National Action: November Report, 2016

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It has been a fantastic, historic, and unforgettable month for all of us. We began November with a Demonstration in Darlington, the video for which has received an enormous outpouring of support from across the globe and broke 10k views within the first few days.

We once again sent a contingent to Poland for IV Marsz Patriotów, March of the Patriots. We will have a full report on this in the coming days.

National Action have also received an enormous amount of free coverage in wake of the Prevent controversy and the sentencing of ‘Brexit gunman’ Tommy Mair. A group of crusty academics at the university of Birmingham have produced a document which has convinced dopey Sunday Times journalist Dipesh Gadher to state that National Action ‘is likely to be proscribed as a terrorist organisation’ – a comment that is below discussion on grounds of extreme ignorance and retardation, and all likelihood printed for sensationalism.

As is clearly stated on the National Action website we neither sanction or endorse terrorism, and in our three years of existence no member of National Action has been arrested for even an act of petty violence. Even the cutting edge humour regularly employed by members of our youth group which may go over the heads of some people, would still have to be deliberately misrepresented by a malicious third party. In relation to irreverent tweets made about the dead MP, this week this same Western media have been berating the dead Fidel Casto for imprisoning individuals for daring to ‘show contempt for his figure’. We are reminded of the hypocrisy of the ‘free speech’ march held by western leaders following the Charlie Hebdo attack that was immediately followed by hundreds of raids and arrests across Europe for speech related offences – we don’t forget things like this.

Sorry, National Action is here to stay, it is your problem, deal with it.

Dipesh isn’t the only person in cloud cuckoo land, last week Louise Haigh MP raised the proscription of Britain first in the House of Commons because ‘muh feelings’ and was BTFO’d. Sorry commies we live in a post-Trump post-Brexit world, we are the ones who bully you.

Leftists are still sticking to their tired narratives, they think if they strop and chimp out they can meme us out of existence. Reports this month include “Britain’s far right in 2016: fractured, unpredictable, dispirited … and violent” – a tag line borrowed from Hope Not Hate last January that masks their own sense of unease. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth, the right wing has never been so united since the British National Party were riding high – this unity was exhibited not just on the steps of St George’s Hall and in Dover, but in the meetings being held across the country representing dozens of organisations which have pledged to work together with the common purpose of rebuilding our movement. In our interactions National Action has risen to almost universal acceptance and the feelings are mutual. We are unpredictable only to our enemies – because they are the ones who are being left behind – without a purpose or the weapons to fight Fascism in the modern age.

In regards to violence, all violence has been of self defence by patriots against mobs of state backed anarchists who are free to organise and attack all legal right wing demonstrations. If Dover or Liverpool were in the United States it would have been our full legal right to shoot them all dead. The left wing has a history of violence that puts even our uncle Adolf to shame, and while the police and the media are actively collaborating to ‘look the other way’ the facts speak for themselves on who is really the source of the ‘violence’.

They are not shy from assassination attempts either, this year saw Michael Sandford, a young leftist from the UK, attempt to shoot Donald Trump – a premeditated act for which he had trained. The British media had the nerve to excuse and cover up his actions, yet clamours for arbitrary police crackdowns on the right wing.

This year many brave men and women of the older generation went behind the wire in defence of their people, but for every one that went down three sons and daughters of Britain have taken their place. We are winning and winning big!

Hail Trump! Hail victory! Hail our people!


On Saturday 12th November, NA Scotland learned of an anti-Trump demonstration at the US consulate in Edinburgh held by the local lefty students, so we rapidly assembled a welcoming committee. We set out on the day wearing red MAGA hats and of course being well-dressed and presentable, we were quickly noticed by nearby police officers to be of a different ilk to those of the march itself. As a result, we were then separated by the police so as to form our very own counter-demonstration right in front of the American Consulate (which wasn’t even open that day lol).

Student demonstrations are notoriously terrible, but this one was taking liberties. Not only did they have the LGBT rainbow flag appropriately flying from an extendable toilet brush, but they marched through our beautiful capital blaring Samba band accompanied with the chant of “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA”.

National Action have seen some memorable sights at numerous demonstrations, but this one had so many firsts and for all of the wrong reasons, largely because the protestors were literally crying whilst giving soppy speeches over their PA system. Consoling one another by forming ‘hug circles’ and letting their emotions go was all going so well until they spotted the striking NA flash and circle alongside a Confederate flag being held by the Trumpenführer’s faithful red cap stormtroopers. This sent a large contingent of the demonstration into hysterics, with some so-called ‘females’ grabbing their genitalia and screaming obscenities at us. Amongst the chaos, we had the opportunity to speak to several members of the public (including Americans) who were attempting to use the street but were prevented in doing so due to the road block in place. Of course, they sympathised with our stance and held the privileged students of the left with an understandable sense of contempt. Working people and families are diametrically opposed to the crying, blue-haired freakshow we were facing on the day and with the metal fencing separating the two sides, we could see a physical contrast between the right and the wrong.

