Merkel Must Go: 600 Nationalists March In Berlin

A demonstrator wears a jacket with the writing "Patriot Deutschland" (lt. Germany Patriot) during the fourth demonstration of the right-wing populist alliance 'Wir fuer Deutschland' in Berlin, Germany, Saturday,  Nov. 5, 2016.

November 6th, Berlin, Germany.

600 hardcore nationalists marched through the streets to protest against Angela Merkel’s refugee policy, & mass immigration in general.

Gone were the middle age bourgeoisie that had been making up the bulk of the anti-Merkel opposition as of late. These were almost all fighting age men & women, mostly from the working class areas of Berlin & east Germany. Representatives from many different groups were among them; Pegida supporters, football hooligans, Generation Identity, skinheads & “Reich Citizens”(German equivalent of Sovereign Citizens in America) were present, among others.

Participants of the "Merkel must go" demo in front of the main station in Berlin.

Also a few Reichsbürger of the "federal state Schwarzburg" are among the right-wing demonstrators at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Berlin antifa organized a counter demonstration of similar size. Unable to directly confront the patriots, they settled for attempting a breakthrough of police lines. They failed, and 43 of them ended up being arrested in the process.

The protest concluded after nightfall, with no arrests or injuries on the nationalist side.



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