

When asked if the group is an anti-Semitic group Mr Davies said: ‘Counter-Semitic I suppose you would say.’

TUP also asked the former Warwick University student if the stickers were an attempt at recruiting, to which he replied: ‘Yeah, definitely.’

He added: ‘We’re growing, more people are coming to us and as more immigrants come into the country and the critical situation worsens more young people are going to come to us and that there will be more stickers coming to Leicester soon.’

In a post on Facebook Leicester students’ union president, Rachel Holland, said: ‘I am in shock. These images showed up on Twitter, posted by National Action, an anti-Semitic fascist hate group who are targeting Universities and Unions across the country.’

She added: ‘When we think of fascism, we think of the EDL and the BNP; but National Action are a new, youth-led group who describe themselves as ‘more radical’ than the BNP, want to reintroduce Section 28, and describe those in interracial relationships as “pathetic internet nerds who can’t get laid and STD-infested sluts”.’


On Saturday 3rd September, the Scottish contingent of National Action held a social in the Northern city of Aberdeen. The guys had travelled from all over the country to attend, and was yet another fine example of their commitment and of our reach in the country. We enjoyed a pint together before meeting a new recruit in the city centre, who was keen to stay with us and attend our activities for the day. Following some photo’s at famous Aberdeen sights such as the William Wallace monument, and Marischal College (Hitler’s favourite UK building), we then enjoyed a hearty meal together. The camaraderie was in full swing, and so we decided to share the love by giving out food and water to the local homeless population before making our way down to the beach. It was here at the beach that we were able to put a communist USSR flag we ‘found’ to good use and burned the fucker to kingdom come. The perfect end to a perfect day ❤


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5W – We Feed Who We Want

Men in their 30’s who are still inexplicably writing freelance articles for Vice Magazine launched an entirely unprovoked attack on NA in this article.

There is really no legitimate criticism in this entire piece, it is pure butthurt running on hypocrisy. The article selectively quotes last month’s release, intentionally ignoring our arguments, to accuse ‘us’ of misrepresenting the homeless issue. At no point is there any mention of the widely known phenomenon of immigrant gangs systematically pushing White Britons out from Big Issue pitches, and that it is such rackets which constitute the numbers of so-called ‘ethnic homeless’. Again it really begs the question why we would think this was a good idea in the first place to engage in these activities. This is especially given the fact that the article (to it’s credit?) contradicts itself by providing both historic and contemporaneous examples of extensive and impressive aid programs carried out by fascist parties.

The effect of such articles denouncing ‘White Rescue’ must be enormously redpilling, for instance the vice article refers to the holocaust as “the worst genocide in all history” – even if you believe in the fake holocaust lie this is totally untrue, most people know about the Holodomor, Red Terror, and the great leap forward that happened in the same century with a better high score, and there have been more significant mass exterminations in history. Articles featuring in the sidebar such as “Women Tell Us Why They Cheated” “We Went to a 10-Day Sex Party in Berlin” “’Queer: A Graphic History’ Could Totally Change the Way You Think About Sex and Gender” also make a nice juxtaposition.

The explicit premise of the article is that we were operating with an ‘ulterior motive’. At no point is this motive actually articulated. We are not a political party that can benefit from crass ‘baby kissing’ public relations stunts – in fact National Action so far beyond the pale that it is not going to impress anyone who doesn’t already share our ideological worldview.

The final point in the final paragraph is a contradiction of the point it responded to, not an argument.

National Action anticipated that their action might be controversial. They write, “It is highly likely we will be attacked for this over the coming month – the media will twist our messages to present us as ideological opportunists and call our kindness hatred.” Mate, these journalists are so unfair. It’s almost as if charitable actions for the homeless are somehow less kind if they’re done with the massive ulterior motive of spreading race hate.

This ‘spreading of hate’ was amply provided by writing articles like this, and a repost by the new Scottish tabloid ‘The National’. This article mistitled with ‘soup kitchen of hate’ dutifully listed off other NA stunts

The National Action, which are mostly middle-class students, came to prominence after the referendum when stickers claiming areas of Glasgow were “white zones” started appearing in the city. They are seemingly small in number, but have joined with the SDL on protests.

When Donald Trump was opening his golf course in Turnberry in June, the UWS campus in Paisley was plastered with ‘White Power – Trump’ stickers.

A few days later every major newspaper in the country carried the story, some such as the Daily Record had it featured as front page news. By this point ‘Chinese whispers’ were already in effect, all semblance of proportion or propriety were lost. It was pure beautiful tabloid filth that abandoned all arguments in the original vice article to roll around in NA controversy with morbid excitement; Buchenwald incident, Mengele stickers, Hate Camps, and reposting dozens of photos from the site. Everywhere asspained journos were infuriated by our wholesome and kind acts – the titles they invented are truly impressive feats of spin.

