Wunsiedel, Germany: Der Dritte Weg Holds Memorial For Fallen German Soldiers

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Heroes’ Commemoration Day – 2016

Silence reigns all day, fog, freezing autumn weather. But instead of wasting time in the cozy warmth of one’s house, Germans commemorated their heroes and ancestors.

On the 12th of November, German idealists gathered at the resting places and tombstones of men and women who laid down their lives in those fateful hours for Germany. There were the hordes of Hermann, Widukind and his companions, the insurgents of Peasants’ War, the Werewolves, and the fighters of the liberation wars.





A German-speaking representative of Azov Civil Corps spoke at the event, & said as follows:

“In the time of decadence, there is no room for the victims of our own people anymore, so it is up to us, the young generation, to secure that their sacrifice and their commitment to our people and homeland will never be forgotten. In the deepest mourning, we think about each sacrifice. They died, so that we could have the future. This evening, no tears are shed, no sorrow is lamented. The commitment is pledged by the blazing flames of the torches alone. The commitment to one’s own identity, to being German and to living in accord with it, which was bequeathed to us by innumerable generations and taught since the cradle: that German essence.”


After the speech, the torches were lowered and there was a moment of silence held. Prevailing silence and energy were palpable.

The fallen entered their ranks, and the young Germans could feel it. A fateful community of generations stood together, shoulder to shoulder.

Commemorations were held in Central Germany, Middle Franconia, Nürnberg’s Eibach, at Memorial for the fallen of World War I and II in the city of Gräfenberger and, symbolically, in Wunsiedel.




Watch the video of a torchlight procession in Wunsiedel organized by Der III. Weg here:






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