North East

National Action spent bonfire Night weekend in the North East to attend the march in Darlington, after which we congregated on the City of Newcastle. The Streets around the University were replete with stickers bearing the slogan “Gan Radge (go crazy) Smash National Action” despite the fact that we have struggled to maintain a presence in the region. This changes – a meeting was held and a new RO and local support network was established to follow up leads in the North East. We hope to see things grow and develop over the coming months, it looks promising.

We headed for the Quayside where we held a solidarity demonstration in support of the Nordic Resistance Movement, the banner read “Scar Did Nothing Wrong!”. Unfortunately the event was filmed on a potato, so this was the statement;

“We are here today in solidarity with our good colleagues in Finland who are having a really rough time with their cuck government. This is a nation that has fought time and again so their people could live in freedom – but time and again have been let down by collaborators who are willing to sell their nation’s finest sons to the enemy. One such son is a good activist affectionately known as Scar, who has been continually harassed by the authorities for defending himself against violent communist Junkies – the latest example being the recent case in Helsinki where Scar was violently accosted by a young leftist named Jimi Karttunen. He fell asleep in the middle of the street and received medical care, was discharged from hospital, and died the next day. As a result the name of Scar and the Nordic Resistance Movement has been irresponsibly slandered by the media, and Jimi given the Trayvon Martin treatment we know too well. Jimi was no angel, he was a thug, he was a junkie, he was a subhumanic turd who probably topped himself. For two months his body has been stinking up the morgue and coroners have yet to produce their report to the public. This orchestrated campaign is nothing but a veil to cover a vicous assault by the media, politicians, and judicial system – on our colleagues in the NRM. Attacks from politicians include those from the True Finns who dare to call themselves patriots. True Nationalists can only rely on each other which is why solidarity actions like this are so important. Hitler said that in times when liberty is being oppressed the best men meet in prison. To our friends in the Nordic Resistance movement we want to say that you are always in our thoughts and we are with you in spirit.”

After which the group sang ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow’ and set off a bunch of fireworks. After some evasion we regrouped and went on to the main event of the evening which was to witness the million masked march to be held at the same monument as our ‘Refugees not Welcome! #Hitlerwasright’ demonstration at the start of the year.

Standing at the monument was one lonely Antifa waiting in an anonymous hoody. Still in Black Bloc we took pity on him and all posed together for a photo. An end to a very eventful day.


It was an active month for Yorkshire NA, we started off by taking our fresh members to the Darlington where they could experience their first ever demonstration.

Later in the month we took part in our now regular homeless outreach programs, this time not only did we give out hot drinks and food but we also gave out warm clothing and dog food after noticing on previous outreach programs that they seemed to be lacking.

In this video we came across a middle aged man and after giving him what we had we got talking, he asked who we were as he’d not seen us before, we replied saying we’re Nationalists and he seemed overjoyed and then went on to tell us that he had served in the army and was left with mental health issues as a result. Asking if he got any help from the government he said in his own words that “The government don’t care” that he’d received no help and then went into a small rant about immigration. We come across this a lot, we usually work anonymously and tend to not mention our organization or politics but we really should. Towards the end of the month we joined NA North West in Bolton.

North West

This month went off to a good start, in addition to Darlington our new stickers caused enormous amounts of salt, it’s a pretty funny design.

On the 25th 8 NA members went to Bolton to attend the EDL’s ‘No More Mosques’ demonstration, mainly because the AFN (Anti Fascist Network) had put out a national mobilisation to counter it. We linked up with 10 of our friends from the infamous Pie and Mash Squad and eventually came across a group of antifa who wouldn’t come anywhere near us, so we knew they were gathering next to the Morrisons. These kind of groups stay well away from the main demonstration and instead hang around the town hoping to pick off individuals or vandalise stuff, so when 20 of us all in black bloc went straight for these reds who where there to ‘smash the fash’ their faces went white. They jumped over a fence and literally ran 100 yards to the police for protection. The police weren’t interested in helping them at all so they kept running towards the main demonstration point at the town hall where they ended up running into a kettle with the UAF. Safely behind police lines these cowards started shouting about ‘muh Lime Street’ HAHAHA! But, seriously, they were an embarrassment. At the main demonstration we met with the rest of Pie and Mash so 30 black bloc lads held the demo point. We waited around for the patriotard groups to arrive, a hundred or so, who were late. There were several non-whites among them, but when they saw us they fled. Even the dregs of the EDL with their Stella cans and joints didn’t mind standing next to us all saluting until they got back behind their keyboards. We should remind our colleagues at the EDL that without the ‘Nazis’ their demonstration would never have happened as they would never have made it to the site.

The presence of groups like our own have provided a much needed backbone to these ‘patriotic’ demonstrations which not only have poor optics but lack manpower and organisation. In the wake of Bolton Hope Not Hate and other leftist sources have revised the size of the demonstration down to as low as 50, while claiming they had 175 – even while most mainstream outlets pegged it at a hundred, this kind of damage control demonstrates in how much denial the opposition is in – how much longer will they allow their own leaders to lie to them?