The Daily Mail carried the headline Neo-Nazi gang who use the slogan ‘Hitler was right’ set up a ‘whites only’ food bank on streets of Glasgow.

The Sun wrote ‘WHITES HELPING WHITES’ Sick neo-Nazi thugs set up ‘whites only’ food bank in Scotland and boast ‘Hitler was right’

The Evening times; Neo-Nazi gang organise white only foodbank for ‘soup kitchens of hate’ in Glasgow streets

Russia Today Neo-Nazis run ‘whites only’ food bank for Glasgow homeless

The Daily Record Stunt by vile Nazi ‘foodbank’ shows the dark underbelly that exists in Scotland

The Scotsman Nazi group set up homeless food bank in Glasgow

Glasgow Live Sinister neo-Nazi gang set up ‘whites only’ food bank in Glasgow

Scotland Star Neo-Nazi Hitler sympathisers set up ‘whites only’ food bank on Glasgow streets

World Jewish CongressHitler supporters in UK hand out food to ‘white-only’ homeless people

There are so many strained anecdotes in these articles that selective quotations would not do them justice, just skim them if you haven’t already. Even this retarded leftoid called them out on their bullshit.

My personal favourite was how ‘National Action members’ wear ‘sinister black t-shirts’ – NA is so hateful even our apparel hates. Oh and naturally we are rebuffed with statements that our brand of politics has ‘no place in Scotland’, when it is common knowledge that most Scottish people are probably more racist than National Action. None of these newspapers by the way were even aware of national efforts, purely the one event in Glasgow. It is so perfect it is almost as if it was planned, but we don’t tell journalists what to write, if they are going to promote our activities that is entirely up to them. Perhaps attacking British youth for delivering aid out of their own pockets isn’t the best line of attack, especially when they can point to profiteering corrupt private food banks companies funded on the back of the taxpayer – typical of the left to cover up for them. The comments sections of these articles have turned into complete warzones, there are literally thousands of normies defending us, calling out the double standard – they are so used to the ‘neo-nazi’ label it means nothing to them.

Muslims and Jews are religiously prescribed to give to ‘charity’ though only ever to their own people, here are just a few examples – etc. All this while the white lemmings are digging into their pockets to fill the endless void of Africa. Oh but god forbid whites try to privately organise to ‘help their own’, then they will be expected to be crudely branded as ‘Neo-Nazis’ even though the NOP are more accurately described a fascists. The NOP should sue for libel.

The reaction has been great – even the communists are now threatening to do their own outreach in response, that as we have forced them to do this is simply a result for us. The effort as a whole redpilled possibly hundreds of thousands of people who are disgusted by the anti-white cucks in the media who would literally allow a homeless man to starve to death rather than let him be helped by an ‘evil nazi’.

We asked the Nordic Resistance Movement about their Successful Outreach Program

This month a blogger (who previously wrote that our ‘Miss Hitler’ would have gone to a camp for having brown hair – so bear in mind this is what we are dealing with) wrote this of our campaign;

It’s not like National Action and their associated white power tossers will be doing it every day or every week because that takes commitment and dedication, something, National Action lack. What the photo shows is merely a photo shoot of National Action being “charitable” at the expense of the homeless…what National Action did was irresponsible, appalling and dehumanising homeless people as a pawn in their twisted propaganda machine

Vastarintaliike is the Finnish arm of the National Socialist ‘Nordic Resistance Movement’. Last winter they began to launch their own homeless outreach efforts – it is one of a large number of services they provide under the name ‘Finnish Aid’. A member of the of the organisation provides insight into the program and how it has expanded.

Our outreach organisation known as ‘Finnish Aid’ originally began just as street patrols; immigrant gangs were beating up Finnish youth on the streets for their so-called ‘knockout game’. We had a positive response to this kind of community based activism and began expanding to food and material donation to animal shelters and providing medical advice to people. We also began to do cleaning of public spaces which should actually be the government’s job. This included cleaning the statue of Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim who is a Finnish hero. The reds usually despise him, go to his statues and paint them with red paint. Cleaning the statue brought us a lot of good feedback.

Now the biggest and the most active current way of helping our people is donating clothes, mainly to poor Finnish families. This was started because we saw how our government and the Red Cross eagerly support refugees but let our people down. The first donations were a huge success, and to be honest it went a little bit too well because we were overwhelmed both by people who needed help and from those who wanted to donate. We quickly ran out of space to store the clothing and had to put donations on hold, however we are now running as normal and making constant progress.

