National Action October 2016 Report

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Every month has been like a new beginning; new members, new developments, new boundaries crossed, October has been no exception. The start of the month began with our march in Berwick which marked a new watershed for our movement. The myth of Lime Street has taken a severe battering in 2016, and this was the final nail. We once again found confident fellow travellers in the NWI and the SDL whom we hosted at the first White Man March. The event was strategically chosen though the eclectic NA’esque style video from the previous event was a sign from the gods.

In other news charges have been dropped against those arrested at York, outreach continues across the country in addition to other activities, and we somehow managed to permanently force ‘soup kitchen of hate’ into the lexicon of British Journalists, a victory of satire.



This October, National Action Scotland ventured out into the plentiful countryside wilderness for a camp that was primarily centred upon physical training and survivalism techniques. Our members may come to us in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately as National Socialists we strive for strong bodies as well as minds and so we headed for the hills. On our extensive hike, we took in the stunning views – the kind that can only be truly treasured when you know you have earned the right to stand atop the mount and gaze upon this beautiful landscape we call home. With the blood now fully pumping through our veins, we decided to give our upper bodies a thorough workout in the form of boxing which not only increased our skills as individuals but also our comradeship. Following our inevitable exhaustion, we gathered around the roaring fire we had prepared earlier for a warm, hearty meal of homemade stew. This completed an extremely successful day of young Scottish men reconnecting with the natural world that all too many of the modern youth have lost touch with entirely.

“Physical culture must inoculate the individual with the conviction of his superiority and give him that self-confidence which lies forever and alone in the consciousness of his own strength; in addition, it must give him those athletic skills which serve as a weapon for the defense of the movement.”

  • Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume Two: The National Socialist Movement, Chapter 9: Basic Ideas Regarding The Meaning And Organization Of The SA

The following weekend, a group of 5 local activists convened in Glasgow for a day of social activism. Shortly upon arrival into our city, we were welcomed with the repulsive sight that is the Glasgow Communist Party stall side by side with the Socialist Workers Party stall and a Pro-Israel stall just for good measure. After losing one of their flags recently, the Communist filth were all huddled very closely together to scare off any potential predators.

The flag in question

As we observed nature’s rejects attempting to entice the uninterested general public toward their stalls of middle-class autism, we noticed something that we have seen time and time again – there were numerous homeless whites surrounding the local area. While the left strive to convey an image of tolerance and charity when it comes to their beloved ‘refugees’, the moment real charity is required directly in front of them and that of a racial brother or sister, they are nowhere to be found and their enthusiasm quickly turns to apathy. Instead they have the cheek to stand and lecture before them on the issue of housing ethnic aliens, disgusting. It was clear to us that this issue could not be ignored, and so we decided to devote the day instead to helping our fallen kin.

We quickly raided the local shops for sandwiches, biscuits and bottled water before setting out once more in Glasgow to help the growing white homeless population that seem to have been forgotten by everyone, except us. It becomes very apparent from speaking with these poor souls that the SNP government is nowhere to be found for them, and the public does not generally concern themselves with their plight. These people have gone from leading normal lives to an existence of despair and loneliness that most of us cannot even fathom. However, we fight for our people and we will never give up. The hope they appeared to gain from simply having someone spare time for them and offer them a conversation, as well as sustenance, is something that National Action Scotland will continue to strive for, and not just in our beloved city of Glasgow.

North West

On the 22th we headed into Manchester to continue with National Action’s National Homeless outreach program. As we arrived upon meeting we noticed there was a lot of homeless. So we stocked up on Sandwiches, Pasties, Crisps, Chocolate and drinks. We headed towards Piccadilly gardens – the media has for the last few months been berating us on how ethnic minorities have the highest rates of homelessness, yet even in this diverse city practically every last man and woman on the street was a down and out white. We spent two hours feeding and talking with over 30 Homeless whites – in our conversations two consistent themes came up. 1) There was anger over the fact that immigrants getting housed before them, always at the back of the queue, we met some who had been waiting years. 2) The homeless were getting priority housing if they were addicts. Some talked of the temptation to get hooked on something because of the amount of help they would receive – they didn’t want to as they knew what it would do to them

National Action have been criticised for somehow ‘forcing politics’ on people who are not in a position to say no, but this is a new level of coercion. We then visited Manchester Uni to tear down all the many many “Refugees Welcome” Posters. Before finishing with a social.

