Madrid, Spain: Patriots Gather To Honour Generalissimo Francisco Franco On The 41st Anniversary Of His Death


Sunday marked the 41st anniversary of the death of General Francisco Franco and far right supporters nostalgic for his leadership took to the streets.

Several hundred people gathered for a demonstration in Madrid’s Plaza Oriente on Sunday morning where they raised their right arms in the fascist salute and sang the anthem Cara del Sol.

Fascists salute Franco on 41st anniversary of his death

The demo was organised by nationalist groups including Fuerza Nueva, The Spanish Catholic Movement and the Falange.

Demonstrators brandishing placards with slogans such as “Make Spain Great Again” –  a reference to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan – and the old Spanish flag of the dictatorship with its crest and imposing eagle.

During the demonstration a group of men set upon a protester who shouted “Franco, murderer!”

Lagarder Danciu, who describes himself as a gay, homeless, Romanian (gypsy) was beaten to the ground where he was kicked repeatedly and hit around the head until police intervened.

The incident was caught on camera and later posted as a video on his twitter account. Fortunately, no arrests were made following this incident.

Masses organized by the Francisco Franco Foundation were held in at least a dozen churches across Spain to honour the man who ruled Spain for 36 years after the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.

The weekend also saw a march organized by the Falange that began Saturday night in Calle Genova and ended at the Valley of the Fallen (Valle de los Caídos), the basilica carved out of the living rock on a hillside 50km west of Madrid.

The memorial is topped by a 500ft high granite cross is home to the tomb of Franco and that of Jose Antonio Prima de Rivera, the founder of the Falange.








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