On Sunday 13th November a group of National Action London activists rose from their beds bright and early, and donned their poppies to be among the first to arrive at Whitehall for the annual Remembrance Day commemorations. Despite the sombre occasion the weather was crisp and clear, and we took up pride of place near to the Cenotaph to await the beginning of the ceremony. No masks. No stunts. This day was not about us.

After the ceremony had concluded the Police displayed a characteristic incompetence at crowd management, and an equally traditional disregard for the comfort and safety of a large section of the viewing public, who were kept corralled in a railed off area in a side street for around an hour after the ceremony had finished. In the meantime, they stood around in groups chatting to each other and looking very pleased with themselves, all the while doing their level best to ignore the obvious discomfort of the increasingly restless plebs.

Despite claims from many within the media and establishment that this day was about the purely non-political act of remembrance of the dead, it would be impossible to talk about the event without addressing the maze of media misinformation and contradictory and hypocritical rhetoric that now surrounds Remembrance Day.

There has been a stark and intensifying tendency towards historical revisionism for many years now, towards redefining what it was that British soldiers fought for and against during the World Wars, and to stifle any discussion of this flagrant and unabashed re-imagining. As the last surviving veterans of the World Wars become yearly fewer in number and their voices fade, establishment and media figures become ever more brazen in clambering over each other to fawn insincerely at the graves of veterans, then boldly and without pause for shame turn to us and ‘apolitically’ proclaim that these men fought for ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’ values such as tolerance and diversity, and anyone who thinks otherwise is doing a gross disservice to the memory of their own kin.

But who are these people who would crown themselves sole custodians of the memory of the glorious dead?

Politicians. Shameless vote grabbing traitors and parasites who daily defile the lands of our forefathers in the name of ‘the economy’ and ‘progressive values’. Their sense of who and what is British extends no further than political expedience and their own immediate self-interest, as they frantically court the favour of trans-national companies and organisations during their political day in the sun, in order to ensure a cosy political afterlife on the speaking circuit, or in a smart leather chair in a boardroom.

Media ideologues, who have long since abandoned the idea that the job of the media is to report the news rather than, integrity be damned, manufacture it, as circulations plummet and their publications become ever more beholden to commercial interests and the control of wealthy international tycoons.

What makes them believe that they are fit to be the arbiters of what braver and more decent men than they fought for? Thoroughly political and unrepentently ideological opportunism, and sheer shame-facedness to boot. Nothing more. They should hang their heads in shame, and when the day comes we will gladly assist them.

We are not what the media and establishment would have us be. We are proud English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish National Socialists, and we will never be told where, when or how to remember our own ancestors in our own lands by traitors, cowards, and racial aliens.


The Election of Donald Trump

Christmas came early – Donald Trump was elected president of United States, and you know what, it didn’t happen by KEEPING IT LOCAL and being a sellout respectable douche – it was by harnessing autistic power of white nationalist millennials, known collectively as the ‘Alt-Right’ in the US, which has been dominating headlines.

He can’t believe it either btw.

This is glorious beyond anything, those who are seeking to make this just about ‘liberal tears’ need a solid kick in the head because they are deliberately refusing to learn an important lesson from this experience. For years ‘respectable’ white nationalist leaders have been telling us that such an event was impossible “demographic decline and Jewish control of the media ensures we will never get power” they do this because peddling pessimism is how they earn their bread. They are like the pollsters who were totally shattered in the election – they build a reputation on conservative estimates and predictions, which is all very economical until something historically significant actually happens, and if your aim is to ‘make’ history, you never will with this attitude.

It (with the exception of minor stuff such as presentation and tactics) sums up the entire criticism of National Action which is based on short sightedness and lack of vision. We are in a crappy situation – we can’t start from point B to see our ideas become a reality, we must carefully study our environment and evolve into it from something less than ideal or conventional – not everyone can see.

Even Richard Spencer who coined the term ‘Alt-Right’ should be reminded that when interviewed after Romney’s defeat in 2012, he stated that no Republican will ever be elected to the white house again because ‘muh displacement’, ‘muh white genocide’. Unlike the pollsters racial ‘intellectuals’ have no excuse – they read their history books, and should know how history is made. The success of the Alt-Right is in it’s humour based vitriolic racism and anti-Semitism – many years ago I watched this community of hardcore National Socialism crystalize on a small imageboard, go on to dominate popular youth culture, and become the (almost) mainstream movement that put a guy in the White House. This is the winning formula, in all this let’s not forger ‘who we are’.

One group that certainly did realise the significance of Trump were the left. For 50 years they have monopolised moral authority with the word ‘racist’ or worse the accusation of being a ‘Nazi’ or ‘Fascist’, which they wasted no time applying to Trump. He treated these accusations with dismissive contempt mirroring the Alt-Right approach of openly emulating National Socialism to demystify and ridicule the stigma, which incidentally has been greeted with surprising understanding and even endorsement from Republican pundits. Denying to our enemy their greatest weapon and then them and going on to lose so badly is a significant defeat for progressives not just in the US, but globally. Even the George Soros funded director of UK based Hope Not Hate, Nick lowles said of the election“it was just a bad nightmare from which I would wake. Sadly – and frighteningly – it is reality”. They know we own this and the best part is there is nothing they can say to take this from us.

