Over 100 German Nationalists Hold Demonstration In Wetzlar

The banners read: “Weltzar Remains German”, & “We Believe In Our Youth”

On Friday, October 7th, over 100 German nationalists gathered in the Hessian city of Wetzlar for a demonstration for a German Germany.

The activists were reportedly mostly from the NPD or unaffiliated nationalists, however a sizable contingent from the Strasserist Anti Capitalist Collective (seen above) was present as well.

In March,  The NPD received 7.7 percent of the votes in the municipal elections in Wetzlar.


As the demonstrators marched through the town center with chants of “Everything for the people, race and nation!” they were met by an equally large counter protest, which was the usual antifa clown show complete with both rainbow & Turkish flags.

Police unfortunately kept the two groups entirely separate. By the time the nationalist march had concluded with a couple of speeches, three antifa had been arrested for minor public disturbance offenses. There were no injuries or arrests from the nationalist side.


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