Versailles, France: “No To The Migrant Camps!”

Anti-migrant demonstration at the Château de Versailles

November 11th, 2016.

Four hundred French men & women gathered in Versailles to protest against the opening of migrant centers in their country, & the continued invasion of France by hostile foreigners.

The event was organized by Fabien Bouglé of the Versailles Families’ Futures group. Addressing the crowd, he said: “We are here to say no to the migrant camp in Rocquencourt, in the Yvelines, and elsewhere in France. Here our women have no choice but to be veiled or raped.” He also called upon United States president-elect Donald Trump to help stop the invasion of France.


Also notable among the speakers was retired general Christian Piquemal, who was involved in the French Pegida protest earlier this year.

The protest went unopposed, save for two passers by who stopped for a photo. There were no arrests or incidents of violence.





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