Helsinki, Finland: 3,000 Nationalists Hold Torchlight March On Independence Day

Finland flag

Thousands of Finnish nationalists have taken to the streets of the capital Helsinki to stage rallies and a torch-lit march dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the country’s independence.

The demonstrators, guided by police, marched through the city to the Hietaniemi cemetery.

Once there, they lit candles in honor of soldiers who have died fighting for Finland.

Reports state about 3,000 people took part in the procession.

The chairman of nationalist group, Jari-Pekka Marin, told Ruptly at the march: “We are part of the European Union, we are not independent as everybody knows.”

About 200 members of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) took to the streets in a separate gathering that later joined up with the main march.

A sizable counter-demonstration was organized by anti-fascist group Varisverkosto, the anarchist A-ryhmä, and the Helsinki youth wing of the Left Alliance, culminating in brief clashes with police and the NRM that saw seven arrests.

The Nordic Resistance wrote a full report on events as they happened, reposted below from

At 14.30 Swedish time began the freedom march of Nordic Resistance held in Finland in connection with the country’s Independence Day. Northern Front reported during the day with images and information through our representatives on site. Updated 18:00


North Front’s live update is now complete. If you wish to continue following the Independence Day in Helsinki and 612 movement’s march, we recommend that you listen to Radio Government. You can do this on the radio Government website or .

Today Finland is celebrating its 99th Independence Day. Today the Nordic Resistance Movement will march in Helsinki, Finland to honour the soldiers of Finland, past & present.

Participants of the Resistance march will gather at Hakaniemi at 14.30 Swedish time and marching against Johan Vilhelm Snellman ‘s statue. Meanwhile, reports the Finnish media about a counter-demonstration to be collected at Station Square outside the railway station in the center. They have said they want to prevent the Resistance marching through a “peaceful street occupation”. How successful their “peaceful” efforts to stop the march will be in the end remains to be seen.

According to the Finnish police is there an “exceptional excitement in the air” because of the events in Helsinki in September when an assailant who tried to attack the Resistance activists died a few days later. Media has since tried to lie up a story about the young man who was “beaten to death” in place, which pushed the baiting of the Resistance in all Nordic countries, but especially in Finland. For more information about the events of September read Nordic resistance movement in Finland’s statement here and Resistance leader Simon Lindberg ‘s statement here .

Update 14:15 :

The “anti-racist” counter-demonstration, according to data is already underway.The final destination of the Resistance march has also been changed from JV Snellman statue to Kaisaniemi Park, which is the final destination of the counter-demonstrators.

The two red arrows show the Resistance and the counter-demonstrators march.

Government Radio broadcasts live right now in connection with the demonstration in Helsinki. You can listen to the live broadcast on Radio Government website or .

Update 14:40

The first pictures have now started to come in. Reportedly, about 200 people gathered at Hakaniemi. The organizers are selling right now fine scarves with the Tyr rune on them so demonstrators could keep warm during the march.



Update 14:15 :

Here is a picture of the fancy scarves sold on the spot:


In other reports the Finnish media says that the police put the number of the Resistance members at approximately 300.

Update 15:10

Only fifteen demonstrators  have been seen to date in the vicinity of the march. Dan Granqvist reports that the “anti-racist” counter-demonstration was stopped at Aleksanterinkatu, & 25-30 riot police are in place so that the demonstration would not go to the Presidential Palace.

More pictures from our Finnish sister site vastarinta:




Update 15:35 :

Resistance march will now arrive at Kaisaniemi Park, so a  talk can be held. A minor confrontation happened earlier when a counter-demonstrators managed to make their way to the NRM, but order was quickly restored.

Radio broadcasting Government break and will return to 16:00. Swedish YLE also broadcasts live image from the both Resistance and counter-demonstrators.

Update 15:50 :

Right now held speech in Kajsamniemiparken. Police say that two people who tried to disrupt the Resistance demonstration have been arrested but that all the rest have gone quiet.


Update 16:10 :

All numbers have now been held and the Resistance activists are preparing for departure to Töölö Market where they will join the independent nationalist 612 movement’s demonstration.

Update 16:20 :

According to information Emil Hagberg has been detained by the police in connection with the two counter-demonstrators who attempted to attack the Resistance march. He should not be suspected of any crime and will be set free within a day.

Exactly what happened is, however, still a little unclear.

Update 16:35 :

The police  have stopped the activists from the Resistance at Töölönlahti to “go through their torches.” They wanted namely, “make sure that there is nothing that can be used as weapons.”

Update 17:10 :

Picture from Twitter of the arrest of the two counter-demonstrators who tried to disrupt the Resistance:


Protesters gather at the Töölö Square to participate in the 612-movement:


Update 17:20 :

Vastarinta has published a picture of one of the arrested counter-demonstrators. It is apparently a known left-wing extremist troublemaker named Jari Laine :


Update 17:40 :

Movie clips showing the scuffle in which two people tried to attack the Resistance and that led to, among other things left extremist Jari Lainewas arrested. In the background you can hear the Swedish activists shouting “Hail victory!”:

Otherwise, we can happily tell you that Emil Hagberg has been released and has reconnected to his comrades at the Töölö Square!

According to information provided to the North Front has about 500 people gathered at the square where they sang the Finnish national anthem and listened to speeches.

Update 18:00 :

Because the Resistance freedom march is finished so now also concluding this North Front live update. We thank all the readers who have followed us today and our Finnish comrades who managed to organize yet another successful demonstration of resistance. According to see the latest information from our representatives on site, it can be as many as 1 000 people participating in the 612-movement gathering at the Töölö Square.

We will certainly return with news, pictures and information about Independence Day in Helsinki.

Please continue listening to the radio the government that will live even for a while. This can be done through Spreaker.

Livestream from 612 Collection:


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