Bolton, United Kingdom: No More Mosques!

November 26th, 2016.

Over 100 British nationalists held a demonstration in Victoria Square in Bolton primarily against the construction of mosques in the area. Organizer Brayn Morgan had this to say about the protest: “Today was about highlighting the corruption of the council, the Islamification of the town, the Mosque building programme.”

Among the groups attending the protest organized by the local organization “Stop The Mosque” were the North West Infidels, Pie & Mash Squad, and a sizable contingent from National Action.

Some of the protesters were carrying a flag in support of the president elect of the United States, reading “Drain that swamp Mr. Trump”.

Unite Against Fascism organized a counter protest of roughly equal size, the pictures of which speak volumes: heavily non-white & low energy.

As both protests were separated by barricades & police forces, there were no incidents of violence or arrests.


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