March On Berwick: National Action, North East Infidels, & the Scottish Defence League

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This was a long day coming – after our first public demonstration, the White Man March in Newcastle was accused of being a disorderly mob. Since then we have been training to march as a block in parade, but for over a year we have been frustrated by the authorities and politicians who at every turn have made all effort to not simply prevent us from exercising our legal right, but to stamp us out for good. They have failed.

Members of National Action have always had an inherent distaste for ‘static demos’ which are short, unsafe, overpoliced, and allow the leftist counter protest to dominate the entire town for the day while demonstrators that went to all the trouble are caged and sent packing after as little as 15 minutes. Marches are different – it is hard to get them approved, or not have the authorities cancel at the last minute, but they are essentially a parade. When the SDL invited us to their joint march with the North East Infidels we jumped at the chance – it was in Berwick, a strategic town on the Scottish/English border. For us this transpired as among the most successful events of the year – the images speak for themselves.

Action Report – Berwick 01/10/2016

13:00 We entered Berwick and drove through the town centre. The traffic was slow and crawling. We speculated and joked about what the cause may be: Violent clashes? Mass arrests? Bomb squads?


It was Unite Against Fascism, a small (30-40) disorderly mob of relics from a by-gone era. A mob of almost indescribable insanity and depravity, alleged trade unionists and socialists, Trotskyite schoolteachers, paraplegic spakkers, and retirement home day trippers.

One of our green recruits was absolutely stunned at what he saw, his head continually turning to be sure his eyes could comprehend what he saw; “If that is what represents the System’s values it speaks volumes. That is fucking embarrassing.”

We all laughed as we drove past.

We spotted quite a large contingent of NA, thirty or so, stood outside a local pub getting ready to march. Represented were supporters from Scotland, Yorkshire, the Midlands, and the North West. With them were the fellow marchers from the SDL, NEI, NWI and other affiliated groups, however there was an unavoidably noticeable difference between the imagery and energy emanating from the National Action block. This sentiment was reflected by the Systems mercenary ‘Law’ enforces, the Anti-Whites and the other anti-immigration groups.

As we waited for the hour to strike it was pleasant to note almost every driver beeped their horns and gave thumbs up as we congregated. (We often find the greatest support in real communities, close knit towns away from the decadent cities, though most of our activist come from the cities.)

14:00 The demonstration was very punctual, on the hour the go ahead was given all 30 of our lads to mask up and fall into formation and lined orderly 3 wide and 10 long. The flag bearers stood either side whilst those of a higher fighting ability stood dead centre watching the men on their wings.

Our chants were loud and thunderous stating our eternal claim to our soil: “Britain is ours! – The rest must go!” Passers-by looked approvingly, we gathered a following. The system stooges tried to shout in protestation, but they were drowned out by the applause of the people.


How many truly understood, how many simply feared, I don’t know, but we were achieving a continual generation of energy and commendation for our stance by the White working class. It is those who hold the Nation up in defiance of the visceral hated and attacks upon them by the Pig System who mark themselves as rightful leaders.

As we approached the centre of the town where the alleged counter demonstration was propped up. we could hear the mewlings of “Nazi scum off our streets”, our united bellows of “NATIONAL – ACTION” threw the subhumans into stunned silence. We are an undertaking of rebirth of the National (Racial) soul of our people, a National resurgence of the noble and honourable tradition of our European bloodlines – what do they know of real belief? – those who squeak with estrogen. They were completely awed by our column of black, we looked the business and they knew it – on this day trash were humbled.

The earlier description of the mob did no justice to the specticle of the mob which was still utterly oppressive to the senses. The conglomerate of sub-humans Communist T-shirt wearing OAPs, numales with their wives sons and race-less anomalies holding placards of typical “Love not hate” “Stand up to Racism”, one simply said “Boo Hiss”; I think this perfectly sums up the logic contained within the spiteful mind of the genocidal anti-whites. There were certainly a few antifa lurking in the background with shanks on their mind – but there was no way they were going to try their luck. The presence of NA had decidedly tipped the scales in favour of the nationalists, and we could have easily killed every single one of them just by ourselves.

14:30 We continued on to the location where we were to speak along with other representatives of their organizations.

Whilst waiting I noticed a small group of UAF slags. They took special interest in me, they were pointing, nodding their heads, and getting out their phones to google me. Even with in disguise I am a stunner and also among the recognisable as an infamous members of the group. Confirming this they started snarling at me like bitches in heat, so I obliged them by lowering my mask and blowing them a kiss. This display of patriarchal aryan supremacy sent the thots into a fit of rage and they had to be restrained by police. Cognitive dissonance amongst ‘females’ of the alleged opposition is to be expected when they encounter an alpha, after being made to feel strong and in control by the effeminate beta-cucks of the ‘left wing’.

Great nationalist speeches were held where representatives of all groups condemned the politicians. It was my turn to speak, I got up and delivered a demand for National Action and adherence to duty to any and all who could hear us, finishing with the eternal and indisputable truth that “BRITAIN IS OURS” and the whole crowd yelling back “THE REST MUST GO!”

Upon the conclusion of the speech the System Pigs began to disperse all the demonstrators except National Action. We are all too familiar with the police surrounding us. We are familiar with their unjust exploits and attacks upon the sons and daughters of Albion. Expecting a mass arrest or some other form of punishment.

However our development and professionalism and uncompromising defence of our self-earned liberties seems to have an effect beyond ourselves. One member was searched on the accusation by an alleged phone call from a leftist claiming he had a bladed article in his right pocket. The legalities of this were noted and nothing was found.

The mercenaries complimented our aesthetic and competency and thanked us. Stating “We look the business” the police seemed to be in a rush to move us on so that they could watch Rotherham vs Newcastle football match, and expected we would share the same sentiment. One of our lads retorted “I am more concerned about the children of Rotherham, than the score of their football team.” Another officer exclaimed, “They have had a bad manager this season, everyone suffers from bad management, beyond football.”

On the way back to the original rendezvous we took the opportunity to engage in sincere talks with members of the public.

The hateful anti-whites know yesterday was a clear and successful outreach that they utterly failed to counter in physical presence of in the mentality of the public. They attempt to weave a narrative, which when inspected by circumstance and facts, falls apart.

Hail Victory!


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