Egham, United Kingdom: Racial Volunteer Force Protest At Royal Holloway College

The White Nationalist group ‘Racial Volunteer Force’ has held a demonstration outside Royal Holloway’s Englefield Green campus after two university cleaners were sacked for attending an anti-Shomrim protest.

Around a dozen members of The Racial Volunteer Force (RVF) were met by a counter-demonstration by a couple dozen students & assorted antifa on Saturday morning (October 22).

The RVF had announced the demonstration on white nationalist forum Vanguard News Network in July saying: “This demonstration is supporting two anti-Shomrim demonstrators who lost their jobs because of their part in the Whitehall demo in London.”

On Saturday afternoon the RVF protesters could be seen calling the counter-demonstrators ‘a bunch of Zionists’ through a loud speaker and holding banners with slogans saying ‘together we are strong’ and ‘no more brothers wars’.

There were no arrests or incidents of violence from either side.

Video in link.


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