Ian Stuart Memorial Concert Held In Haddenham, United Kingdom

A poster was made to alert people to the event which was held on the rural village farm 

On the weekend of September 23rd to 24th, the 23rd Annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial concert was held in a rented out farmer’s field in the village of Haddenham, United Kingdom.

The thugs attended the event in a farm Almost 400 far-right supporters descended on the event

The two day event was organized by Blood & Honour, an international music focused skinhead organization. With about 400 attendees coming from all across Europe & at least 10 bands playing, this is the largest White nationalist concert that has been held in the UK for some time.

Despite attracting some police attention, there were no arrests, injuries or crimes reported & the event was carried out successfully. Similar concerts were also carried out around the same time in Sweden, Australia, the United States & Canada.

The event was held to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the death of white supremacist Ian Stuart Donaldson During the rally shocking video showed the thugs singing racist songs and parading disgusting flags accusing refuges of being rapists




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