South West

October has seen sustained, regular activism across the entire South West region. We kicked the month off continuing with our homeless outreach initiative, distributing food to homeless whites in Swansea. This was continued with another food distribution taking place the week after in Swindon.

This month primarily saw our activists begin a large postering campaign; hitting cities across South Wales, the West Country and south coast. Activists in Cardiff have been particularly prolific; closely followed by Bristol and Swansea.

The intensity of our propaganda activities across the region, despite not being picked up on by regional media outlets, are beginning to be noticed by many ordinary people and leftists, as shown by the number of posts on social media commenting on our activities that have cropped up recently. One notable example was a recent post on the r/Wales board which featured many triggered and hysterical retards trying to encourage people to report us to the authorities.

At the end of the month we attended the first South West Forum. This was impressively attended, even by the standards of other forums and there was also an impressive amount of heavy artillery present. The forum differed from others in the sense that it felt a lot more like a political meeting; in addition to many prominent ex-BNP activists there were six prominent organisations represented. The speakers were Richard Edmonds, Julie Lake, our own Alex Davies, Ian Fotheringham, Max Musson and Jez Turner – the nature of the talks almost entirely revolved around the current situation in the movement. The first half of the meeting, including the NA speech can be heard on Radio Aryan .

As Winter sets in, NA in South Wales will be offering impoverished White families support, those wishing to help support this effort are encouraged to get in-touch. Likewise, those in desperate need are encouraged to contact us and we will offer a helping hand, in whichever way we can.


York Charges Dropped

Back on the 28th of May police raided half a dozen homes in the dead of night, this followed a demonstration we held in York where the authorities surrounded the group of 35 peaceful demonstrators. HNH gloated at this, implying that the leadership of the organisation would all be in prison by the end of the year – other leftists ridiculed our scathing response.

We can confirm now that all of those arrested in York and we intend to make good on our threats. Lawsuits against the authorities are likely to run into the tens of thousands, while theirs failed, our form of justice will be swift and merciless. We are also able to renew our lawful activities with intensified vigour.

We have interviewed one of the protesters who has been NFA’d to further discuss what happened and how we intend to avoid similar incidents in the future.

What happened to you at York?

It was a pretty standard demo, the same as our demonstration in Newcastle. Out of nowhere the police showed up in large numbers an started charging in, going for one of our guys – this didn’t go down well and we moved in to try and de-arrest him. Then the entire police cordon charged forward and officers were kicking people indiscriminately. Unfortunately they had succeeded in getting our guy, had pushed us back and formed a kettle around us. From what I also gather, a police wedge had also rushed us from the back, knocking people over and snatching our guy. He then ended up on the floor with a boot on his face. The gash on his face will leave a nice scar. All of this because he had shouted a profanity.

I’ve been on more demonstrations than I can count, but I’ve never seen the police react like that, ever. I’ve been in serious public order situations, with bricks flying and smoke grenades going off and I’ve still seen police act with some restraint, even when they had numbers.

After that incident, I carried on with my speech and went to pack the megaphone in my rucksack, I had two officers come over, grab me and lead me outside the cordon. I was informed that under their powers under PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) the megaphone was being confiscated. When I told them that I wasn’t giving it to them because I hadn’t committed a crime, they simply forced it out of my hands and ignored any protestations.

I made the mistake of berating an officer who had kicked me during the fracas earlier; asking him why he felt he had the right to kick me, that he should be ashamed of himself, etc. He simply responded that he would ‘enjoy arresting’ me. I turned around and put my wrists together and told him “well arrest me then, if you’re going to?” to which he just smirked.

Things cooled down, I folded my arms and paced around the periphery of the group. the golden rule is to keep the time you spend interacting with the cops to a minimum. I was a little bit angry with myself for breaking that rule.

A while passed and the police eventually told us that we would only be let out if we gave our details and allowed them to take a photograph of each individual protester – this practice had been made illegal by the high court and only ever possible when EVERY person can be reasonably suspected of committing an offense (we were not all arrested). In my opinion it should never be consented to. However, when the first person they asked refused, he was cuffed and taken to a police van.

When he was taken away, a group of bystanders started cheering. Some people really are naive and we started chanting ‘police state! – police state!’ in response. Then when I joined around 3-4 officers moved quickly, forced my hands behind my back and restrained me, then put into a position where I was bent so far forward I thought I was about to get bummed. I was then unceremoniously escorted behind a police van where I had my pockets searched and put into the back of a van.