We also organise food donations. At first we held food collections in front of supermarkets; handing leaflets to people going in explaining what it is we needed and ‘who’ it would be going to, and collecting from them on the way out. This has been very successful and our volunteers find these kinds of activities enjoyabl. All food either goes to our food banks or to organisations that we think are doing a good job.

Response to the Finnish Aid has been great, you can read about Finnish Aid activities from its Facebook page “Suomalaisapu” which has 1000 likes! If I have a message to you on this is that outreach always opens up new opportunities and new kinds of activity. Nationalists go where they are needed, it may not always seem like much at the time but it is essential to the bigger plan.

Mass Arrests following Dover

Is freedom of speech dead? A bail sheet from Dover with harsh conditions – no basis for the investigation is stated other than the individual attending ‘a Right wing protest’

We have received reports that in the past week 64 persons have been arrested for attending the demonstration in Dover back in February which by August had already accumulated 70 arrests (26 of whom are in prison either convicted or awaiting trial). National Action were originally prohibited from attending Dover, as such we only know a handful of attendees and are unable to give an estimate of what the proportions are for each side. The majority of the convictions however have fallen on the right wing, and the judgements have been highly questionable. For example the controversial decision to impose the maximum thirty month sentence on Diddyman, based leader of the North West Infidels. If anyone has information on where he is currently residing please get in contact.

Total police incompetence in identifying leftists may simply down to the better opsec of anarchist groups, they have certainly not gone ‘easy’ on leftoids that they ‘have’ caught. A recent article in the Liverpool Echo recently made an appeal on behalf of Merseyside Police to identify dozens of rioters from St. George’s hall (picked from 6000 hours of footage) and all of them are communists, many we know very well.

The much advertised Dover demonstration however was the most significant clash between Nationalists and Communists in decades, and it resulted in a stunning victory where the Marxist scum were completely driven from the town. It is therefore interesting to see that the state are seeking to make a big example out of ‘Dover’.

From an academic point of view this is truly fascinating. Mass arrests are not unknown – it is usual in Eastern Europe to see 300 arrested in a day, but they are dealt with quickly and punitively. The things that people are being currently imprisoned for are standard for demonstrations of the past decades, things such as breaking police lines – one only has to read earlier reports of the demonstrations in Rotherham where the English Defence League overpowered the police to see that this is very unusual. Never in the history of British policing has there been such a concerted effort to hunt down so many participants of a demonstration, extending to those we feel certain were guilty of no crime whatsoever.

There are currently 130+ people locked within the judicial system in practical perpetuity – meaning thousands of officers, investigators, solicitors, judges – armies of generously salaried public servants have been contracted to work months and by the end, years. The total cost of this political policing is staggering. How effective this is – who knows? Holding people on bail for months is a favoured tactic of the authorities when dealing with small groups like our own – usually half a dozen at a time, they never charge, but it means 6 months or so when those men and women will not dare to speak their voices in public because they know if it happens again they will be spending the rest of their bail in the nick.

Clearly Dover has caused a massive upset to those with wealth and power, but there is a very large question mark to put over ‘why’ they are choosing to deal with it in this way.

The Challenges we Face Taking on the Universities

A recent blog post has made a series of arguments that present the challenges National Action will face in trying to establish a presence on University Campuses. we do not normally provide a platform to commentators or directly respond to them, however this is a good opportunity to once again clarify our higher education strategy. This was actually part of a recent discussion on The Daily Traditionalist, and so it would be good to further elaborate on this topic.

The article begins by discussing this genuinely fascinating web-seminar

Almost deserving of a response itself, it extensively discusses National Action and begins with two of our videos (these autoplayed on the private hangout, but you will recognise them by name). The theme of the seminar is the mainstreaming of far right resistance and commonalities between right wing groups. The blogger reflects:

National Action are a danger, but they’re also more than a little ludicrous as well, especially to anyone who’s watched The Blues Brothers. Watching their Nazi antics brought to mind the scene in that movie, where the two heroes come upon a rally by the National American White People’s Party. Amid boos and insults, the leader of this bunch of Nazis spouts the same nonsense about the Jews using the Blacks to destroy the White race, before then leading his stormtroopers to make a pledge of allegiance to Hitler. Jake and Ellwood then do what most people would want to do, and drive straight through the whole rabble, sending the Nazis running in all directions. Dr Feldman mentioned in his talk that National Action were trying to target university students for recruitment. This is disturbing, but I think they’re going to have a very hard job.

I raised this article because this is the most common criticism that we get from others on the ‘right’, that our image and style is too alienating to the population as a whole, the so called ‘Hollywood Nazis’ canard. It expresses a very short sighted understanding of what we do and I would warn the author against presuming to know the best manner in which we should organise. This failure to understand is carried through in the rest of the post.