There is no doubt whatsoever that advisers in the Trump campaign had observed social trends on the internet and knew exactly what they were doing. Trump had just one rule to follow – to not backtrack or give in. Although he would hold publicly contradicting positions he never signalled against white nationalism or his base. He held so strongly to this principle that he was accused throughout of directly sabotaging his campaign – especially when cuckservatives like Glenn Beck (and aforementioned Rick Wilson), leftist pundits, and even Hillary Clinton herself publicly exposed the ‘Alt-Right’, demanding condemnation from the Republican nominee. If he had done this his entire cult of personality and subtext of what his campaign really represented, what was truly propelling him, would have evaporated.

People who talk about ‘accelerationism’ and fear that Trump might successfully establish his public brand of civic nationalism are ignoring the fact that this isn’t going to be possible. The plutocrats and their pet leftists/minorities certainly are not going to take this lying down – they are already rioting and attacking people in the streets. The election has established clear social divisions; Trump locked down the entire white vote, not just working white men, he also led a majority among white women, the college educated, and millennials. In key battleground states the white population were voting for Trump at rates of nearly 80%, this was a pure act of racial survival – and the Whites won. It is a good feeling, and when they and the president meet resistance then you will get your ‘acceleration’. Trump from the beginning has worked on the gambit – dog whistling with total deniability, who knows what his real views are? Who cares? If he wants to win in 2020 then he will need to retain the loyalty of his political and demographic base.

Millions of people are already lined up to be deported ASAP (many millions will follow). Industries like Ford and Apple are coming back to the US, also the cabinet is a dream team, of particular interest being the CEO of Breitbart and the Trump Campaign, Steve Bannon. His website is an interesting story in it’s own right – it began as a philo-Semitic right wing news website but saw a market in, and openly latched onto the Alt-Right phenomenon – publishing the based documentary ‘With Open Gates’ (check out the 18:55 mark). The prominent contributor to Breitbart Milo Yiannopoulos perfectly personifies this cynicism, while most of the other Jews such as Ben Shapiro jumped ship, it shows that it is us, not them, who are indispensable.

The most important lesson from all of this is the unity model ‘no punching to the Right’ – the realisation that there is nothing to be gained by apologising, signalling ‘anti-racism’, and throwing others on the right under the bus – instead ‘punch left’. Outwardly Trump was more moderate than any so called ‘far-right populist’ in Europe, yet he has has received the most enthusiastic support from the far-right of any politician in modern history because he stubbornly refuses to give ground. Even as president elect in the wake of ‘nazi salutes’ at the NPI conference (a genius move by Spencer which has made him enormously relevant) he made the most evasive and half hearted disavowal. All this while the Alt-Lite and their fair weather cohorts run around like headless chickens, self-immolating in condemnation of Spencer, deciding this is the hill they are going to die on. Die cowards, die!

The big tent model has a bad name because it usually means compromising. however with ‘no punching to the right’ it works in our favour every time because the moderates always purge themselves when they outlive their usefulness.

We can take great heart from this – Someone found the voice of our generation and used it to smash the polls and perform a hostile takeover of the previously Neo-(((Cohen))) dominated GOP, and take the white house as American Hitler. Remember when you are in a cell or taking shit from your family that the world is changing. You are not the past, you are the future, the maker of presidents, the maker of history.

Tommy Mair Verdict exposes the Lügenpresse

On the 23rd Tommy Mair was sentenced to life for the murder of Jo Cox MP, however the real victim in this case is the left which has been unable to come to terms with the fact that their hero quite literally died for nothing. Unable to reconcile the possibility that her death had no meaning they are desperate to ascribe something, anything of significance to this case and have actively fabricated a false narrative, a myth; Jo Cox was a heroic social justice paladin, a rising star of the labour party – gunned down and stabbed thirty times by a psychotic neo-nazi terrorist, she was killed by the hate she warned against. A member of the prole class violated the most sacred taboo of modern society and killed one of their own, a member of the new aristocracy, and by invoking her holy martyrdom it summons the hatred and anger needed to exact revenge on all dissidents.

Jo Cox is a false idol, a golden calf, a modern cult, ISIS by another name, and we immediately saw it for what it was and openly ridiculed it, which is why Mair’s based words hang on our website as a Vietcong style journo punji trap! Media gagging laws have been lifted so everyone is getting into the meat of the kill – a fresh kill, Cox herself has already been stripped to the bone for political capital before her body was cold, now it is the turn of her killer to be sacrificed to the moloch.

So the first thing we will discuss is the awesome coverage of National Action. What a 52 year old loner with no political interests or internet connection has to to with the web-based National Socialist youth movement is never really explained, but all the same this is great PR.


