Drive By Fury: Migrant Reception Centre Sprayed With Bullets In Saint-Brévin, France

A police investigation has been launched after the façade of a future migrant reception centre was found riddled with bullet holes on Wednesday morning.Local authorities believe that the incident, which is thought to have taken place around 8.30pm on Tuesday night, is a violent act of protest against the impending arrival of 70 Calais ‘Jungle’ camp migrants in Saint-Brévin, a coastal town near Nantes, in western France.

According to French newspaper Ouest France, the shots fired at the reception centre damaged the bay windows of two separate buildings belonging to the CCAS, a public sector company and a branch of the French energy giant EDF-GRDF, whose former holiday centre is being turned into a temporary shelter for Calais’s invader population. As the buildings were unoccupied at the time, there were no injuries.

Thursday morning, the French housing minister told radio station Europe 1 that the country’s “humanists and progressives” had to start openly condemning anti-immigrant attacks, which have spread like wildfire across France ever since the Calais ‘Jungle’ relocation plan was announced last month.

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