Casa Pound Update: Actions In Rome, Sassari, & Parma

September 29th, Rome

The militants of Casa Pound, lead by Simone di Stefano, went to the home of two Italian families who were living under threat of eviction in order to protest their treatment at the hands of the Italian government.

Having symbolically barricaded themselves inside of the house, di Stefano and 15 militants were no less symbolically pouring water and throwing flour at the police. The leader of the activists was accused of resistance to law enforcement and illegal occupation of the building. The hypocrisy of these charges is especially obvious given that the city administration headed by Daniel Frongia, Deputy Mayor of Rome & member of the 5 Stars movement, didn’t even show up to sort out the issue in spite of their initial promises.

All militants were arrested, but later released under house arrest after the detainment. Simone di Stefano, Vice President of Casapound Italia and the mayoral candidate in the latest Capitoline elections, has made it clear that he was arrested for nothing but defending Italians facing economic difficulties.

“We did not come to steal; we came to prove that Italians do not give up in the face of injustice,” he explained. “Neither will we abandon them in the future.”

October 15th, Sassari, Sardinia

Holding aloft their trademark turtle flag & a banner reading “Defend your land, Defend Sassari,”activists of Casa Pound held a demonstration against immigration into Sardinia & Italy as whole.

The organizer of the days’ action spoke to the protesters & the crowd that had gathered, saying:

“We just denounce the nefarious management of immigration in our country, especially in light of recent events in Monte Rosello, with 160 immigrants housed in a dilapidated building in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city, that have brought strong tensions with the residents. ”

” In Sardinia there is a paradoxical situation – with about 6,000 young Sardinians who migrate every year in search of work and as many illegal immigrants who are welcomed, at our expense, on our territory. ”

” Add to this that our province is plagued by a severe economic crisis and that in Sassari there are only 1200 families in emergency housing and then these immigrants are welcomed in territories that do not have the resources to give them a future, nor any kind of economic and social integration.”

” We demand the immediate repatriation of those entitled to “reception”, and the use of all regional and municipal funds allocated to immigrants for the support of Italian families in emergency housing and extreme poverty “.

The protest was carried out without arrests or opposition.

September 24th, Parma

The militants of Casa Pound payed a visit to Via Verona Park in order to clean up the area, which has been the center of controversy for weeks due to being taken over by drug dealers.
“We know the situation of Verona park” – says Luca Furlotti, head of the local branch of Casa Pound – “we have been participating in initiatives together with the residents of San Leonardo & we have often encountered the poor condition of that area.”

“So we decided to intervene, cleaning up the park from all kinds of waste and chasing away the drug dealers in the area, who after seeing the militants of Casa Pound, disappeared.”
“While the authorities say that nothing can be done and institutional policy answers only to the media, there is our movement, who for years has been pursuing initiatives against this degradation, always fighting alongside the citizens, because where the state fails, there are citizens who act.”




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