National Socialist Movement Holds Rally In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


November 5th, 2016.

About 50 members of the National Socialist Movement, Traditionalist Worker’s Party, & the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan held a rally on the steps of the capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

When asked about the purpose of the demonstration, Jeff Schoep, the commander of the National Socialist Movement, said, “We want to stem the tide of illegal immigration. We want to get people politically active and politically astute. Get them out there. And obviously grow our organization.”

Jeff Schoep as well as other members of the NSM, KKK, & the leader of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party Matthew Heimbach addressed the crowd in a series of speeches.

The group never formally declared their support for Donald Trump , but many members personally support the president-elect. They stated however that part of Trump’s program has been copied from theirs.

“We talked about all of these issues long before him. Some of our members are drawn to Trump’s platform, but they were our ideas at the beginning,” said Harry Hughes, a spokesman for Arizona, In the south-west of the country.

The movement stresses the need to re-industrialize disadvantaged regions and denounce free trade agreements, as well as to concentrate on the American nation first.


A large number of antifa & non-whites staged a counter demonstration a good distance away, behind police lines.


Unable to attack the nationalists, they settled for throwing things at the police. One person was arrested, & one person in the crowd, presumed to be a nationalist supporter, was run off. Aside from these two incidents, it appears the demonstration was concluded peacefully.





2 thoughts on “National Socialist Movement Holds Rally In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania”

  1. I wonder if all these people will be permanently blacklisted from being hired for employment by all employers or not. I wouldn’t put it past them. Maybe a solution is finding new ways to obfuscate identity online.


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