The officer searching me seemed to be trying to draw the search out as long as possible by searching every pocket several times over, probably because he could tell by the contorted look on my face that the position I was in wasn’t the most comfortable. I suppose he gets his kicks from that sort of thing.

How did the ‘investigation’ go?

As can be expected I suppose. During the interview, the two officers seemed to be following a good cop, bad cop routine. If one trying to build rapport and be pally, whereas the other one was following a line of questioning that implied that I was intending on exterminating minority groups with my wicked words.

Once I was released I didn’t hear anything about the progress of the case, just that I was to answer bail everyone month until a decision was made. This led to a process every month where me and my solicitor would be sending a flurry of emails and calls to the station a couple of days before to try and find out whether I would be rebailed or not. That way I would know whether I would need to fork out on the £120 train fare or not. But, like with all pencil pushers, the people we were dealing with would always ask for a number and tell us they would get back to us ASAP – which they invariably would never do.

Now that I’ve finally got the No Further Action decision, I’m waiting on getting my possession that was taken when police searched my address after the arrest. Naturally, there is no urgency on the part of the police in doing this. The cogs of bureaucracy turn slowly.

Funny anecdote; I phoned the officer in charge of the investigation to chase this up and she mentioned how she thought I’d gotten the right decision. I thought, ‘bitch, please’, she spent months putting a case together and sent that to the CPS, so don’t give me that bullshit. That is one characteristic that seems to be ubiquitous within the police force – lying. In dealing with them, they have consistently lied to me and about me. On my original arrest sheet, it was noted that I appeared to be under the influence of alcohol; when my solicitor brought this up, I was shocked because I clearly wasn’t and if I was exhibiting such behaviour then I should have been breathalyzed. Their motivation for doing so, was by adding a comment like that, even without definitive proof, in court the prosecution could have used it to case doubt on my take on events. The officers also took many other liberties in intentionally botching paperwork relating to the arrests that I won’t discuss here – it is all evidence we are using.

This has certainly hardened my personal attitude towards the police. They are simply state mercenaries acting as guardians of the status quo.

What do you say to the allegation that if you were dressed nice and had union jacks you would have been treated very differently and that arrests were inevitable?

Anyone peddling such uninformed rubbish also doesn’t take into consideration the fact that powers are interpreted by individual officers. There is no insurance you can take to protect yourself in every circumstance – then what?

Look at how they’ve treated different protest groups in the past. When you look at past examples, even leftist demonstrations – organisations that presented a nice, gentle face that have been treated the most ruthlessly because the cops know they are dealing with pushovers. The BNP faced problems during the noughties of stalls being turned over, meetings being cancelled due to threats and after the 2009 European Elections had an outdoor press conference attacked by antifascists. They weren’t protected by the police, instead they were the ones always being investigated for ‘hate words’ and harassed by Special Branch.

When the austerity demonstrations happened the leftists increased their militancy and it led to landmark changes in policing where they have been treated with kid gloves ever since. It’s often remarked that the Left get away with a lot more than we do, like when Class War blocked access to London Bridge earlier this year. The Left have been organised in such a way that they know how to deal effectively with police action. They have the Green and Black Cross which provide advice and legal aid; everything from advice on laws used against demonstrators; stop and search powers; what to do when arrested; how to prepare for court; handling police bail through to how to organise legal observers; support to arrested parties; call-outs for witnesses and how to take action against the police afterwards. The last bit is vitally important because if police know that if they abuse their powers then there will be serious consequences. This is what we have been developing for some time now.

Instead of acting like lambs at an abattoir, it is important that Nationalists face challenges and adapt to them because the bottom line is that the police are not on our side. We used to talk about institutional racism in the police force, but those days have gone. It was nearly 20 years ago that the Macpherson Report was published and during the time the police force has been subjected to the same doctrine of political correctness as any other public body. For 20 years, they have been subjected to affirmative action; to culturally sensitivity training and to intense scrutiny regarding racial disparities regarding convictions, arrests and stop and search figures. They are now also receiving PREVENT training and have the same obligation to ‘counter extremism’ as the rest of the state apparatus.

They are part of the same system that we are at war against. Anyone who is naive enough to think otherwise needs to give their head a wobble.