With Leftists there is a general arrogance about to amount of popular support they themselves actually have and how stable their grip on certain institutions are. We have previously discussed campuses who have fled from the NUS, the sharp divisions that have formed within the NUS, and even an incident this year in which one Student Union scrapped it’s entire no-platform policy due to an arrogant push to suppress free speech – not too unlike the situation in the Labour Party which has self-pogromed. 2016 has been a year in which insurrection powered by demagoguery and hostile takeover has been highly prevalent and successful at overturning decades of ‘established ethos’

What is avoided is the key dynamic at play here. There is an enormous resentment towards academic Marxism aka the ‘SJW’ problem which has become too invasive and militant for the comfort of most students. At a time where Social Justice is facing an uprising on campuses in the United States from young people emboldened by the rise of the Donald Trump and Alt-Right, there is not a visible equivalent in the UK. In Britain the sole opposition is National Action, there isn’t even a close second.

Conservatism in Britain is dead, I remember vaguely from my own experiences in University the four eyed chinless cuckold who was the head of the Conservative Society on campus, let’s call him ‘pip-pip’. He was known as the ‘punching bag’ because the people he called his ‘colleagues of the left’, the people who he would never dare raise his voice to, would never miss an opportunity to publicly chastise and humiliate him. One anecdote; pip-pip is trying to hold a petition to have St. Georges day recognised as a national holiday – a group of university ‘colleagues’ run up to the stall manned by only pip-pip and a fat kid with a Margaret Thatcher t-shirt. It kicked off big time with a barrage of shouting, pip-pip nervously tried to explain that he was only doing this to ‘reclaim the English flag from the fascists’, this was his only argument, after five minutes he was wreaked. I later asked the Labour leader why he had been so cruel to him – he looked at me with steely uncompassionate eyes, smiled, and said nothing. Conservatives by the way had the largest society at the Uni but it was plastered exclusively with six foot Socialist Workers Party posters – one time I saw pip-pip trying to put up a small poster, a student seeing this ran up to him, kicked his bucket of paste and got right in his face telling him to ‘fuck off’. I found these highly amusing but could not help but see Kipling’s words in my mind “Ere the Saxon began to hate”.

It did not take me very long to realise that 1) We are facing a viscous uncompromising enemy who can never be, and should never be reasoned with 2) Conservatives are defenders of, and leaders to nobody. They are low energy beta-cucks who would sell every drop of our nation’s blood if they thought it would gain them ‘respectability’ from their enemies – they are not on our side and should be despised. I am probably not the only person who has made this observation.

Not understanding the situation, the article also presents these structural arguments:

National Action are also going to have problems, because universities, like every other commercial or public institution in Britain, is bound by laws to respect diversity and protect people from prejudice and discrimination… I don’t think the NUS is nearly a strong as it was, but when I was at college the National Union of Students had a policy of offering a ‘No’ platform to racists and Fascists.

there are also a number of groups and societies on campus devoted to supporting and protecting minorities and disadvantaged groups… These are naturally going to oppose any attempt by the Far Right to make inroads into the university

As previously explained, the hostile attitude on campuses mean that only an organisation such as National Action is capable of providing any opposition. All that is important is that this opposition exist and people understand the nature of what opposition means.

It is not important that we gain any actual presence in campuses and student unions, which I do not see happening any time soon. The value for us is in the thousands of meat sacks in the universities, allegedly the best and brightest of British youth, and that we should beknown to these people as their sole champions – the opposite of what currently exists. In this regard I would say we have been reasonably successful, and certainly far more successful than any past efforts.

However to clarify an important point -Universities as institutions have no purpose to us, the only way to save them is to raise them to the ground.

The conclusion is not relevant to the line of reasoning, but there is an interesting response we can offer.

Universities, as places of education, are going to contain people, who have real knowledge of the nature of Fascism. University libraries are also going to have texts by historians and other scholars which refute their claims. All someone has to do to find out for him- or herself what the Nazis were really like, rather than what groups like National Action want to present them as, is simply go to the uni library, and look on the shelves or through the on-line catalogue for books which refute them, point by point, and footnote by footnote.

Our people are subjected to propaganda from a very early age – for many who actually study the far right in University from primary sources it will the first time in their lives they have been exposed to an alternative point of view, and it is also a time when they start to think for themselves. My experience of academics does not confirm this view, as they are tied to a standard of neutrality, argument, and presentation of facts by evidence, they by and large have a much more nuanced view on the subject compared to the rest of the population. It is well known that historians are hated by Marxists for not printing their lies.

To address the main point though, Fascism like every ideology and religion can communicate ideas on an emotional and visual level – and that is the most of what a majority of people can understand. If the greatest weapon against fascism is an intellectual argument, then they have already lost.

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