With footage of an National Action march in Darlington only weeks ago, the Sky News reporter muses “Thomas Mair may have acted alone, but he was inspired by the words of others in marches and speeches that were recorded on video and posted online, far right extremists are urged to take action”. The implication to the unbeknownst viewer is that his actions were directly inspired by this video. This is very much despite the fact that investigation into Mair’s online history at his local library shows no activity or interest in right wing forums or websites – it is almost certain that he has no idea we even existed.

In another hilarious report Channel 4 feature do exactly the same thing featuring the March on Berwick where they state that he was inspired by a Retrowave song that was a satirical tribute to him. A line was crossed here from stupidity to libel.

The leading headline for this is “Authorities ‘failing’ to fight hate propaganda that led to Cox murder” much like the Zack Davies case reality cannot be made to fit narrative, so they lie (incidently Zack is brought up in this piece, pay close attention – how many outlets carried the headline ‘National Action member’ or ‘Linked to National Action’?) This level of narrative driving in the media is criminal and irresponsible, and it is really no wonder that it’s power to shape western politics in the past year has been reduced to zero. Trust in the media has been eroded to the point where nobody, probably not even lawmakers, actually treat them as serious or sincere.

The only people who are enabling the actions of people like Tommy Mair are the dishonest media and seditious leftist QUANGOs who will rush to apply political significance to any ‘lone wolf attacker’ for their own cynical political ends. These kind of attacks exclusively involve isolated individuals who are suffering in life and seek to gain fame and infamy. This could effectively be denied to them if the media was prevented by law from engaging in crass sensationalism or actively helping these people to connect them with significant ongoing political struggles when there is no supporting evidence.

Anyone trusting the apparatus of the state should take a closer look. There are already departments lavishly funded at the taxpayer’s expense to deal with the ‘far right threat’. I always laugh when these people are interviewed, I get the impression of men who feel they don’t actually have a real job – middle aged lawyers and fat old veterans who broke their teeth on the Soviets now doing humiliating busywork. Yes, if somebody so much as puts up a sticker these days you can expect a 20 man forensics squad to carry out a few raids, but only because they have no clue how to beat organizations which embrace their hatred and fear. We could save enormous amounts of public funds just by sacking half and employing the rest to stand in and out of cardboard boxes – the country wouldn’t be any less safer.

Though it has not been given any kind of platform from which to defend itself the ‘far-right’ has been collectively condemned for failing to take responsibility for Tommy Mair – he was after all, the media tell us, a ‘Nazi’. By any impartial standards this is incorrect, it would be incredibly rude for instance to call somebody an alcoholic who hasn’t had a drink in 20 years. When you hear about figures in western governments who were in the 1980’s communists and terrorists, they are referred to as ‘former communists’ or ‘former terrorists’ if the slant is particularly negative – somebody like Mair who appears to have taken no interest in politics for decades would by Prevent standards be considered completely ‘deradicalised’. The media narrative just provokes questions not answers.

We will perhaps never know his true motivations as Tommy Mair as he was denied the opportunity to make a statement in court. There was of course the infamous moment when he first appeared before a judge to give his name, his answer ‘Death to traitors, freedom for Britain’ – this was of course after he has been universally labelled as the ‘Brexit gunman’ and had been interviewed by police. Even if this did not influence him it begs the question – ‘What was her treason?’

The circumstantial evidence is very weak. The media published photos of his DVD’s – Hollywood movies about the holocaust. His so-called memorabilia collection is very small and very old, nothing is contemporary. Looking at his home there are millions of homes just like it; you know the type, bookshelves filled with history books about the war etc, it is a little absurd to label them all as ‘Nazis’.

What is so condemning is the lapse of this so called ‘ideoligically driven Nazi’. People who have strong political convictions typically don’t suspend interest in politics for decades. What was he doing during the rise of the BNP? Why didn’t he passively join or donate to organisations as nationalists typically do? This is perhaps hard for the eternal normie to understand but Nationalism is considered a way of life – and this applied to all politics, you are either political or not, to go twenty years without even buying a book is unthinkable to most of us.

The ‘Neo-Nazi’ label sticks because the act begs explanation, the lack of motive – perhaps this is something to do with the fact that the media is complicit in actively suppressing the truth of this case.

In the video above the Channel 4 correspondent muses “there is a particularly puzzling aspect to his story. It was over twenty years ago when he dabbled in joining right wing extremist groups, but he doesn’t seem to have been reactive and his membership doesn’t seem to have lasted very long…So what suddenly after all this time prompted him to go out and kill an MP?” – assumedly Channel 4 and all these other outlets had complete access to the case.

The Daily Mail reports.

Thomas Mair may have murdered MP Jo Cox because he feared losing his home of 40 years to an immigrant family. The neo-Nazi had been asked to consider leaving the three bedroom semi-detached council home he had occupied alone since his grandmother’s death 20 years ago. He suspected, possibly wrongly, it would be given to foreigners moving into his West Yorkshire town and believed the Labour MP would not help him, it was claimed.


Valerie Hallas, 69, who lives less than half a mile away, said the loner may have felt he had nothing left to live for.

