Soldiers Of Odin Now Active In France

The nationalist street patrol group Soldiers Of Odin has been active in Bordeaux since at least September of this year, carrying out street patrols & participating in uplifting community activities.

Screenshot of a French  S.O.O. patrol video, now removed from YouTube

The group said it had “formed to protect and assist French citizens, participate in civic actions such as shoreline cleanup, blood donation, assistance to the homeless who are forgotten and set aside by the system,” and also “to protect our streets, & conduct regular patrols to fight against the growing insecurity in our country.” About the groups’ name, they said it is in the foundations of Nordic culture and paganism that our Gallic, Celtic and Viking ancestors practiced and respected.”

Soldiers Of Odin now has active chapters in at least the countries of Finland, Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, & France (there are probably some I’m missing) as well as a network of supporters across Europe & North America.




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