Russian, Greek & Serbian Nationalists Network In Australia

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(Note: opinions on Putin are those of Golden Dawn Australia only, & do not represent those of YesPasaran.)

Golden Dawn Australia had the honour to attend a Russian Community Festival in Sydney, organised by the Australian Russian Representative Council.

The invitation was extended by Mr Simeon Boikov, President of the Russian Cossacks of Australia. This was also an opportunity to meet & exchange thoughts with Mr Sergey Shipilov, the Russian Consular of Sydney.

The Community event was a celebration of Russian culture, and was also attended by Serbian nationalists who hold close relations with the Russians.

Hellenic Nationalists have for centuries maintained close relations with our Orthodox Brothers, and Golden Dawn’s foreign policy and trade platform EXPLICITLY states that strong ties and geo-political alliances are to be forged with Moscow, and not the Zionist Occupational Government of Washington.

This was an important event for Russian & Greek Nationalists in Australia to build strong ties among ourselves, as we stand by the traditionalist order of Orthodox Russia against the Globalist tyranny of the Atlantic powers.

As we find our governments purposely replacing us with the 3rd world, growing Russian power has thus been received warmly by the working class of the West. Examples of this have been seen as Germans chant for Putin to take Berlin, Russian support for populist/nationalist movements in the EU,  and the latest Trump-Putin phenomenon in the US, where the working class clearly doesn’t support Hillary’s plan to start WW3 with Russia.

Putin represents a new hope for Europe, and it is the job of nationalists in the West to discourage Zionist aggression against Moscow, as it benefits only the Neocon establishment against our community interests.

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