Upcoming Event – December 6, Helsinki, Finland: March For Freedom With Nordic Resistance

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The Nordic Council of Resistance of Finland is organizing a march for freedom in Helsinki on December 6. North Front is now publishing more information about the event along with some questions and answers.


The collection for the march takes place at 15.30 and the meeting place is Hakaniemi Market located next to Helsinki’s city center. To get to the square you can go by metro, tram or bus and from Helsinki Railway Station to Hakaniemi, which takes ten minutes by foot. You can plan your trip on reittiopas.fi/sv.

It is recommended to leave your car outside the center because it can be difficult to find a parking space in central Helsinki.

The march departs at 16 Finnish time. Before that, we give instructions to the audience, so we urge everyone to be there in time. Cruising Route is about twenty minutes long and ends in JV Snellman ‘s statue where will be held more talks.

The event will end no later than 17.30. After this, we go on foot to the 612-club’s march to be held at the Töölö Market, which takes about half an hour.Participants can of course also use public transport to Töölö to save time but the Resistance activists will go on foot to Töölö Market.

We want all participants dressed quite and clean and all forms of masking is prohibited. It is also our wish that everyone participating in the demonstration takes part in shouting slogans during the march again. It is forbidden to get intoxicated to the site or to take with alcoholic beverages. Smoking is not permitted, neither during the march, or when it is held speeches.

We recommend that participants have an eye on the weather and dress accordingly. Make sure to eat properly before and possibly bring a snack because it will be a long and cold day.

We urge all to give priority to the Independence Day, for the Finnish people and its freedom’s sake. In our view, no Finnish national has anything more important to do during the time of the event.

Here are some questions and answers received from readers:

What is the purpose of the event?

The purpose is to honor the bygone days, & contemporary as well as future freedom fighters. We want to get people to realize that we do not live in freedom in 2016, even if one tries to make us believe it. We want to regain our freedom and are ready to fight for it.

Do you have a license to hold the event?

According to Finnish law requires a general collection no permit, but you must inform the police about the matter at least six hours before collection. The police are informed about the event and we have negotiated with them on the practical issues surrounding the organization of the collection.

Who can join the march?

Anyone who wants to see a free people who are not guided by foreign powers are welcome, regardless of age, gender, income, or organizational background.

Do I have to belong to the Nordic Council of Resistance to participate?

No, you do not. Members of other political organizations are also welcome if they are standing up for the purpose of the march.

Can you bring your own banners, signs or banners?

No. Only organizers can take those with them. We prohibit not, for example, organizational symbols on participants’ clothes and the like.

See you in Helsinki on December 6!


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