Mrs Hallas, who is the killer’s step-father’s half-sister, said he was a loner who ‘flipped’ at the thought of leaving the only home he had ever known.

‘You’ve got to look at the background,’ she said. ‘They kept pestering him to get him out of the house.

‘He’d lived there for all his life, even from being little he had lived there with his grandma.

‘So that was his home, that was his abode and they were trying to get him out. And when it all came out, they were trying to get him out for a family that had come from abroad wanting a three or two bedroomed house.’

The media have done an incredible job covering this up and they have been caught red handed lying to the public and omitting crucial evidence. This also includes downplaying the role of anti-depressants which have a record of cropping up in cases of mass shooters in the US.

It is poetic that Jo Cox may well have been the author of her own demise – make no mistake she was a horrible human being with a record of abusing her white constituents. In addition to being a proponent of the ‘Merkel solution’ to the European problem, there are strong allegations that she snubbed the families of the victims of grooming and actively prevented the authorities from doing their job, she had far more important things to do like writing up a report on the ‘rise of Islamophobia’. Newspapers report that there were 50,000 tweets ‘celebrating’ her death. Is it any wonder that such a vile person didn’t meet karma sooner? It is regrettable she will never face justice for her crimes against the British people, but make no mistake, nothing of value was lost.

Everything has gone as well as it possibly can do – we are reaching levels of winning right now that should not even be possible.

The Criminalisation of British Youth

If you want a glimpse into what it is like to be a functionary in an Orwellian police state you can now play an expensive interactive flash game aimed primarily at teachers on how to spot neo-nazi terrorists in their classrooms. This was commissioned to actual developers, the quality of the artwork is really nice and it is legitimately better quality than 90% of the shit on steam greenlight.

For those unaware, every government employee in Education, Law Enforcement, and the Prison Service is trained to recognise and report all political dissidents – and as of this year reporting ‘problem’ students has become their proscribed ‘duty’.

The game begins by asking you to pick images that you associate with terrorism – picking images of terrorist attacks and terrorism gives the response that this is ‘what most people pick’ however it explains these are only the ‘effects on terrorism’, players are rewarded for picking photos of graffiti saying “Heil Hitler” and a mock right wing website with the headline “Them and us” – explaining that though they need ‘context’ these are what can lead to terrorism.

The game throughout is about getting the player to identify what they feel are signs of ‘radicalisation’ which it provides with elaboration. At no point in the game does it chastise you for being blatantly overly hysterical. The feature has a practical where you can pick between two videos on prevent cases. One is a Muslim thot who embraces extremism to gain the sexual attention of her teacher, the other is a white boy who starts a facebook group called ‘the young patriots’ and is raided by police because a teacher spotted the ‘warning signs’. These are extracted from older prevent training videos – this is an abridged version of the series.

It is pretty ironic that a government program aimed at tackling ‘them and us’ thinking is based on such pathologised and patronising characterisations of the people they are targeting – this is clearly for the purposes of self-justification on the part of those carrying out this state violence.

What is most interesting about this ‘training’ however, is that the emphasis in recognising potential activists is placed on the backgrounds and social situation rather than a specific viewpoint. In fact at no point is any ideology or what is considered ‘extreme’,’unacceptable’, or ‘over the line’ ever defined. Indeed no working definition exists within any of the Prevent/Channel/Counter-Terrorism materials. The decision to report is left up entirely to the teacher (or whoever)

This is very interesting because what they are targeting is a character type; the type of person who becomes politically active. People from ‘well adjusted’ backgrounds who are socially neurotic, sheepish, and do not think or openly express their views represent the passive actor in history. Treating political consciousness as a mental illness was widely employed by the Soviet Union. Of relevance was the practice by the communists during the Korean war to murder or segregate the ‘leadership caste’ from American prisoners – not just officers but those who the men looked up to. It totally decimated their ability to plan escapes.

Those who consider this just a ‘right wing’ issue are perhaps losing sight of a bigger picture. The government has a problem – we are heading into a future of automation, economic depression, and social decline. Government policy over the last twenty years has reflected the need to tackle this – the massive expansion of higher education was one of these; a self contained industry which employs via students unions, the most active members of the alumni. People who would otherwise be making a serious nuscience of themselves instead think they are making a difference by LARPing in the NUS playpen and protesting against the people who are paying them.

When Prevent began in 2003, it did so with a very specific purpose of intervening with young Muslims who were clearly expressing open signs of radicalisation. Since the Conservatives took power in 2010 the program was massively expended to include the political right wing directly comparing them to violent terrorists. There is already some indication that students are now getting referred for their militant leftist and anarchist leanings – and based on the criteria there is no reason to doubt this as commies actually do fit the alienated social spastic stereotype.

At a time of an increasing generational divide and a racial awareness among young people, the abuse and backlash is going to be significant. The Sunday Times has recently reportedthat “The number of neo-Nazi-linked referrals to the government’s official deradicalisation programme is outstripping cases involving Islamist extremism…At least 16 of these neo- Nazi-linked referrals involved children below the age of 10.” Lets be in no doubt that the atmosphere in tackling nationalism is highly overzealous and toxic.

