Russian March 2016

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EN: Anti-Putin Russian Marches-2016 were held all over Russia

Traditionally, November 4, Russian Marches and rallies of solidarity with them were held in 14 regions. In general, Russian March-2016 passed under the slogans reflecting the requirement of resignation of Putin and his government, as well as the termination of political repression.

The main slogans were the following: “Down with the occupation – Freedom to the Russian nation!”, “Cancel 282!”, “Russian, wake up! Russian, fight!”, “For the rights and freedom of the Russian people!”, “Russian pride is stronger than repression!” Locally, were also used other slogans, such as “Hospitals are being closed – Russians get extinct,” “We ignite justice,” “Down with the KGBist system,” “Russia is Europe,” and others.

Russian March was held in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Tula, Vologda, Pskov (without the symbolics in connection with the arrest of one of the organizers). Actions of solidarity were also held in Crimea, Izhevsk, Sosnogorsk, Krasnodar and Cyprus. There is more information about them to follow.

In Moscow, participants of the Russian March chanted: “Putin and Medvedev – Get out!”, “We exchange Belov for Serdyukov and Demushkin for Putin”, “Russia is Europe, Freedom to political prisoners!”, “Down with the power of the KGB,” “Russians are against the war with Ukraine!”, “We are tired of tolerating. Revolution. Army is with the people, do not serve the bastards. Enough of robbing the people,” “A Russian country for Russians. Undo Article #282. Stop feeding terrorists.” It is noteworthy that in Moscow the action was 90% organized by a new generation of nationalists: the former RM organizers were arrested or forced to flee from the Russian Federation.

Overall, the leaders of the nationalists assess the action positively, taking into account the enormous level of political repression and a general atmosphere of fear. They stressed that the nationalists again proved themselves as an unyielding and independent political force, which is to be taken seriously.

As summed up the secretary of the Central Organizing Committee Vladimir Basmanov, “Today it has become clear that the Russian resistance is alive, and the struggle will continue.”













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