What measures have we taken to prevent this happening again

After York we again re-enforced discipline in our group so as not to give the authorities the pretext to take action against against demonstration, we act as a group, walk as a group, chant as a group – nobody puts a single finger out of line. We are continually educating members and supporters on how to behave and react in these situations and hope to publish comprehensive guides on this before new year. We also intend to sue the police for blatant violations such as this, they will learn that we are not to be kicked around figuratively or literally – if this incident teaches us anything it is that our liberties must be fought for.

Big Black Pills for Red Shills

As we have previously discussed there is an emerging identity crisis within Anti-Fascism; The scene has become locked in a stale time warp and self-gentrification by SJW elements – it is ironically condemned to undergo the slow painful fossilisation that befell the Blood and Honour scene in the UK when it was unable to keep up with the times. There is now growing a plethora of leftist groups that with stunning lack of self awareness are blatantly attempting to emulate the National Action model – adopting an ‘Alt-Right’ cultural façade, which is a self contradiction.

This approach is typified by the LARP group Red Front Republic which adopts the same cinematic approach as NA and have been attempting to stage the same kind of activities. At the beginning of the month they sought to exploit the national coverage our ‘Soup-Kitchens of hate’ received and film themselves walking around Glasgow giving food to homeless people. The juvenile group were delighted when one local media outlet carried their story dubbing the effort the beginning of a ‘soup kitchen turf war’. Historical parallels are cool, there was indeed a soup kitchen war in the 1930’s between Nazis and Communists in Berlin – the Nazis won.

Antifascist News and Vice magazine featured the tiny gang of autistic teenagers and billed them as the great new hope to take on National Action (Anti-Fascist Network on suicide watch). We shouldn’t need to explain why this is a total PR disaster and music to our ears, but it will be to the benefit of all to explain why;

When the views of your organisation are considered 100% mainstream, then you cannot be subversive or controversial which is the core of the NA model. The group is reactionary – their message is about ‘stopping nazis’ ‘fighting nazis’ etc – making a total mockery of any sincere pretensions they have of actually helping homeless people, unlike our own organisation which has it’s constituency in the white masses, while so called antifa serve only to re-enforce the existing system. Maybe we are also doing the same thing – the difference is, we are doing it far more effectively and in a way they never can.

Anti-Fascism is an oppositional group – so for public relations purposes cannot be seen to be the same thing it is supposed to oppose. For those unaware, RFR are a masked sectarian street organisation that endorses the use of political violence. If the only time the media will write about you is to paint you as pillars of the community then your combative approach has backfired.

The only edge the group has is it’s sectarianism – namely it’s odious support for Irish Republicanism and implicitly for the IRA, which in Glasgow does exist through petty football violence. There are more psuedo-Irish tricolours flying in Glasgow than Scottish Saltires, and this is what they are relying on. The problem with this is that while they might be living in the last century, we are not. The only way leftists can make themselves relevant is by clinging onto bygone cold-war fossils; the PKK, EZLN, DPRK, Cuba, and yes – even the IRA. By denying the left of it’s desire for sectarian agitation they are cut off at the knees.

Most important of all, and this really has to be emphasised, any strategy that depends exclusively on riding the coat tails of your opposition and also raising their profile can only serve the opposition. The Vice article is a perfect example, absolutely nothing about it hurts us. This is the politics of escalation, extremes feeding into each other – though all that is required is the perception that the left is in growing conflict, this the papers will dutifully carry out even when the commies are a dysfunctional paper tiger.

It is almost as if RFR was a honeypot devised for our own purposes and to disrupt and sabotage the left – if it did not exist we would have to create it. Take a look at some examples of current leftist propaganda;

Look familiar? They should, at least one of these is designed by our own artists.

It is very much in our interest that groups like this with their confrontation politics emerge, and they will. Even without NA, the rise of the Alt-Right has precipitated an enormous demand within the left to totally reform the image of their movement – there are meme pages on Facebook replete with recycled /pol/ memes forced through a leftist lens – lots of edgy ‘gulag’ jokes, etc. Groups like RFR are locked into this cycle – they can’t do anything else without severely hampering their efforts to get off the ground. At the same time what they are doing is an open attack on everything Anti-Fascism stands for. Anti-fascism is about feeding from the hand of Soros – being a good little goy, celebrating a musical culture that was already dead by the early 2000’s, and holding placards next to old biddies.

It doesn’t ultimately matter which side wins, they are both dead end roads – what is necessary for us is anti-fascism becomes more divided, and it is only a matter of time before they come to blows.

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