We should count ourselves incredibly lucky that National Action exists as a vanguard organisation that is prepared and able to operate under this kind of repression, which in reality serves to accelerate things in our favour. Ask the question ‘would an anti-leftist version of prevent have stopped the 68’ers?’ – probably not. Taking down monolithic Western civilizations with strong social order, discipline, and peer pressure was not an easy task. It is however a historical inevitability that a decaying civilization is like a rotten barn just waiting for somebody to kick in the doors so hard it sends the whole thing crashing down. What was revolution in 68-69 if not a watershed moment? – a great flood that had been building up for decades with beatniks, communist agitators, biker gangs, rockers, drug cults, etc – all laying the foundations for the counter-culture.

We live in a police state – not only are you not allowed to speak without going to prison, you are not even allowed to think. What are Prevent and Channel if not the literal definition of ‘thought police’? There are no steam valves or watered down false opposition allowed – good, British national rebirth doesn’t need weasely civics and false compromise which appeals to the cowardly condition of the masses and always betrays them. The wall got ten feet higher and the pendulum is going to swing all the way to Auschwitz – total Aryan victory is now guaranteed.

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Upcoming Event – December 6, Helsinki, Finland: March For Freedom With Nordic Resistance

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The Nordic Council of Resistance of Finland is organizing a march for freedom in Helsinki on December 6. North Front is now publishing more information about the event along with some questions and answers.


The collection for the march takes place at 15.30 and the meeting place is Hakaniemi Market located next to Helsinki’s city center. To get to the square you can go by metro, tram or bus and from Helsinki Railway Station to Hakaniemi, which takes ten minutes by foot. You can plan your trip on

It is recommended to leave your car outside the center because it can be difficult to find a parking space in central Helsinki.

The march departs at 16 Finnish time. Before that, we give instructions to the audience, so we urge everyone to be there in time. Cruising Route is about twenty minutes long and ends in JV Snellman ‘s statue where will be held more talks.

The event will end no later than 17.30. After this, we go on foot to the 612-club’s march to be held at the Töölö Market, which takes about half an hour.Participants can of course also use public transport to Töölö to save time but the Resistance activists will go on foot to Töölö Market.

We want all participants dressed quite and clean and all forms of masking is prohibited. It is also our wish that everyone participating in the demonstration takes part in shouting slogans during the march again. It is forbidden to get intoxicated to the site or to take with alcoholic beverages. Smoking is not permitted, neither during the march, or when it is held speeches.

We recommend that participants have an eye on the weather and dress accordingly. Make sure to eat properly before and possibly bring a snack because it will be a long and cold day.

We urge all to give priority to the Independence Day, for the Finnish people and its freedom’s sake. In our view, no Finnish national has anything more important to do during the time of the event.

Here are some questions and answers received from readers:

What is the purpose of the event?

The purpose is to honor the bygone days, & contemporary as well as future freedom fighters. We want to get people to realize that we do not live in freedom in 2016, even if one tries to make us believe it. We want to regain our freedom and are ready to fight for it.

Do you have a license to hold the event?

According to Finnish law requires a general collection no permit, but you must inform the police about the matter at least six hours before collection. The police are informed about the event and we have negotiated with them on the practical issues surrounding the organization of the collection.

Who can join the march?

Anyone who wants to see a free people who are not guided by foreign powers are welcome, regardless of age, gender, income, or organizational background.

Do I have to belong to the Nordic Council of Resistance to participate?

No, you do not. Members of other political organizations are also welcome if they are standing up for the purpose of the march.

Can you bring your own banners, signs or banners?

No. Only organizers can take those with them. We prohibit not, for example, organizational symbols on participants’ clothes and the like.

See you in Helsinki on December 6!

Bolton, United Kingdom: No More Mosques!

November 26th, 2016.

Over 100 British nationalists held a demonstration in Victoria Square in Bolton primarily against the construction of mosques in the area. Organizer Brayn Morgan had this to say about the protest: “Today was about highlighting the corruption of the council, the Islamification of the town, the Mosque building programme.”

Among the groups attending the protest organized by the local organization “Stop The Mosque” were the North West Infidels, Pie & Mash Squad, and a sizable contingent from National Action.

Some of the protesters were carrying a flag in support of the president elect of the United States, reading “Drain that swamp Mr. Trump”.

Unite Against Fascism organized a counter protest of roughly equal size, the pictures of which speak volumes: heavily non-white & low energy.

As both protests were separated by barricades & police forces, there were no incidents of violence or arrests.

Austin, Texas: White Lives Matter Protest Ends With 8 Antifa Arrests

November 19th, 2016.

Between 15 to 20 members of White Lives Matter descended on the Capitol building in Austin, Texas to protest a double standard in the application of hate crime laws in Texas.


Most crimes against Whites by non-whites are not prosecuted as hate crimes while most crimes by Whites against non-whites are.

Speaking on the matter, White Lives Matter representative Scott Lacy  had this to say on the subject: “Really what we are here today for is to protest against unequal application of hate crime laws.”

“In Texas about 68% of all crimes that have been labeled hate crimes, whites are the ones being charged for them,” he added.


A large number of antifa & assorted non-whites were on hand to counter protest the event. Although their activity mainly consisted of shouting simple slogans & chanting, several members of Red Guards Austin at one point attempted to break through police lines and attack the White Lives Matter members.

They totally failed, and 8 of them were arrested for a range of charges including assault & resisting arrest. There were no injuries to either side, and the protest concluded peacefully.

Following the successful event that included extensive media coverage, WLM members got together for a celebratory social gathering.

Posters & fliers used for the protest

Wunsiedel, Germany: Der Dritte Weg Holds Memorial For Fallen German Soldiers

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Heroes’ Commemoration Day – 2016

Silence reigns all day, fog, freezing autumn weather. But instead of wasting time in the cozy warmth of one’s house, Germans commemorated their heroes and ancestors.

On the 12th of November, German idealists gathered at the resting places and tombstones of men and women who laid down their lives in those fateful hours for Germany. There were the hordes of Hermann, Widukind and his companions, the insurgents of Peasants’ War, the Werewolves, and the fighters of the liberation wars.





A German-speaking representative of Azov Civil Corps spoke at the event, & said as follows:

“In the time of decadence, there is no room for the victims of our own people anymore, so it is up to us, the young generation, to secure that their sacrifice and their commitment to our people and homeland will never be forgotten. In the deepest mourning, we think about each sacrifice. They died, so that we could have the future. This evening, no tears are shed, no sorrow is lamented. The commitment is pledged by the blazing flames of the torches alone. The commitment to one’s own identity, to being German and to living in accord with it, which was bequeathed to us by innumerable generations and taught since the cradle: that German essence.”


After the speech, the torches were lowered and there was a moment of silence held. Prevailing silence and energy were palpable.

The fallen entered their ranks, and the young Germans could feel it. A fateful community of generations stood together, shoulder to shoulder.

Commemorations were held in Central Germany, Middle Franconia, Nürnberg’s Eibach, at Memorial for the fallen of World War I and II in the city of Gräfenberger and, symbolically, in Wunsiedel.




Watch the video of a torchlight procession in Wunsiedel organized by Der III. Weg here:





Lyon, France: North African Thief Captured By Members Of Generation Identity

This Tuesday evening in old Lyon, three scum have cowardly attacked a young native Frenchmen in order to steal his cell phone. Bad luck for them: these cowards committed their attack in front of the Generation Identity base.
Alerted by the commotion, the G.I. members immediately left the house to help their fellow countryman, and managed to immobilize one of the attackers. Under guard, the young maghrebi was in tears & tried several times to negotiate his release, while still claiming his innocence to his mother by phone. It was obviously easier for him to be brave when it was three against one.

He was then handed over to the national police who congratulated the militants of Generation Identity for their actions and their determination, & then collected the statement of the young college kid assaulted.

In the face of the scum, there is solidarity between Frenchmen!

Russian March 2016

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EN: Anti-Putin Russian Marches-2016 were held all over Russia

Traditionally, November 4, Russian Marches and rallies of solidarity with them were held in 14 regions. In general, Russian March-2016 passed under the slogans reflecting the requirement of resignation of Putin and his government, as well as the termination of political repression.

The main slogans were the following: “Down with the occupation – Freedom to the Russian nation!”, “Cancel 282!”, “Russian, wake up! Russian, fight!”, “For the rights and freedom of the Russian people!”, “Russian pride is stronger than repression!” Locally, were also used other slogans, such as “Hospitals are being closed – Russians get extinct,” “We ignite justice,” “Down with the KGBist system,” “Russia is Europe,” and others.

Russian March was held in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Tula, Vologda, Pskov (without the symbolics in connection with the arrest of one of the organizers). Actions of solidarity were also held in Crimea, Izhevsk, Sosnogorsk, Krasnodar and Cyprus. There is more information about them to follow.

In Moscow, participants of the Russian March chanted: “Putin and Medvedev – Get out!”, “We exchange Belov for Serdyukov and Demushkin for Putin”, “Russia is Europe, Freedom to political prisoners!”, “Down with the power of the KGB,” “Russians are against the war with Ukraine!”, “We are tired of tolerating. Revolution. Army is with the people, do not serve the bastards. Enough of robbing the people,” “A Russian country for Russians. Undo Article #282. Stop feeding terrorists.” It is noteworthy that in Moscow the action was 90% organized by a new generation of nationalists: the former RM organizers were arrested or forced to flee from the Russian Federation.

Overall, the leaders of the nationalists assess the action positively, taking into account the enormous level of political repression and a general atmosphere of fear. They stressed that the nationalists again proved themselves as an unyielding and independent political force, which is to be taken seriously.

As summed up the secretary of the Central Organizing Committee Vladimir Basmanov, “Today it has become clear that the Russian resistance is alive, and the struggle will continue.”